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November 18, 2013

Fact:  There are no “facts” only interpretations.

Friedrich Nietzsche

As I sit here and type this, one of my awareness’ tells me I am sitting on a chair made of solid material, on a wood floor made of solid material  etc. etc. down to the solid earth.  But wait,  here is the fun part.  The chair I am sitting on is not solid,  it is made up of millions of congregated cells held together by bonds between electrons and protons around a nucleus which,  (as I understand it) is held together by quarks and other sub atomic particles which when broken down even further,  identify themselves as waves, which unless they are being measured somehow don’t exist in the first place.

If by chance, that is not right and I am actually sitting on a chair made of solid material on a solid wood floor etc.  Then I am doing other crazy things like being in a building sitting on a very large sphere with a very thin outer layer of “solid” material on a core of hot molten liquid while spinning at incredible speeds revolving around an extremely hot star that is thousands of miles away which is hurling through the cosmos at even higher speeds than the spinning is, in the off-center band of even more hot stars and hurling spheres in a multiverse without beginning or end.

So, while the following definition is quaint, the likelihood that any of it will apply to this blog is purely coincidental.


noun \ˈfakt\

: something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence

: a true piece of information

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