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The basic tenets of our

Existence is hypocritical

We are not our bodies

Nor our skin, bones or senses

Gender, height or width

Not even our mind or heart

Or the substance-less-ness

Of indoctrinated beliefs and

Completely made up ones

Accepted to suit our fancy

Habitually formulated as

Cell blocks in a maximum

Security prison self guarded

With nary a chance to escape

Adhering to the warden’s rules

In hopes of an early release

Though the rules keep changing

Still, solitary confinement is

Completely out of the question

Which ironically may be where

The key is…. to unlock the cage

Or perhaps we are just a

“Ghost In The Machine” or

“Spirits In The Material World”

“There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world

Our so called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it’s the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it’s something we can’t buy
There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world…”

– The Police


Dated Info, Yet Made Relevant

In other words
Forgot to post this
At the time
Certainly since
Things are moving
At the speed of blur

“President Putin has unveiled Russia’s new stockpile of “invincible” nuclear weapons, with a video graphic appearing to show missiles raining on Florida.

But why would the Kremlin want to target the Sunshine State in the event of an atomic war?”


March 1st 2018

Well, if you are trying to keep your blackmailed puppet in line with a clear yet, nearly invisible “shot across the bow”.

Florida, might get 45’s attention.

You think? What else would be more effective, save breaking some twitter thumbs to get the point across?

To remind him, whose bidding he is supposed to be doing. Besides he needs those thumbs to distract the distracted.

“No one is easier to manipulate than a man who exaggerates his own influence.”
– Masha  Gessen

“The Man Without A Face”
“The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin

Who knows, maybe Khashoggi is the Saudi’s way of showing the big D, that any American walking in to the consulate can “disappear” “Dexter” style and complies by assisting in a vague and plausible cover up? No?

At this point, anything is possible, right?

A Courtesy Flush

Is all that we ask

Of the Donald

In the middle of

Shitting on the

American people

Unbeknownst to

Some being shat on

That the stench is

So overwhelming

They are not able to

Even think straight

Woozy from thick

Odors clouding

Rational thought

That 45’s version

Of leadership is

Glossy permanent

Perfectly pixeled

Narcissistic reflection

That makes him feel

Better about himself

Above all others

And of country

Clearly on the take

(Allegedly)  ; )

Beholden to



Dictators and


While his minions

So enamored by

Their perception of

His golden feces

Thus wearing

Rose scented

Gas masks

Will gladly slide

Down the waste pipe

To the sewage

Treatment pond

With the rest

Of the turds

That accept

Mocking assault victims

Separating families

Hurting farmers

Though trade wars

Encouraging if not

Inciting racism

Scapegoating OTW’s

Other Than Whites (pinks)

Making implausible

Impossible promises

Such as neighbor paying

For a wall that can be

Gotten over or around

Crapping on our allies

Manipulate then disguise

Tax breaks with a reverse

Robin Hood switcharoo

But like lemmings over a

Cliff to their ignorant demise

When they hear those two

Words together tax & break

Lose any scrutinizing thought

In their head and accept

Whatever blindly and badly

As the deficit worsens

Putting their children’s

Future in the toilet albeit

A golden toilet while

# 45 pushes the lever

Snoring Contest

The winner is…….

The dog…..

By a ……nose

In the final seconds

By a nasal kerfuffle

The Glitch

The glitch

In the Matrix

Is not really

A glitch at all

Merely a



To prompt you

To stir and think

Ah, there is a

Different reality

Other than the one

I’m experiencing

For The Longest Time

I had a gasoline can

Granted it was plastic

However it did what

It was supposed to do

Store gas and when

It was full and needed

You could pour gas from it

Easily to the empty tank

Even open an air inlet

So it would flow quicker

Alas, can no longer find

Therfore purchased a new one

One that you would think

Would do the same thing

Store fuel waiting to be poured

But nooooo that’s not the case

This one requires, you hop on

One leg, while wiggling your ear

Picking your nose and saying

The alphabet…….backwards

Just to engage the “safety”

Mechanism holding a nozzle

Firmly spring loaded


Is this really where our

Devolution is taking us

With the warning label

Quarter the size of the can

To point out in large font

That gas and fire don’t “mix”

Well no shit. I just wanted to

Run the lawnmower without

Hauling it to a gas station first


What’s next, register the can

After an 8 hour safety class

With specific instructions on

How, where and when to pour

Will that be followed by having

To hire a special subcontractor

With permits and licenses to

Pour your gas for you, surrounded

By a fire suppression squad

With blankets hoses and ladders

Unperson : Via A T-Shirt Or Hat

Logos, Teams, Slogans,

Regardless of who you may be

By ink branding the cloth

You are wearing

Or cap you are sporting

If nobody knows “you”

You have reduced yourself

To a meme


Someone else

Who likes

Your mobile billboard

Will undoubtedly

Strike up a conversation

Usually ’bout

A game, a season, a play

A team player, a coach, etc,

Ad nauseum

Blah, blah blah blah blah

But, eventually

As you both move on

Neither knows anything

Of who you are

Save the surrounding

Aspects of that one

Tiny miniscule little detail

And think about it

That is not who you are

Just a frame

Holding a facade

Like a city you’ve visited

Or where you live

A concert attended

A beer drank

A “Brand” you like

Not only not

Getting paid to promote

Yet it actually

“Costs” you money

Hmmm? Or

Using the

1st ammendment

To “macho”-ly promote

The second

With a weak cliché

Something ’bout

Cold dead fingers

Giving things up

Not even

Being carried


Or a

Patriotic / nationalistic


“Proving” devotion

To an ideology

Adorning a shirt

Dripping with the

Red of blood

The white of racism

And the blue of sadness

Made cheaper in

Another country


Dare I say

Needs no




Wonder if the above

Would fit on a t-shirt

That might

Instigate a

Real conversation?