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I love cracks

Cracks in the system

That is

Just when people think

The broken societal vase

Is being put back together

To the power’s liking

Even a dimly lit bulb

Placed inside exposes

Suttle and ridiculous flaws

Normal is not normal

Abnormal is normal

Chaos is the order of the day

While it seems to be

Getting worse

Nothing could be

Further from the truth

Just another step

In our evolution

Towards enlightenment

Always darkest

Before the dawn

So we are told

In that we will

Appreciate the light

When it comes again

Then when that too

Also seems dark

It will be before

Brighter illumination

Till we ourselves find

We’ve become

Beings of light and

Spiritual masters

No vase no cracks

Just pure love



Have the fortunately unfortunate

Opportunity to listen to satellite radio

Flipping back and forth between

The *FOX and the **henhouse (MSNBC)

A significantly insignificant man

Either spoke or took to Twitter

Regardless of what 45 opined

The pundits polished up their side

Explaining for their followers

What is comfy for them to hear

Dosed with a spoonful of sugar

To help the medicine go down

Or caustically salted to taste

Either way each getting spoon fed

Keeping both coming back for more

Making both fat and happy

Smug in each their own perspective

Nary a clue it is a fishing game

Of catch and keep reeling them in

To sell the same profit products

Regardless the station or content

Clear in the chaotic context

Divide dupe distract and devolve

Formulate fear and forboding

Keep eyes glued and ears tuned

Filling up the bottom line

By emptying wallets and purses

Securing profits @ insecurity’s expense


Meanwhile none of it is news

Barely as 80% is prognostication

Of staggering flow charts describing

If a = b – c then will z × s = win

By paid professional partisan pushers

Why else are they called news “shows”

:a public performance that is intended to entertain people


* to trick or fool (someone) : to confuse (someone)

** a covered shelter for chickens or other birds


Vampire Haiku

I protect myself

From energy vampires

They suck my being

Hey Seuss

“If Christ were here, there is one thing he would not be — a Christian.”

–Mark Twain

The unobtainable could be obtained

If people practiced instead of posed

Just trying to figure out

How professed Christians

Look up to their immoral mortal leader

Who also alleges himself to be one

“I’m proud to be a Christian”

– Donald Trump

“In truth, there was only one Christian and he died on the cross.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

For what little I’ve read or heard

Of the fellow cannot recall ever

Ever any psalms or passages

That recommend kidnapping

Children form parents escaping

A situation so dire they are willing

To flee to lady liberty’s poorly lit torch

Only to be welcomed with broken arms

And be interned in filthy cages

WTF did they escape to come here???

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

– Unknown (just kidding)
– The late JC (I think)


45 A *matchstick man standing

On his moral high ground

In the abyss of Dante’s Inferno

* “Con artists are also referred to as matchstick men because they create temporary personas that are fleeting and simple.”



“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton

If Only

Peace was more lucrative

Than war

It would break out today

A Step Further

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

― Mark Twain



Voting is an outward act

Masking an internal solution

Voting your conscience

Does not require a ballot

Best actions need not be counted

Decency uncompelled by majority

Ethics not determined by committee

Neanderthals didn’t vote

Surviving on nutritious food

With little information

Natural packaging

Lots of clean air and no borders

Creating myths to guide

In a search for meaning

Devolved into religions

Of bogus beginnings

Unlikely endings

Infinite interpretations

Dichotomously incongruent

Purveyors of “laws”

Established by invisible deities

Allegedly written in stone

Making them sound concrete

Transcribed by men

To serve their purpose

Not divinities or transcendence

Of malevolent mortals

Comfortable in the rut

Of trading an eye for an eye

Blindly accepting no progress

Before evolving into economic systems

Forging centers of greed and power

Mostly consume and repeat

Tax spend security and keep

So take it a step further

Be your own leader

Trade with everyone

Open your heart without borders

Create peace never war

Your constitution is more alive

Then decaying papyrus

Sealed under glass

In a nuclear proof vault

To preserve the lie / line

All men are created equal

Not so you would notice

Such as it being “illegal”

To lie to Congress, but

Not illegal for Congress

To lie to the people

The rule of law is merely

A political platform to keep

Humanity’s flock in line

Corralled by a few sheepdogs

A faux focus to follow

As the shepherds know

The rules don’t apply

To the makers of rules



“It is painful to stare openly at ourselves, but it the only way to change the future.”

– James Comey

“A Higher Loyalty”

Wordless Haiku

U R 1 4 I

E Z 2 B 1 4 U

100 %