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How Ironic

Is it that Captain 45

Mr. So Pro Life

Can decide

On his own

Who he gets to kill

While his

Cult of followers

Accept that

Simply because

He said he is

Saving fetuses


Scalpels and suction

Are way too easy

Much more sporting

To wait till the fetuses

Are out of the womb

As moving targets

And really far away

Too far to see the

Whites of their eyes

Just knowing the

Brown of their skin

And it is

Politically expedient

To the blind followers

The Difference Is

As the difference is

Between black and white

If Obama did what

Trump has done

Or a fraction thereof

Not only would the


Escort him to jail

The Democrats

Would lock the cell door

Right and wrong are not

Divided along party lines

Not so you would notice

Observing the circus

In Washington d.c.


Are not broken

In a moment


Broken moments

Of spirit

Over a succession

Of time

Without A Doubt

Beliefs are 100%

Absolutely unprovable

That’s why they

Are called beliefs

Merely conjecture

Based on suppositions

Ignoring inference

That support

Evidence and conclusion

Like building a house

On a solid foundation

Of concrete and rebar

Instead of quicksand

Near a floodplain

During a hurricane

If you believe that the sun is not going to come out tomorrow and it does not, not only will it be too dark to prove it.


Anybody you find will be to freaked out to listen to you trying to prove your belief was correct.

If you believe the sun will come out tomorrow and it does, it still does not prove your belief either, as it is established as a pattern of reality.


However, the notion that the sun will come out tomorrow is false in and of itself. Unless it is only considered from a geocentric perspective.


Still that too is untrue, we just do not have a simplistic way to describe that the mere rotation of the planet gives its inhabitants the illusion that the sun “rises” in the east and “sets” in the west.

Cause everyone is too busy trying to substantiate their beliefs hoping that they will be believed to validate their fevered ego and existence.

Since a heliocentric perspective is too scary, that perhaps the world doesn’t revolve around them.

You know, heliocentric, where the “sun” our closest, yet very distant star is just there.


Floating magically in space surrounded by eight nine or so planets in its orbit. In the outer bands of an even larger orbit of a black hole at the center of the Milky Way.  Surrounded by other galaxies with similar systems.

Of course, I can’t prove it, must be something I believe.

Spatial Relationship

Humans seem to have

A spatial relationship

With the truth

If information

Serves an individual

That info is as close

As the moment and

Is exploited as such and

Categorized as “Truth”

On the other hand

Truth could be

In the same room

And still be

Light years away

By ignoring it or by

Disagreeing with it

Mis-perceiving it

Hiding from it


Think of something

You consider a truth

Then question it




Soon you will discover

The only truth

Is the question

Next Viral Headline

John Bolton didn’t kill himself

Followed by clever memes
Featuring the angry lady
Pointing at the smug cat

Moscow Mitch’s

High speed impeachment sniff test

Follows along the lines of an Irish drunk test

“An Irishman is never drunk

– as long as he can hold

– onto one blade of grass and not

– fall off the face of the earth”

– Irish Proverb



“A puppet president is never guilty

– as long as he can

– surround himself

– with enough kool-aid drinkers

– and not be put

– immediately in jail”

– Trumpian mantra