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《《《 DETOUR 》》》

August 20, 2016

《《《 DETOUR 》》》

: a road, highway, etc., that you travel  on when the the usual way of traveling  cannot be used. 


All well and good,  except when you pull up to the cones blocking the on-ramp, to find out there are no directional signs as to which way to turn now.

Oh good,  there is a person holding a stop / slow sign. Surely they will have some information.

So getting out of the truck, I walk up to the person holding the sign, to hear.

“The road is closed.”

Ah ha. I thought maybe a parade was going to go by.

Since I wasn’t really in a position to go back whence I came. I asked, can I go this way.  Pointing to the only way remaining.

“I think so.”

Hmmm, (in case you didn’t notice, the vehicle I am driving, is over 100 feet long, has three pivot points and is almost 14 feel tall). Backing up, is not really an option.

Do you think I could get a tractor and a set of three trailers through there?

” I’m not sure, I am not from around here.”

Yeah, me neither.  It’s midnight, it’s dark in that direction, cause it appears to be all farmland.

“This road will be open at 7 a.m.”

Thank you, I will try my GPS.

Technology  1.   Humanity.   0

Knowing I had an outlet, to write this out, certainly helped bring a little levity to a situation that could have been an unnecessary waste of time.

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