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Terrible Tanka

Suicidal leaves

Think of leaping to their death

But to no avail

For they are already dead

Hanging around for the fall

No, It Is This Way

Do you ever get a chance to have a
Completely philosophical conversation
Utilizing rational thought experiments
Based on perceived aspects of reality
Where restraints of beliefs are lifted
With a stated premise that outcomes
Do not need to have a rapt conclusion
Such as suggesting it is not really
Human’s nature to be brutal and violent
That that is leftover residue from our
Reptilian brain of excruciatingly slow
Evolution fight or flight kill or be killed
Passing the instinctual surviving into
Aeon length generational indoctrination
Through word of mouth then later books
With the other person not forgetting
The premise to suspend “known” info
Before falling back into the trap of
No, it is this way………..because……….
Ever have one of those conversations?
Yeah, me neither.

Heck, it is hard enough to have that
Conversation with myself.


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

It Is Not About

Winning or Losing
It is about leadership
Awareness and evolution
And as soon as the
Collective realizes that
The sooner
We will start winning
Because the previous
Definition of winning
Meant making
The rich richer
The poor poorer
The guests unwelcomed
The families separated
The walls higher
The morality lower
Specific peoples banned
Specific people with
Specific beliefs banned
Loyalty to one not to all
Wishing away disaster
(Just around the corner)
Ignoring emoluments clause
Riling racism
Burgeoning bigotry
Cheating at golf
Apparently enough
Were sick of that
Kind of “winning”

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Nature Knows

Nothing of judgment ego or deceit

Only life death recycle and repeat

If we could only have that clarity

Instead conjuring new disparities

We are not separate from nature

All we have to do now is mature

Learn and grow in the available light

Do right even in the shadows of night

Instead we rely on the systems of men

Making the same mistakes over and again

Trying to evolve based on what “he” knows

Impossible, that changes as the wind blows

Given nature always has the power to decide

We should just sit back and enjoy the ride

“It is just a ride”

– Bill Hicks

Comb “Over”

I do not always

Comb my hair

But when I do

I use a towel

Blissfully Floating

Around in my concentric bubble

Padded with narcissism and ego

Occasionally opening a curtain

To glimpse the outside world

Which ultimately looks safer

Then the locked cell I occupy

How does that saying go

Better the devil you know

Than the devil you don’t know

Still, like the definition of insanity

I am expecting different results

If I can just tweak my perceptions

Enough to better understand people

Why they believe what they believe

While behaving so discordantly

Against what they convey in dialog

Memes and regurgitated rhetoric

Perhaps they too are doing what

I am doing in my concentric bubble

Blissfully floating around in theirs


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


Are much easier to remember

As most all of society participates

In perpetuating said untruths

E.g. a book written and rewritten

Translated from ancient languages

Revised and regurgitated

Describing an impossible past

Of how your ancestors appeared

Before being maliciously drowned

Having been left to their own de-vices

Fought battled and died horribly

For no particular reason save

Acquisition of land and power

Though land “ownership” is impossible

(Can’t take it with you when you die)

And no one has a “right” to it

Anymore than anyone else does

Save by printed pieces of paper

That say so and who owes who for it

To the tune of trillions of Dollars

Euro’s Francs Pounds Lira Yen Rupi

Dinar Pesos Shekels Kohns Rubles

Likewise a “Constitution”

Written then altered in such

Vague language it needs

Nine rotating alleged experts

Adorned with “Supreme” monikers

(Not fair compassionate or reasonable)

To constantly and continuously

Decipher and reinterpret

Through debate and denial

Extended into government

Systems of rules and laws

Who can kill who or what

With impunity or incarceration

Under a deceptive and supposed

Inclusive notion of “We the people”

Though right off the bat it didn’t

Even include 1/2 the population

Plus dismissed anything less than

Caucasian as being less than people

Of course one could say it has been

Modified to correct inequities but

Not so you would really notice it

Any more than painting an old car

That runs poorly but looks ok

Hiding its truth to everyone

Refusing to look under the hood


“And That’s the Truth”

– Lily Tomlin

A Sigh Of Relief

Albeit, a cautious sigh of relief

Besides all of the voting bs

Doesn’t it feel like we are simply

A school of fish synchronously

Swimming away from danger

Not because of a new leader

Rather a collective awareness that the

Direction we were heading was wrong

That we are accepting our humanness

That under all of the surface layers

When the ghost has left the machine

All that remains is a similar skeleton

Without lungs to let out a sigh of relief

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Before You Think

You can convince

Someone to change

Their beliefs

Give it a test run

Start with your own

See how willing you

Are to change yours

Any belief will do

Religion creation

Evolution race

Kennedy assassination

September 11, 2001

Election meddling etc.

What belief do you

Hold so strongly that

With overall resounding

Fact based evidence in

Forms that you trust

Would it take to alter

Any one belief that still

You cling to. Hmmm?


That should be quite easy depending on how tight or loose you decide to set the parameters of whether or not you’ve changed your beliefs.


My guess is you haven’t.

Supposition is just as

Absurd as circumstantial

“Credible” sources

Heresay rumor and print

Are as equally valid

As they are invalid

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Believe……Or Not







Believe what you want to believe
Because that is how beliefs work
Even though there may be plenty of
Insurmountable evidence to prove
Any one person’s beliefs are ludicrous
Unsubstantiated or 1000% correct
Nobody or verifiable proof can change
What rolls around in your cranium
If in fact that is where they come from

For me beliefs come from my big left toe
Because that is how beliefs work

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin


………..and just for a split second

You wondered if I actually believe that…..
Of course not….everyone knows beliefs
Come from behind their right knee
Or so I’ve been told or read somewhere
Thank you for reading these words
And hopefully questioning your beliefs

“All your beliefs, they’re just that. They’re nothing. They’re how you were taught and raised. That doesn’t make ‘em real.”

Bill Hicks