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Losing Intuition

The detrimental

Byproduct of technology

Is that we are losing

Our intuition


No longer retaining an

Obi-Wan Jedi Knight

Knowing of any great

Disturbance in the force


Clever or catastrophic

Tiny or Titanic

We’ll just wait until

We see it on TV


Even mom’s spidey-senses

Of impending danger or

A child’s location is

Diminishing digitally


As their whereabouts are

Tracked and triangulated

As long as the signal has

Enough bars and is charged


Like not having to exercise

One’s own unused memory

As to where the car is parked

It is just a click and beep away


Will we ever get it back

Or will it be like our last

Nerve synapse that fails

Before sinking into an abyss


Turning our humanity

Over to the mean machine

Pondering this trying to realize

We’ve allowed to dehumanize


A two to one word change

Does not a parody make

My apologies to R.E.M.


“That’s me in the corner

That’s me in the spot-light

Losing intuition

Trying to keep up with you

And I don’t know if I can do it

Oh no I’ve said too much

I haven’t said enough”


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


Maybe the whole point

To this existence is

There is no point to

This whole existence


Therefore one must

Learn to live and love

Be kind and share


Because if you haven’t

Up until now it is all

You need to do

Going forward


Forever and ever

Otherwise what is

The point


Because in all likelihood

All you do is change shape

Dissappear and animate

Decease and reincarnate


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

No Comparison



Post George Floyd death riots


The Capital incited insurrection


Except maybe


The former was


And the latter

Leader less


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

By Nature

I am quite the quiet contrarian

Not so much to be counterculture

As that pendulum forever swings


Rather evolve as more anti-culture

Which is against all norms & mores

Religious political and financial


Having been manifested in that order

Just past survival to control thought

Garner allies then be held in bondage


May be why we cling to the past like

How elephants are trained to stay on

A short chain it is all they have learned


When there are so many paths to take

That we may all grow brighter as

Individual sparks of the divine


Till we burn through every karma

So hot karma itself is incinerated

Is my sought path of natural evolution


Meanwhile I am the epitome of normal

Nice house with a white picket fence

Wonderful wife good job great family

How To Behave

Like a good conspiracy theorist
Keep your thoughts to yourself
Even if someone chimes in with
Concepts you might agree with
Or have the courage to disagree
Say nothing except hmmmm interesting
Otherwise before you know it
The speaker and other listeners will
Gather to extrapolate further on
Stuff they heard and over heard
Gleaned from reliable sources (maybe)
Because of someone they know and
Like trusted them with that information
Or broadcast again till it sinks in
Then just so they don’t forget it all
Will start writing it all down on paper
Editing to fill or reduce depending on
The agenda they wish to set at the time
With vague language to be interpreted
By self described experts who studied
The manuscript that is categorized and
Numbered for reference to simply re-explain
What it means while getting some traction
Travel all over the world in many languages
Varied as cultures manifest their version
Till people start killing each other over
Their version of what started as silly
Rumors and heresay in the first place
The one word proof of such conspiracy is
And we certainly don’t need another one
Of those now do we or a new bible either
Will it be decades or millennium before
In honor of 45’s contrived martyrdom
As a symbol of his supposed sacrifices
That he will be hanging between two flag
Draped flagpoles by his Twitter thumbs
So his worshippers of a false god have
Something to hang around their neck
Forever clinging to the divisive albatross
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

The Last of Many Steps

While it may be a dark

Sad ironic musing that

The lady carrying a flag

“Don’t Tread On Me”

Was trampled to death


Somewhere on the soles

Of the souls, heavy feet

Drag carrying a heavy heart

After all of their bravado

Caused someone’s death


They might not even know if

Their misguided marching step

Was first last or in-between

But I’d bet their soul does

With no console from karma

And all for what because some

Narcissist charlatan grifter did

Not get to continue his ego

Satiating petulant Presidency

That riled racism & rebuked religion


Not his alleged religion, mind you

Nor those with his skin color either

One who has such a tiny concept

Of a melting pot and how it works

Would rather destroy it then cook with it


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

Star Lights

No need to worry
Everything will be okay
Look up at the stars
They have been here forever
You are made up of star dust

As all of thd chaos was being
Regurgitated and repeatsd
I was driving my nightly schedule
Up and over a mountain pass
At the roadway peak
There is a place to pull over
Plus traffic is nonexistent
The divine opportunity to take
A few moments to look at the stars
Resolves many a human problem
The night was so crisp and cold
With nary a one cloud in the sky
One could literally see forever
Beyond the stars and the bs story
That allegedly placed them there
Not only can you see the stars
When you see the wide band cluster
You know it is as we understand it
The exquisite view of the Milky Way
Back to the tractor cab rolling again
Is when the news and opinion shows
Become laughable for their distractions
Coming at humanity from all sides
Not sure if you have the opportunity
Or such a grand location to view
Without the street light encumbrance
(That seems the biggest obstacle)
Look up at the stars realize your place
In the cosmos and enjoy the ride
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin
Here is a nice long Joe Rogan bit
To help bring the blog post home
“Space is the most taken for granted thing ever. You know how crazy it is that it’s above you, every day and never comes up.

If we all lived underground or indoors, there was only one place in the whole world……where you can see space, you know how popular that *** would be?

Everybody would travel to see space. You just stand there and hold hands and look up and go: “There’s no ceiling, it’s *** incre… It’s mindblowing!”

But instead it’s there everyday like: “Oh look the Big Dipper, I should go.”

People travel to see the *** Grand Canyon.”Hey dude, you’ve got to go to the Grand Canyon man, dude it changed my life man””

I stood up there and saw that canyon, it was so immense……i just realised how small my role in the universe really is.””

Oh, really? Wow! Hey, how about all that ***?””(Joe Rogan points up) What the *** are you talking about? Those aren’t light bulbs mother ***!””

Those are huge nuclear explosions billions of miles away……and it goes on forever. Do you know what forever means?”

It means this whole universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies……might just be a part of one atom……it’s in the cell of the balls of one guy who lives in another universe……it’s part of one atom, that’s a cell of a ball and a guy……and it goes on and on and on FOREVER!!!””

And there is no *** end! And you are looking at a ditch. You just drove six hours to look at a ditch, you are a *** dummy.””

You can see the bottom, why is that even interesting to you?””Oh yeah, yeah, you are small, it’s big.
“Space is some *** crazy ***!”
– Joe Rogan

One One Hand

(I better put the title down here
Otherwise it reads like a
Statement and not a point)

“On one hand”
I totally agree that 45 DJT
Had nothing to do with the
Insurrection at the Capital
Just as much as it is
A personal theory that
Yelling fire in a theater
Crowded or otherwise
(When there may or may
Not be an actual fire)
Is an entirely acceptable
Act of free speech that
It falls on the individual
Patrons of the theater to
Determine, either sensing
Visually or by olfactory
Intuitively or cognitively
That there is indeed a
Danger that needs heed
Not linguistically legislated
Parameters of a “freedom”
I will repeat that again
To let that nuance sink in
(Parameters of a “freedom”)
Under that all inclusive guise
Of the, by the and for the people.
That of course would dole out
Tooo much responsibility to
The individual and we can’t
Have that now can we?????
We do not operate
Like that on this planet
Not yet anyway
From birth you are
Assigned a name
Through repetition by
A person or persons
Who assume a role
As authority figures
Over your “well” being
Instruct you in manners
Of eating peeing pooping
Crawling walking learning
Speaking repeating
Pleasing following
Consuming wasting
Conforming obeying
All so you can operate
In the framework of
A law and order society
That makes them up
As they go along which can
Be ignored by certain groups
Then implemented unjustly as
Heavy handed towards others
Simply because they do not
Look like the dieing ruling class.
On the other hand
Nothing would have happened
If their alleged leader behaved
Accordingly and with civility
Taking objections through the
Courts as it did in the Florida case
Of Bush v. Gore you know
Regarding the above proclivity
Of human beings to do
As they are told by imaginary
Father figures invisible
Nonexistent or otherwise
It is entirely possible that the
Domestic freedom fighters
Were taking commands from
What their TV hunkered leader
Was tweeting and speaking
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

Freedom Of Speech

Is exactly that

Freedom of speech


Its parameters

Are not defined

By truth or lies

Blasphemy with clarity

Honesty and integrity


Merely anything

That speaks

To anyone or

No one at all


Art or garbage

Words or paint

Silk or sewage


Somehow though

Is interpreted

Through ego


Where beauty is

In the eyes

Of the blind


Not understanding

True freedoms

Diminishes notions of

What is acceptable


If you agree with it

Like only what you

See hear and sense

Interpret for self


As detailed or

Defined by an

Authority’s version

Entities not you


Is a curtailed

Freedom from

The get go



(Where this should have stopped)



If someone takes away

Your conch

It does not mean

You (Ralph) have lost your

Freedom of speech


It just means that you

Have nothing to say

Or it is not your turn

(It is Jack’s turn)


Perhaps though

You’ve placed yourself

In charge to protect

The isle of children

When you are a

Child yourself and

Can not manage to

Because you are so busy

Taking care of yourself


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

Almost Seems Scripted

Like we are heading towards
A grand finale of Season 4
Episode 12 with Covid 19
Putting more seasons on hold
Cliff hangers at every turn as
Less then half of the audience
Cheers on their antagonist
What else would you expect
From a reality TV * porn star
As it may all come down
To those insecure about
The size of their weapon
They will be bringing their
Metal ones cocked & loaded
Ending in violent discharge
Unless of course it dawns
On them 45 was disguised as
A flashy Jim Jones
Without cups of Kool-aid
Just a self absorbed
Malignant narcissist
Failed bumbling
Business(con)man but
Through infamy and will
Could bring new suckers
To the table for his ego
Amusement use and discard
As Howard Stern has said
None of those Capital criminals
Were / are never ever going
To be invited to Mar-a-logo
Those are not “his” people though
They were convinced they were
Like him hoping his (their) “daddy”
Would find ways to be loved by him
Unconditionally once they prove it
“*Porn (ography)
: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction” —–

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin