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A compulsion to text

September 11, 2016

The latest “text” message on the ems  (electronic message sign.)

Tailgating is for football,  not for highways.

Might as well say, stop that clever texting and read ours..

Maybe the drivers are tailgating, because they are too busy reading their state’s DMV texts.

That, or getting on their phone dictionary trying to decipher which meaning of the word tailgating was intended.

If tailgating is for football,  then maybe everyone on the highway is on their way to the game.

I guess, either the state or the taxpayers feel like money was wasted on those signs, if nothing is up there.

Ergo, the only message up there,  should maybe be “Buckle Up” .

All others would be to warn of an accident up ahead, slow down. Or, slick road conditions up ahead.  As long as it is in “real” time and occurrences.

Not sure how many times I’ve read slow down, accident ahead.  Only to have gone waaaay too many miles at a lower speed, thinking it must be around the next bend.

Then I realize,  oh yeah, the state posted that, not exactly a model of efficiency or clear communications.

“Don’t drink and drive”,  is another useless one. If one doesn’t realize that, before reading that sign on the highway, it’s too late.  One might actually speed, to get home so they can sober up.

Awareness is for driving,  not for deliberate distractions.

One Comment
  1. 🙂 I never considered the oddness of some of the signs along the road. We have electronic signs telling us how long the drive is to a particular intersection or highway ramp. It now strikes me as strange since the information actually makes no difference. What is it that they’re suggesting I do?


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