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Sensational Spin

March 11, 2023






“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Dr Wayne Dyer

Good thing Tucker Carlson was not given any raw or documentary type footage of the Milwaukee cannibalistic mass murders.

Otherwise people and the families of the victims, might be lead to believe, Jeffrey Dahmer simply invited guests over for dinner.

Therefore it wasn’t Jeffrey’s fault, for there being a breakdown in communication. See, he invited them over for dinner. Not knowing they were the main course. Ooopsie.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Where this should have stopped.

Nope, not dark enough.

Perhaps, Tucker Carlson was not the best person to hand over this January 6th material to. Sitting alone as the master in the booth, watching the unpatriotic porn. Spinning dials, pushing levers and pulling knobs, while debating which scenes to cut and or release.

Fantasizing he was at the capital, rifling through Nancy Pelosi’s desk drawers, trying to oddly address his mommy issues. So that he might continue with his on air, smug, holier-than-thou “not too racist” persona, in need of daddy approval.

With his soul dead, deadpan delivery, that screams of needing attention both inside and outside, that along with his cohorts need to maintain the mayhem for the money. Within the echo chamber of the filtered bubble.

“I write to expunge the darkness so
That someday light may shine through”

– Angelo Devlin

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  1. You are preaching to the choir in my case, Angelo. The man is soulless.

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