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Monkeying Around

Like words falling on deaf ears
It is actions falling on dead souls

Lawyering up, is not going to undo the damage that has been done.

Which, who is to say any damage has happened? Our collective psyche already seems to be worn down past any further damage. Down to its survival nubbin, of watching and waiting.

Watching the entertainment because there is nothing to do to help, save buying some more high or low priced gizmos to self satisfy. Help the economy, feed the machine.

Waiting in distraction mode, for some thing or entity to gently remove our mental toys and brightly lit screens to tell us, it is time to grow up and be the divine beings we are.

Maybe the focus on the show happening between the white house and the red square is merely a wake up call.

One designed to crescendo our awareness, that this “system” is not working. All the “ism’s” are merely minor systems of thought that keep us divided from being whole.

I would like to think my perception tells me, we are on the brink of a paradigm shift into a whole new way of being.

Like an entire school of fish that turn synchronisticly at the same time sensing danger.

That or being a couple of monkeys shy of satisfying the 100th monkey theory, where, if a core group of people envision a better way then actively change, the remaining will (sub) consciously follow suit.

New Stool (Leg 1)


“The only person who can solve our problems is God, and She isn’t running this year “


A better title might be “Stool plus sequiturs, non sequiturs, and other things that do not really belong”.

Looks like it is time for a new stool. The three legged one, we’ve been resting our unconscious arse on is collapsing.

The executive leg is disintegrating, petrified by corrupt collusion, ravaged by rhetoric, hardened by hubris (the most powerful office /man in the world).

The judicial leg is so encumbered by trying to throw its weight around in an effort to prop up the other two it has lost its usefulness.

The legislative leg has been doing nothing for so long it forgot it was part of the stool, other than primping and preening by the grains inside that wish to replace the executive leg.

Save for the egomaniacal petulant baby billionaire who needed even more attention and approval. That he could be the executive leg and used any means to be it regardless actual ability.

Constitutional knowledge, human decency,  a functioning vocabulary, you know, simple stuff like that.

The stool served its purpose and functioned okay for the population at the time, besides it looked good on paper.

Obviously, it is the most protected piece of paper on the planet, a guarded papyrus, on a philosophy of a biblically based fascism facade for a surreptitious system of conniving control.

Deca amended almost immediately and seventeen times since.

Still ignoring half the population not passing the equal rights amendment. Sorry ladies, maybe when it is not so busy being defended,  that part will get tweaked.

Aspirations to evolve into a conscionable enlightened bipedal earthling artist will not be written on paper.  It is already indelibly etched on everyone’s hearts.

Just need to carve away the stone and discover the beauty inside.

“As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.”

Thomas Jefferson

The stool might have worked a little longer and much better if it wasn’t supporting an out of control population.

Unfortunately bipedal earthlings like rutting too much, and / or still do not know where babies come from. Thereby compounding solvable problems into spiraling out of control ones.

Life in two dimensions
Is a mass production scheme

From “Grand Designs” by Rush

Of which it is unlikely to slow down as everyone gets to cash in on the creation of creating consumers. Accepting with a blind eye, turned towards the degradation of the planet, the water supply,  the air we all breath, sacrificing of personal “space”.

Stepping back and taking an objective look at the stool makes one realize it is all about control.

It’s kind of a which came first, chicken or egg oroborus type argument.

Are there laws because there are criminals?  Or are there criminals because there are laws

It is illegal to walk across the road in the middle of the street if you are trying to get more than 25 feet away from the entrance to a building as that is illegal because you want to inhale carcinogens from a product you’ve paid vice taxes on.

Yet, depending on what cloak (there’s irony) is worn, it is perfectly legal to kill someone who matters, even if it is only “felt” that they were in danger.



Continued on New Stool (Leg 2)

New Stool (Leg 2)


Making, enforcing and judging laws on :

marriage, (who you can, who you can not)
alcohol, (when 8am to 2am,  age 21), smoking,
what is a crime,
white collar,
blue collar,
what you can put in your body,
what you can’t take out of your body, what you can do with someone else’s body,
justice for money,
accepting payments in lieu of, incarcerations,
example setting,
where you can’t pray,
what cloth you can’t burn,
what cloth you can’t wave,
what cloth (money) you must trade,
what cloth must be around your lap and chest,
where you can’t come from (6 countries), where you may have been forced to (reservations),
when you may get interned.

Tell me again,  where freedom…. lies?

“Democracy is the worst kind, I am sorry,  but it is. We get to pick our leaders..well…
What if I don’t want a leader? Where does that vote go? I do good on my own, I don’t want to be “led”. Is that freedom?”

“American Idol (Idle) was the number one show on television // those are the people picking your leaders with less insight then they put in to whether or not Rubin Stoddard should win an award. It’s dumb”

Doug Stanhope


Evolutions to a new paradigm shift.


New visions for new eyes

New music for new ears

New dialogue for new mouths

New words for better communication

New flavors for better tastes

Larger hearts for more love

Expanding senses for more feelings

More awareness for infinite beings

Hmm? Missing something…. Think …
Think…Mustn’t get too grandiose and take myself too seriously. …..Think….

Oh yeah,   New farts for new smells.


Not wanting to complain with out offering a solution.  Here’s the seven legs for the new stool.







Food / health


It is understandable how the military industrial complex feeds off of itself and not so much the actuality of war, but merely the anticipation and preparation for it, simply by casting fear and doubts.

Unfortunately it employs lots of people who need and want to work. Building toys of mass destruction which only aim is to kill and destroy.

Instead of just arbitrarily accepting death work, could be replaced by making systems to harvest and distribute food and water.

Should be as simple as forging those swords into plowshares,  no?

The underlying memed belief that got completely discombobulated was when the war department went through the ugly euphemistic process of remaining exactly the same with the kinder gentler moniker of defense.

At a time when the collective was waking up out of a comatose hibernation.

Realizing that there was no reason for anyone’s fellow space travelers to be slaughtered simply because of geography, race, beliefs, or how much natural resources they are located above.


Continued on New Stool (Leg 3)


New Stool (Leg 3)

Special Thanks to Doug Stanhope’s creativity to close this 3 part post out.


“It’s not a free country. You’re born free.

I mean, you are born absolutely free, except for the laws of nature. If you drink, you get drunk. That’s a law. If you get old, you die. That’s a law too. If you sit on a tack, you will bleed from the ass.

These are the only laws they that you’re born with. And any kind of government just #ucks you out that type of freedom.

If you really think you’re free tonight… You, hero! Officer Bob, you’re a free man! You live in a free country!

You go upstairs… You take your own beer you risked your life for… You sit on the hood of your monster truck in a parking lot… Drink your beer. And see how long it is before actual veteran cops come by and pound on you with trudgeons on the kidneys, to show… “Why can’t I do it? I’m just having a beer.” “I don’t know.

That’s the law, you don’t #uck around.” You can’t drive down the street without a seatbelt on, why not? You gotta put on a helmet.

You can’t sit in your own backyard naked, your own filthy dirty flesh that you’re born with. You know that body you carry around? “Filthy! You can’t sit out… Why not? I don’t know, that’s just the way it is.”

You’re not free. You’re not free in the least. You need a dipoma in this country to cut hair. Are you free? You need to keep your tray in a operate and a locked position during take-off. That’s not just a hack premise, it’s a #ucking felony.


“Why do I have to have…? This doesn’t make sense.”

They say if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. But if you teach a man to fish… Then he’s gotta get a fishing license, but he doesn’t have any money. So he’s gotta get a job, and he has to get another Social Security system and pay taxes.

And now you gonna audit the poor (×ck$@(ker cause he’s not really good with math. He’ll pull the IRS van up to your house. He’ll take all your shit.


And then all goes up for auction with the burden of proof on you, cause you forgot to carry the one

Cause you were just worried about eating a *ucking fish. And you couldn’t even cook the fish, cause you needed a permit for an open flame. And then the Health Department is gonna start asking you a lot of questions about where are you gonna dump the scales and the guts.
“This is not a sanitary environment.”

And ladies and gentlemen, if you get sick of it all at the end of the day… it’s not even legal to kill yourself.


You are born free, got fucked out the half of it. And you’re waving a flag celebrating.


The only true freedom that you find is when you realize and come to terms with the fact that you are completely and unapologetically #ucked. And then you are free to float around the system.”

Doug Stanhope


Is it any wonder, why we are in need of a new stool?


Deaf, Dumb and Blind


Deafness has nothing to do with hearing

We hear what serves our purpose

Either agreeable in a need to satisfy

Or disagreeable because it challenges



Dumbness has nothing to do with intelligence

Rather the ability to ignore freewill

Knowing some aspects are limited

Must consciously use the rest, the best



Blindness has nothing to do with vision

We see what we want to perceive we see

Obviously when we can clearly “see”

With our eyes closed, using the third eye



No one needs to be deaf, dumb or blind

Open your senses and expand your mind

Use them all and do everything to be kind

With a short goofy little poem to remind




New Requirements

“It is what makes it scary, when you think how old most of the people who run this f@#! %g country are.

There’s a minimum age to be the president,  there should be a maximum age to be the president as well.

I wouldn’t mind having a 25 year old president. Sh!# would be weird,  but it would at least go forward.”

Doug Stanhope


New requirements to be President


Minimum Age 25
Maximum Age 50


Citizen requirement changed to

Need to be a human

A being with empathy compassion and an uncanny ability to fail a narcissism test.


Third requirement a real world functioning vocabulary.


Presidential Thesaurus


Good  =  Really good

Bad  =  Very bad

Beautiful  =  Most beautiful

Incredible  =  Incredibly Incredible

Sad = So sad

Important = Big League


My Bad!


I am just jealous that with all his privilege of power,  he has the latest “Newspeak” dictionary right before the next one transitions into ungood, plusgood and doubleplusungood!





Instead of the wall


Might be more apropo

To start building a

Palatial prison where

The inmates are

Shackled with

Diamond encrusted

Platinum handcuffs

Given a wall sized TV

So the first guest can watch

Himself at his inauguration

With Obama’s crowd

Superimposed cheering

On the egomaniacal

Perplexed Putin puppet

Presidential prisoner

In an oval cell

Tweeting to a group

Of highly trained

Psychologists and

Psychiatrists to

Monitor his “free”

Health care of

Medication administration

While holographic

Projections of yes men

Do what they are told

And repeatedly keep

Telling him how great

He is and that next he

Should run for the

Emperor of Earth

Before being elected

Cardinal of the cosmos

Then Inspiration

Of the infinite



I was going to stop at platinum handcuffs and perhaps, should have, then fingers took over.