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The More I Play

“I love words. I thank you for hearing my words.”

– George Carlin

The more I play with words

The more fun I have with them

Particularly in sense them

Order to make arranging a



Here they are presented in

I believe one dimension

Just a blackish gray pixel

Against a white background

With no sound

Certainly not my voice

Technically it is my “voice”

Though the reader is

“Hearing” it in their voice

Or speed, read in

Their cadence, inflection or


Realizing some readers

Will look back at the line

With two words in ALL CAPS

And wonder did their inner

Voice just silently SCREAM

Those words capitalized

Don’t read this again






Wonder if that worked

I’ll never know

I am barely in my own head

Let alone yours

However the reverse

Is not true, no matter

How small, if I could

Reduce the font

Would you lower a voice

You can not already “hear”

Lest of course I wrote


As if Ewm errr Fuwwwd

Was about to keeewll a


The young uns reading this

Might have to Google

Elmer Fudd Rabbit quiet

For that to make sense

Making this my first

Interactive blog post

So you can have fun

Playing with words


“In your own words.” You know you hear that a lot in a court room. Or a classroom, they’ll say “tell us… in your own words.”

“Do you have your own words? Hey, I’m using the ones everyone else has been using!

Next time they tell you to say something in your own words, say “Niq fluk bwarney quando floo!”

– George Carlin


A Starless Night

A Starless Night


Exponentiates the

Gratitude and appreciation

Of a moonless

Starry night


The memory ‘minder

Must manifest that

Always beyond the clouds

Are the not, so “tiny stars”


Rather the billions and

Billions of recurring

Nuclear explosions

Radiating heat and light


So incredibly far away

They appear as small

Temporary twinkles

Illuminating imaginations


The fun part is seeing the

Thicker concentration of

Brilliance knowing which way

You’re standing in the Milky Way


While one could think

Insignificance, which is true

Still can also treasure

Experiencing the divine


No Place To Start

No place to start

No words to describe

Without using words

To describe words

Other than definitions

Made up of words

That are made up

Seemingly from

No where

Which are

Now here

Might as well use them

From the twenty six letters

That are made up as well

Knowing there were not

Always twenty six

Strange I know

With some being used

More than others

Zee (Z) and ecks (X) are

Practically useless

Still they are there

And are as necessary

When needed

Though sometimes

X (ecks) sounds like Z (zee)


That ended up being

A longer intro then planned

However brings me to a word

Keep hearing bantered

About as if it is critical

To the collective’s

Daily lives




Being surrounded by

Similar words


Judge, judge and judged




A word defined

Without definition




Could it be defined

More vague

Which is clearly delineated

Then the vagueness of

Justice :

a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments


Yet like breakfast

We anticipate it being


To those whom

Appear it is deserved

Meted out

In a “just”


A biblical hand me down

Useless as holey shoes

Neither whole nor holy

Executed by those in power

With those in cahoots

Right there in black and white

Not even a play on words, as

A “Criminal Justice System”

Inherent in the “Rule of Flaw”

To satisfy all participants

Even though it

Won’t be


Merely by perspective

Usually by

Social position

Say # 45 or

Money in the bank

(“Half penny, two penny

Ashes to dust

The almighty dollar says

“In God we trust”

Justice for money

How much more can I pay

We all know it’s the American Way

“Half Penny, Two Penny”

– Styx)


Perceived money in the bank


And visible light

Reflecting spectrum

Defined by

Melanin content

Against snow contrast

Also it is

Not what you know

But who you know

On minds it will gnaw

Can you say Kavanaugh

Is that justice?*

Because he’s a Justice

Maybe a game changer

Pronounced Whitaker

Or just

Something “we”

Made up

(“Pretty neat deal, huh?

You know how we got it?

We made the whole

#ucking thing up! //

Aren’t we versatile?!”

– George Carlin)

Not sure if the following

Is true


Once heard of a

Society or culture

That did not experience


Simply because they

Didn’t have a


For it

This one has


With soooo many

Individual interpretations

Its meaning is as


As the BP oil spill

Its malleable content

Drowned in context

“That is because there is

A lot of water in the ocean.”

– Carlos Mencia

So since there is

No place to start

Might as well treat it

Like eating

The elephant in the room

With the turd in the punch bowl

Start with

One bite at a time

Slowly accept that the

System needs



Compassion and forgiveness

Guidance and understanding

Healing and growing

Insight and enlightenment

Technocracy and meritocracy

Sharing and recycling

And with one last act

Of violence for now and


Beat those swords

Into plow shares

Then we will have

Justice for all


“It is interesting to note that those who most frequently call for fair play are those who are advantaged by the play as it currently is.

And that only when the position of privilege is in danger, are they likely to benefit from the change required to “play by the rules”.”

– Peter J. Gomes

“The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus”

Dead Horses Beaten

No animals were harmed
In the writing of this post

“Nobody understands,
Quite why we’re here

We’re searchin’ for answers
That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I’d
I’d see your tryin’ too

To understand this life,
That we’re all goin’ through


Sometimes I feel like
I’m beatin’ a dead horse”

– Guns-N-Roses


“You ever watch CNN for longer than, say, 20 hours in one day?

I gotta cut that out. Watch CNN. It’s the most depressing thing you’ll ever see, man. .


– Bill Hicks

Fortunately or unfortunately my job affords me the opportunity to listen to a lot of mostly satellite radio. With an unhealthy gravitational pull towards the “news”. Partly for information, chiefly for the entertainment. Always for deception.

“I watch television news for one thing and one thing only: entertainment! That’s all I want from the news: entertainment!

You know my favorite thing on television? Bad news! Bad news and disasters and accidents and catastrophes.”

– George Carlin

After doing the dial dance between MSNBC and FAUX realized each of them are beating a different dead horse.

MSNBC has colon to cranium coverage on hoping, not hoping 45 gets in some trouble, just not too much trouble otherwise they’ll have to search out clever content to keep consumers coming.

FAUX covers everything on 45 from foot to follicle favorably fawning over Forrest Trump. Still hovering over Hillary. (Hey a$$#@£=s) she lost. Mostly playing to an audience of one, plus republican racists.

We Ignore

We ignore

The actual history

Usually at our own peril

Because nostalgia feels

Better than the reality

Of the turmoil we are

Currently experiencing

“Hey, when you die you get more popular than you’ve ever been. In you’re whole life. You get more flowers when you die than you ever got at all.

They all arrive at once……too late. And people say the nicest things about you, they’ll make shit up if they have to man,

“Oh yeah, he’s an asshole but a well meaning asshole”

“Yeah poor Bill is dead.” “Yeah poor Bill is dead.” “Poor Tom is gone” “Yeah, poor Tom” “Poor John died” “Yeah, John” “What about Ed?”

“No Ed, that motherfucker? He’s still alive man!” “Get him outta here!”

You’re approval curve goes way up”

– George Carlin

Much like GWHB, a well meaning asshole.

“A (Persian Gulf) war? Wasn’t really a war, you know, a war, is when two armies are fighting, so, I don’t know if you could call it a war, exactly, you know.

The Persian Gulf Distraction, is more like it, I think.

Pretty amazing thing, really. Bush turned out to be a major demon, who woulda guessed?

Remember when he was first president, he was the “Wimp President.” Do you remember that?

Cover of Newsweek . . . . “WIMP PRESIDENT.” *

Apparently, this stuck in this guy’s craw a little bit. That guy was a dynamite waiting to go off.


We hope you enjoyed your fireworks show. It was so pretty, and it took our mind off of domestic issues! The Persian Gulf distraction.


And the amazing thing obviously is the disparity in the casualties. Iraq, 150,000 casualties. USA: 79.

Iraq: 150,000. USA: 79.

Does that mean if we’d sent over 80 guys we still could have won that … thing or what? One guy in a tickertape parade.”
– Bill Hicks

Not one to give 45 any props, will give him an atta boy, seeing as how to my best awareness he has not ordered any of “his” troops to kill anyone.

Even his little Syrian stunt, only destroyed a few planes, the border bupkus was more comical and farcical then fatal.

So it is good to see, death and dismemberment is not his forte, rather just distraction and deceit in the dichotomous days of devolution.

I guess the political puppeteers finally figured out, that through wars, skirmishes, police actions, (since the stage show is on a global scale) when anyone is killed, they lose consumers. Plus indentured servants to make more consumables.

Lest of course, they have to occasionally gin up some work for the grave diggers and casket makers. Keep ’em all from switching jobs. To be ready, in case we really need them.

* Donald thought he to could feed his narcissism by getting on the cover of Newsweek too. Only he misunderstood, seeing how he has been trying to be the..

Whim President
Following is part 2 Ignore This Addendum

Ignore This Addendum

Part 2 of We Ignore

Ignore this addendum, it barely has anything to do with “We Ignore”

There is a bedsheet manufacturer out there that likes to tout its product as being so comfortable even 3 US presidents sleep on them.

Of course they don’t say which ones. Or if (since they don’t) it is even true. Curious if one was GHWB though, if now they’ll change their ad?

It is an ad heard on every commercial station on satellite radio (that is a lot of ads) daily.

Of course they have hyperbolized the shit out of their product so much so and jacked the prices so high(need a lot of margin to pay for all those ads) they can offer you $50.00 off on a product that anywhere else, would retail for about that much. Despite what is claimed otherwise.

$250 sheets – $50 = $200 which is still about $150 more than I’d pay for sheets.

However, the “presidential” claim is quite the catching contemplation. If someone who can sleep at all with that many deaths on their consciousness they must be some pretty good #ucking sheets.

Ironically what is being sold is not sheets, rather the intangible concept of a better sleep. Am not impressed, for I could probably fall asleep standing up at a rock concert.

However, like the candy bars near the check out, because people see (hear) it so often it becomes an irrational impulse buy.

Very irrational, prompted by the extra push, if the sheets don’t live up to the hype, you can send them back for a fool refund. (Yeah right.)

Not saying people won’t get a refund, the likelihood is, no one is sending anything back. So now you live with the regret, realizing that.

A.) No retailers are selling $250 sheet sets. B.) Who cares if the presidents can sleep, that is their karma. C.) Your “old” sheets were fine. D.) Maybe those “spendy” pillows or “space” material mattresses will help you sleep.

Now that you have that number newly memorized 1 800 GET FLUFFED



Context Epitaph

He drove himself insane.

He drove. Himself, insane.

(Who is Himself? )

He drove himself. Insane.

He drove him. Self insane.