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Lines In The Sand

Lines in the sand

At the end of the beach

Washed away

In each successive wave

Only to be “drawn” again

To no avail

Regardless of which

Side your on

Perpendicular or parallel

To the tide

Sunlight or moonlight

Makes nary the difference

It’s all washed away

Size of the line

Or size of the wave

Can’t compete with

Time and erosion

Crashing in tsunamis

Or the tranquility

Of a low tide

The point of the line

Is pointless

Just enjoy the sand

And the water

Under the stars

The close one

The far ones

Which are always


Just obscured

No more lines

Just be

Should Have

There are no “shoulds”, or shouldn’ts, things are as they are.

I won’t should on you, if you don’t should on me.

Printed “proof”.


I shouldn’t be so angry. It hurts people.


I be so angry. It hurts people.


I “should” eat healthier to feel better.

Actively Create

I eat healthier to feel better.


I “should” write this to make myself aware.

I write this to make myself aware.


First Things First

The first thing to do

is to not do, what

can not be undone


Thought this would have broader parameters,  when I first wrote it.

Yet, it really just boils down to murder and suicide. Other than that, as long as those two options are off the table,  everything else “should” be fixable.


Bizarre, to say the least.

Living in a world of make believe.       “Helen Reddy” “Angie”


Where Ayn Rand capitalism, lives with Orwell’s surveillance, next door to an aristocratic autocracy.


Selling a deck of a card, sized conglomeration of plastic, a thin piece of glass, miniturized main frame computers, tiny camera lens, and a small lithium battery.  Which is maybe about $ 15. 00 in actual material,  for $500. – $700. In “easy” monthly never ending  $50. Payments.

Creating a portable, trackable tele-screen, unintentionally monitoring your every movement. By cellular triangulation, determining GPS location, freedom strangulation. Regurgitating information manipulation, perpetual consciousness distraction, evolving contraction.

Perceived Interpretation

“The Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to a California professor who has discovered a new number!

The number is bleen, which he claims belongs between 6 and 7.”

George Carlin

The power of perceived interpretation.

2 + 2 = 5.   Or as it is, ?  2 + 2 = 4

Why 10 ? Why now?  There used to be only 9 numerals.

0 didn’t exist.  Yet because it is here now, we accept it as if it always has been.

Same goes for letters, there used to be only 20 / twenty.

Now, there are 26. Did it stop, because too many keyboards would have to be revamped?

Or the retooling of keyboard makers would be cost prohibitive?

This goes nowhere,  but makes me curious, as to whether or not creativity is stymied due to (in the English language) there are only 26 letters. Or only 10 numerals in use.

This contemplation all started with Kellyanne Conway’s “Alternative Facts”.  Subsequently prompting sales of “George Orwell’s “1984” to reach #1.

Likewise,  (not sure if it is a little tongue in cheek).  Yet, there are people who believe that the earth is flat.

With that then, who or what group, becomes the arbiter of what is “real” and what is “fake”?

Back to “1984” the technology was only as such, that reprints of newspapers would be destroyed and reprinted to “alter” reality. Now, with nothing in print, it is going to be harder to have “proof” as to what has happened.

Same goes for time. You would think, that different countries with different languages in different geographies might do something different to track “time”.

It is based on the sexagesimal system.  Which like the alphabet or numerical system used, is made up, yet seems to be, what we collectively “agree” to.

“Chicago” chorus

Does anybody really know what time it is?

I don’t

Does anybody really care, care

If so I can’t imagine why

about time

We’ve all got time enough to cry

Cry,  cry for the man with the eggshell fragile ego.  The deeply imbedded narcissism, blatant disregard for half the planet’s population and then some.

Surrounded by too many “yes” men, for too long, deluding himself to thinking that everything gets accomplished with a  command or in this case “executive orders”.

Let it be their idea

One thing that has helped me the most, is a little phrase someone taught me over 30 years ago.

Let it be their idea.

The long and short of that was,  I wanted to tell my bosses,  their sales strategy was not working and, hu-hum, my idea was the best.

(Like, I knew anything about sales other than what they taught me.)

Thankfully an intermediary, stepped in to say, do the thing that you want them to change. If it is beneficial as you suggest,  then they will end up telling you to do it that way, letting it be their idea.

If you can detach from ego, that they are taking credit for your idea, it is a win win.

Bizarre Addiction

I’m addicted to not being addicted.

A strange thing to be afflicted


One thing of that I can be sure

Is it really needs no cure


It is a weird ritual

To make no vices habitual


Using my brain to think

Whether to or not to drink


Not exactly your average bloke

Who can choose to or not to smoke


It’s like being my own lab rat

Not to form a habit


So rarely is a crisis

Coming from my vices