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Professional Barn Door Closers

That is who we have become

Professional barn door closers

After the dilapidated barn

is vacated of its “precious” horses

Is when we close the doors

Thinking that at least solves the problem

No more no horses will get out

Reactionaries reacting to reactions

For reasons unknown to the reasonable

Wasting creativity geared to react

Instead of creating to create, honoring

What we are told / sold is a creation


How else would any one explain the

*Laminated note in the Vegas hotels

Stating if you leave the Do Not Disturb

Door hanger for two consecutive days

The staff has authorized themselves

To open the door and check for the safety

Of you and the rest of the hotel guests


Who would have thunk that our front line

Defense against the next mass shooter

Would be an apron wearing motel maid

Already given the back breaking tasks of

Cleaning up, after hundreds of guests

Hour after hour day after all long day

Now having to note and track which room

They have been given a reprieve from

In the unlikely event of a trigger happy

Person having to much access to wmd’s

When society could do that instead or at

Least tighten up vague rules of purchase


Deluding themselves that some amendment

Gives them power over an already

Tyrannical government disguised as

A democracy, in appearance & name only

Using the fourth branch known as the media

To constantly keep people distracted

Fighting amongst themselves just to

Instead of finding life affirming solutions

Making sure all of our co space travelers

Have clean drinking water are fed nutritionally

Shoed clothed and housed with proper sanitation


When instead the spacious arguments are over

Who does or doesn’t have the “right” to carry wmd’s

Keeping it an insoluble problem of either or to no end

Like flag burning, abortion or the “legalization” of drugs

Race, religion, sexuality, wealth and social status

Etc. Etcetera blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and blah

* Thank you very much for choosing to stay with us here at the x hotel. Your safety and security is our number one priority, to that end we will conduct a safety and welfare check on all DO NOT DISTURB rooms after the consecutive day of non – service during your stay. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

It used to be kind of fun, when you circumstantially got booked at the end of the long hallway to look towards getting to the elevator seeing what appeared to be doors and lights in an infinite mirror reflection of doors and lights. Get to still do that, however it is clouded with the awareness of keeping ears perked for gunfire and eyes looking for gunsmoke and EXITS.

Where is my amendment to restore that “freedom”?


Degrees And Layers

Right and wrong


There is no

Right and wrong


Degrees and layers


Right and wrong

Depends on

Who you are

Who you know

When you did it

What you’ve done

Where it happened

Why it is done

How it was accomplished

If it was observed

Not only that

Go figure this out

Light reflectivity of


Geographical location

Mental acuity

Language you utter


Money in the bank

Elected or unelected

The deity you believe in

Or allege to

Since actions

Do not reflect

Anything whatsoever

Even remotely close

Sorta kind of maybe

To what an

Enlightened master

Spiritual teacher

Would do

Never Neverland

For “K”

Demons of the past
Shadows are overcast
Thinking they can not last

Keep kid safe from predator
Is what parents are for
From too friendly a neighbor

Or even a famous star
Observed from afar
Blindly opened your heart

Is that such a big chore
For the creatures you adore
Recognize what is in store

The beings you most trust
Guess that was a bust
A kiss it is not, just

It is disgusting and vile
Exchange decency with guile
Makings of a pedophile

Still you must rely
On those who turned a blind eye
Sending inward a desperate cry

Can not show your tears
Stifling your fears
Will carry for years

Stronger is your will
Specters maim not kill
Stab it with a quill

“Stay away
From Captain Howdy
Stay away
From Captain Howdy


The man’s description did little good
A local stranger from the neighborhood

Those little kids, oh, he left behind
With their mangled lives and
their tortured minds.


The man was caught and
brought before a judge
Who had just returned
from a three drink lunch

His lawyer screamed
“you must set him free”

And off he went
on a technicality”


** “Horror Teria: Captain Howdy And Street Justice”

– Twisted Sister


The full song suggests violence as a solution, not only does that not heal the fresh and or scarred wounds. It throws another log on the karma fire. Who needs that infinite aggravation.

Despite the biblical notion of an eye for an eye, any action will not travel back in time to undo the damage, psychological or death.

But, it goes on……..

“Trump’s labor secretary broke the law by offering secret plea deal to accused pedophile, judge rules

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was a U.S. attorney in Miami at the time of the deal, which sent wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein to prison for only 13 months.”*

Federal prosecutors, including a current member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, broke the law when they offered wealthy financier and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a plea bargain in 2008 that allowed him to get off easy, a judge ruled. Epstein served only 13 months after being accused of sexually abusing dozens of young girls.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra said Thursday that prosecutors — including Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who was a U.S. attorney in Miami at the time of the plea deal — ignored evidence that Epstein had been operating a sex trafficking ring of underage girls, according to the Miami Herald. Epstein was allowed to negotiate a non-prosecution agreement, or a deal that granted him immunity from federal charges, by pleading guilty to two state charges.

By Emma Ockerman

Feb 22 2019, 12:01am



“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kid? To have this fresh, clean slate which we could fill. A little clean spirit, innocent, and to fill it with good ideas.”

Yeah, yeah, how about this? If you’re so fucking altruistic, why don’t you leave the little clean spirit wherever it is right now?

Okay? // Nightmare. Bringing … I would never bring a kid to this fucking planet…”

– Bill Hicks


When you have or have had either side of 7 billion reasons not to have a kid, you tend not to produce any. Can’t even imagine the spiritual detriment, I would have inflicted on an incarnated soul, that would be, just from my reasoning, thinking and dysfunctional ability to communicate. Let alone, let it loose into a society of hypocrisy, manipulation, violence and fear.



“Half penny, two penny,
Ashes to dust

The almighty dollar says
“In God we trust”

Justice for money
How much more can I pay

We all know it’s the American Way
“Half Penny, Two Penny”

– Styx

** “Horror Teria: Captain Howdy And Street Justice”


Oh, it’s so nice to see you all
inside my dreamy little world
And it’s so nice to be with all you
lovely little boys and girls

Make yourselves comfortable,
my place is so divine
Don’t you think I’m wonderful?
Say yes! You’re on my time

Stay away
From Captain Howdy
Stay away
From Captain Howdy

Don’t try to leave,
the doors are locked and only
I have got the key

Forget the windows,
they’re nailed shut and
boarded up so you can’t see

You’ll love the light show,
oh, I’m sure you’ll think it’s swell

When they go off,
you’re welcome to my living hell

Stay away
From Captain Howdy
Stay away
From Captain Howdy

[Solo: Eddie]

Come here, my sweet
Let me help you with that
There, that’s better

I’m overjoyed at all the games
I’m playing here with you today

But I’m so sad the party’s over and
we can no longer play

You think you’re going home
to your own little bed
But that’s impossible,
you can’t sleep when you’re dead

Stay away
From Captain Howdy
Stay away
From Captain Howdy


It happened in the broad daylight
So unexpected came the knife
A child’s scream sliced through the air
But no one came or seemed to care, no

The man’s description did little good
A local stranger from the neighborhood
Those little kids, oh, he left behind
With their mangled lives and
their tortured minds
Since he didn’t seem to care,
then don’t you think it’s only fair

Call for street justice
Let no mercy show
Call for street justice
Don’t let him go

The man was caught and
brought before a judge
Who had just returned
from a three drink lunch

His lawyer screamed
“you must set him free”

And off he went
on a technicality
Since the law don’t seem to care,
then don’t you think it’s only fair

Call for street justice
Why should parents cry?
Call for street justice
How many have to die?

[Solo: Jay Jay]

The mob assembled, smoke filled the air
And marched in anger to do what’s fair
To bring to justice this soulless thing
And show the others what evil brings
Now before you shake your head, think if it was your child instead

Call for street justice,
tell me what you’d do
Call for street justice,
pray this isn’t true
Call for street justice,
why should parents cry

Call for street justice,
how many have to die
Call for street justice,
when slime escapes the law

Call for street justice,
we’ll even up the score

Call for street justice,
let no mercy show
Call for street justice,
please don’t let him go”

– Twisted Sister

Traffic Tanka

In and of itself

Traffic does not bother me

What am I insane

I did nothing to cause it

Therefore it is not my fault



Haiku Lost

I lost a haiku

It was just right about here

Then it disappeared

It turned into a tanka

That’s a clever place to hide

Paint The Mirror Black

“I look inside myself and
See my heart is black

I see my red door
I must have it painted black

No colors any more,
I want them to turn black

Maybe then I’ll fade away and not
Have to face the facts

It’s not easy facing up
When your whole world is black

No more will my green sea
Go turn a deeper blue

I could not foresee this thing
Happening to you”

“Paint It Black”

– Rolling Stones

Indicative of a projection

Not liking what I see
The ugly reflection of me

Cast on, an unsuspecting,
President, I am projecting

Knowing my true worth
Been that way since birth

A life in it’s simplest reduction
Parents 2nd tax deduction

Compassionate I am not
Ever since being a tot

Keep it to your self
Put feelings on a shelf

What do I have to burn
So that I may unlearn

It is quite the travesty
Stripped of humanity

An idea that I must smash
Perceived value is cash

When one sees the duality
Reduced to a singularity

Do not do as we do
Do as you are told to

That was the lesson
Session after session

Ask us no questions
The automated suggestions

We will tell you no lies
Though will give many tries

A past not easily forgot
Mechanical as a robot

Need to learn to care
Not just find what is “fair”

Must not make my karma
Play out as an angry drama

Even on a tiny stage
Need let go of the rage

“Pound the drums with martial beat
Pound the streets with marching feet
Wounded pride, distorted eyes
Paint the night with battle cries

All puffed up with vanity
We see what we want to see
To the powerful and the wise
The mirror always lies

Boys and girls together
Mistake conceit for pride
Ambition for illusion
Dreams for self-delusion

Girls and boys together
See what it is we lack
Boys and girls together
Let’s paint the mirror black

Paint it black”

“War Paint”

– Rush

Find A Penny

Find a penny
Pick it up
All day long
Have good luck

My first inclination is to buy a lottery ticket.

What usually happens is, I get a $1.99 worth of insight.  + .01 penny – $ 2.00 lottery ticket leads to a myriad of internal reflection. Gosh, what would I do with x million dollars?

First off, as this is being written, if I spent as much time thinking about what I’d do and replace it with doing something towards making x million dollars, I’d have it already. But hey, it is just a penny, right?

Statistically one would be placing their life on the roulette field of 50/50, either being in the red or black. Red as in finding yourself in worse debt than before you “won” or hopefully wise enough to stay in the black.

Fate’s outcome at the kinetic resistance of a spinning wheel and the gravitational drop of a little plastic ball.

After the statistical improbability of matching 6 numbers, painted on ping pong balls, pneumatically filling a transparent tube.

There would be no Goldilocks amount to be had, unless you had a crystal clear omniscient crystal ball to “see” the outcomes of each one of your choices.

If one had that kind of insight, there’d be no reason to buy a lottery ticket in the first place. Which is what you would want it to boil down to in the first place.

After paying off the immediate family’s mortgages or building them new houses, replacing vehicles with newer ones. In the end, all I’d want to do is make sure everyone is healthy and happy which can be achieved with out any money any way.

All that, for $ 1.99. Not too shabby.

“Pennies From Heaven”

“Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven
Don’t you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven?

You’ll find your fortune’s fallin’ all over the town
Be sure that your umbrella is upside down

Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers
If you want the things you love, you must have showers

So, when you hear it thunder, don’t run under a tree
There’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me”

– Frank Sinatra