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Worth Repeating?

Is anything worth repeating

If it falls on deaf ears?


Complaining of all the violent

Gun deaths in recent years


With all the coverage, sobbing and

Shouting we know congress hears


Bought off and stymied as

Soon as that NRA check clears


If only there was oil

under those kids feet


Could have sent in the army

Find the alleged terrorist to retreat


They say the problem is too big

Something they can not defeat


Probably cause they’re busy counting

Money in their accounts so repleat



Brace yourself the script is set

It will not be about the gun


Rather the mental health

Of those in the nation


Will get the same lip service

And nothing will get done


Maybe cause everyone’s

Wound up, not having any fun


People want the violence to stop

That is the reality


What about the perpetrator who is

Scheduled to get the death penalty


Oops there I go again

Always thinking of the duality


If I was a real writer then this

Would be a poem in actuality





Flag 1/2 Staff

What does the flag “stand” for, if it seems like it is always at 1/2 staff, therefore, it kinda loses its meaning.

Would a double tragedy warrant 1/4 staff…

A triple tragedy would make it 1/8th staff.

A quadruple have it lowered to 1/16th staff

And so on and so on.

How about, since there has been 18 school shootings since the beginning of 1918,  (oops, meant 2018. We’re evolving in the wrong direction) it just stay off the pole.

Up until now, flags have served their purpose. However, like its metaphorical vehicular equivalent of the horse and buggy it is no longer necessary.

(For every country all over the globe. Except Switzerland because theirs is a big plus.) Haha!

Perhaps never was, save some neanderthal like base instinct to take care of one’s own selected tribe for survival.

Oh, shit, we pretend to do that now.

“Better the pride that resides
In the citizens of this world
Than the pride that divides
When a colorful rag is unfurled”

– Rush

As soon as that first photograph of the planet earth was widely available creating a paradigm shift in our collective consciousness around 1946.

We saw that there was nothing that separated us, and we are all riding around the sun on this spaceship called home.

All of us, all of the bi-pedal oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling, red-blooded, skeleton supported, solar powered, carbon-based, large brained, earth inhabitant omnivores.

Taking a ride. Kidding ourselves thinking we are so self important. Simply as an accident of birth as to which part of the sphere we took our first breath.

Accepting as “truth” that because “our” “colorful rag” has stars on it we are somehow better than all the rest of the bi-pedal oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling, red-blooded, skeleton supported, solar powered, carbon-based, large brained, earth inhabitant omnivores.

“I hate patriotism, I can’t stand it man, it makes me fucking sick! It’s a round world the last time I checked, okay? Y’know what I mean?

In fact, that’s how we can stop patriotism, I think. Instead of putting stars and stripes on our flags we should put pictures of our parents #ucking!”

– Bill Hicks

It seems as though its unintended evolution moved towards divisiveness instead of freedom. Divisiveness in the illusion that the inhabitants on this plot of land on the traveling space sphere are “better” than other inhabitants on said sphere.

Divisiveness as a tool for a never-ending debate regarding freedom, that it keeps the people imprisoned, fighting amongst themselves. That is not freedom, that is control. Regardless how it is initiated.

“People see what they wish to see. And in most cases, what they are told that they see.”

― Erin Morgenstern

I don’t think the first flag represented freedom to the indigenous cultures that kept getting scooted west in the new government’s first stab at systematic genocide.

When the true meaning of freedom is devoid of symbolism we’ll understand it better.

Imperialism instead of humility.

Manufacturing consent by confusing resource stealing with spreading democracy.  Or “liberating” an “oppressed” people by attacking and killing sovereign citizens.

“Far away from the land of our birth
We fly a flag in some foreign earth
We sailed away like our fathers before
These colours don’t run, from a cold bloody war.”

“These Colours Don’t Run”

Iron Maiden

The only way to subvert the massive machinery of the NRA is not to create any more targets.

If no one is in school, there won’t be any more school shootings.


Passing and Receiving

<<<CAUTION>>> It’s dark in here.


Passing and Receiving


A Dirty Baton


Covered with excrement
And dripping with blood


45 times thus far


More or Less
In a moral-less


Endless race
Ran in disgrace


Being above its own law
Is quite the obvious flaw


The rule of law is the supposed guide
Unless the baton carrier, is to be tried


Remember Bush remember Cheyney
Recordings of testimony, there aren’t any


Hate too say it, but Obama was guilty too
Against law to assassinate, regardless who


Likewise democrat Bill Clinton before him
Had people killed he decided on a whim


George Bush Sr. that impetuous imp
Had people killed to prove he wasn’t a wimp


Rant break

I get it I get it, I do I do. In the truck driving industry, they have what are called driver boards. Should one be involved in an accident or an incident. 

Usually 3 drivers and a manager will review the situation and make a determination of the punishment.

(Actually at this point, good drivers are hard to find, so “punishment” becomes a “retraining opportunity”.)

So it kind of becomes a looking out for your own as if it were a peer review situation and you were in an accident.

Personalities, enemies and friends are taken out of the picture as it is usually a conference call with drivers from other service centers, deciding the outcome.

Giving a certain amount of leeway in accidents, non preventable or otherwise.

However, where death or theft occur, that driver is expelled from that position and company. No more questions to be asked. Regardless of who they know.

Shouldn’t those in government be held to similar standards as some dopey trucking company??

Meanwhile, those allegedly elected to positions of power can steal as much as they want and direct as many of their people to kill the sovereign citizens of other countries and their own country.

Depending on what uniform they are given, camouflaged or blue. What resource they need to steal or uprising they need to quell. Or kill because they don’t like the color brown.

They still get to keep their jobs and all they have to do is wash the blood off their hands with the constitution before wiping their ass with it and waving it at the people who pay their salary, while expecting them to do the same in the future.


Under an almighty steeple
The guise of * “We the people”


Not treating any humanity
Like it has any sanctity


Regardless the vileness of violence
The majority sits quietly in silence


Even Lincoln and Kennedy
Used violence as a remedy


School shootings unintended distraction
Keeping your eyes off the runner in action


The NRA has them in their deep pocket
Expecting things to change well forget it


The only thing I can suggest
Is not adding targets from the nest


Inspired by

“The Untold History of The United States”

By Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick


“The Prosecution of an American President”

By Vincent Bugliosi


*The “we the people” perspective was inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates book “Between the World and Me”.

“These new people are, like us, a modern invention.  But unlike us, their new name has no real meaning divorced from the machinery of criminal power.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates


Entropy Realized

Materialism Industrialized

Products Supersized

Spirituality Compromised

Humanity Marginalized

Intelligence Trivialized

Feelings Anesthetized

Money Digitized

Cash Plasticized

Debt Rationalized

Thoughts Compartmentalized

Communications Dehumanized

Emotions Commoditized


“When you’re stepping over a homeless guy on the sidewalk…does it ever occur to you to think “Wow – maybe our system doesn’t work?!”

– Bill Hicks


Recently visited a large and burgeoning city/cities, so combined “borders” were blurred.  Saw lots of new construction on vacant land, being tied together with new intersections and overpasses. Buildings adorned with “names” and “Brands” never before heard of.

Wondering what they do or what they make.


“We’re Consolidated International and we might be looking for you.

Are you one of those people who show up, punch in, pitch in, put out, clean up, punch out, head home, throw up, turn in, sack out and shut up?

That’s what we need: people we can keep in line. We may have a place for you. Consolidated International.

People making things so people have things to do things to other people with.

And thinking up more things to do with the stuff we have.”

– George Carlin


This contemplation began as I’ve begun to see, what I would call urinal floor diapers.

Materialism Industrialized

Plastic V shaped mats that sit under urinals, apparently for those with poor aim. With what appears to be some kind of an absorbing pad inside.

This is awful on so many counts.

1. Somebody had to think of it.
2. Take it to an engineer to design it.
3. Decide if it is commercially viable.
4. Make machines to make it
5. Order raw plastic and fibres for it.
6. Take pictures of it to sell it.
7. Package it to distribute it.

The consumer end is worse.

1. Take the time to unpackage it
2. Put it in place.
3. Wait for it to get used.
4. Pick it up. (Ewwww)
5. Remove the pad
6. Wash (hopefully) the plastic pad holder.
7. Install a new pad.
8. Mop around the area, that would need to be mopped anyway.
9. Go to your boss and quit because you just wasted 10 minutes of your time dealing with a redundant consumable that was not necessary in the first place.

Other than making the immediate environment in the bathroom like a petri dish for bacteria and germs.

Maybe if people stopped making more people, there’d be less people to think of stuff to do, to to keep the people enslaved employed to waste the earth’s resources in an endless spiral of consumption.

As long as I’m ranting, the other contemplation is razor blades.

Products Supersized

Since when did one or two razor blades not do the trick in shaving? Hmmm?

Gosh, if two work good, three, four and five, will work even better. Get right on that. Charge more each time, with each “improvement”.  Add a Teflon strip,  give it an “ergonomic” handle  (wouldn’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome, from holding something for 3 minutes, every few days).
Add a battery, make it vibrate, for that “perfect” shave.

Add so much so, that the product is really expensive and it has to be locked up and a special clerk with a key has to get it for you.

Pushing the envelope with the consumer so far, as to how much they’ll pay. Up it so much, other companies can start “free” home shipping of razor blades “included” with razor blade of the month clubs.

Wasting even more of the earth’s resources, burning more petroleum products, keeping more people enslaved.

Democracy Trivialized

History Sterilized

Honesty Despised

Groups Polarized

Truth Politicized

Power Centralized

Cabinet Ostracized

Reality Vaporized

Immigrants Victimized

Conservatives Hypnotized

Wealth Lionized

Reaganomics Bastardized

Vocabulary Pulverized

Hyperbole Aggrandized

Threats Nuclearized

Walls Fantasized

Collusion Rationalized

Ethics Euthanized

Obstruction Decriminalized

Emperor Infantilized

Females Womanized

Administration Capsized


Off The Table


The wall should be

Off the table

As long as

The truth is

Swept under

The rug

The promise was

The neighbor was paying

Which the truth

Was simply

Thrown out of

The window

Reminding the

One who promised

To make sure that the

Door doesn’t hit him

In the ass on the

Way out

Since he raised the

Debt ceiling

On our grandchildren

And keeping other

Immigrants behind

Paper barriers

Thinking he is

Climbing a

Stairway to heaven

‘Stead of going through

The gates of hell

And trying to

Take us with him.




Looney Liar


A crass cartoon character on

A *Christian crusade craftily

Creating chaos to confuse

Not a Christ like caretaker

To comfort with compassion

Guide with grace and goodness

Merely a muddled marauder

Maintaining malevolence as means

Of a malefactor making money

Posturing to placate the proletariat

While pleasing his puppeteer Putin

Intensely inveighing the investigation

And ignominiously ignoring immigrants

A befuddled billionaire bouncing balls

Grossly grossly grandiosely golfing

On a green golf course with greed goons

Pompously planning a pretentious parade

*In truth,there was only one christian and he died on the cross.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Negating what Donald duck his responsibilities alleges himself to be.