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Presence Of Mind

One’s presence in this world
Or absence from it is about
As distinguishable as the
Differentiation between
Waves and particles
Depending on the observer
The observed observing
Plus coincidence of being
In synchronicity of orbits
Energy transfered & absorbed
Ebbing and flowing with
Cosmic tides & solar flares
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin
I think I wish I knew where
This stuff comes from
From whence I do not know
I just know it lands here
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“There are a hundred possible causes for every effect and a hundred possible effects from every cause.”
” Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”
– Orson Scott Card

Could mean
Everything or
Nothing at all
For it is not what we know
Rather what we perceive
Through eons of indoctrinations
Establishing archetypes where
None actually exist save the
Constructs of a universal mind
As a vast playground with
Every toy imaginable
Better yet
Every or any word possible
In hundreds of languages with
Thousands of meanings and
Millions of ways to be used
In context and content on
Interconnected continents
Subject to
Billions of interpretations

Think not
Step back
From a benign or
“Important” conversation
Or while struggling with
A contemplation
Float above the scene
Notice the surroundings
“Out” side of your “self”
Is the room / area well lit
You continue to rise above it
With an one eye on yourself
The other on all you see
Rooftops and trees
Power lines and pavement
Buildings and bridges
Cities and metropolises
Continents and oceans
Clouds and airplanes
Satellites and space stations
Planets and stars
Black holes and galaxies
In the distance
You see a swirling
Of space dust
You get closer
You are witnessing
The birth of a star
Find yourself
Weeping and wailing
At its intense
Beauty and miracle
Exhausting your
Soul and your self
To a gentle slumber
Next thing you hear
Is a voice
Yours or someone else’s
Thinking you just
Made an important point
Immigration or
Abortion or
Socialism or
Racism or
Alleged democracy or
Freedom or
God or guns
Then you realize you
Just observed the beginning
Of a brand new galaxy
How could you possibly think
Anything else had
Any importance
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin
“We teach best what we need to learn most ourselves.”
Richard Bach

Happy WTF

Celebrating the birth of a nation
Who perceptual abandoned their
“Tyrannical” oppressors to start
Their own brand of tyranny
By forcing indigenous cultures
(Mmmmm, they were here first)
Westward through endless
Broken treaties and better weapons
To declare all men are created equal
If of course you were a white (pink)
Land holding slave owner and
Wanted religious freedom as long
As everybody prayed to the
Same God as you did
Keeping the ladies as second class
Citizens, practically property as well
Unable to vote for 143 years
Quick light the fireworks
Where oh where is my sparkler
Isn’t it about time we relabel it
For what it is, the mid year
Three day drink and consume fest
To distract simple proletariats
Who believe* they are celebrating
Freedom hoping next year they
Will still have ten fingers to
Do be free to do it all over again
* was going to use the word think
However that process need not apply
If it did, none of this nonsense
Would perpetuate ad nauseam
Oh wait, then the collective would
Actually be “free”……….nevermind
We have an economy to worry about
Where would I be without my 10 fingers
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin


Out Of This World

An out of this world
With someone who mentioned
They worked for NASA
Hmmm, cool
I’ve got questions
Not that they were
A rocket scientist
Rather a logistics supervisor
Working remotely
Due to # 19 or something
Always looking for insight
Close to the source
I inquired about Mars
After listening to the CYA* procedures
*(Cover Your Ass) due to Challenger
“Mishap” of deep paperwork trails
All of which made sense
I wanted to know their thoughts
On the actual plausibility of
Getting to Mars as that sounded
Like it was in their purview
I are just a truck driver so in my
Peripheral perceptions and
Limited knowledge of
Space travel and exploration
It is my best understanding that
With the current technology it takes
About nine months to get there
Give or take planetary alignments
I pushed forth my thought
That there must be a plan NASA is
Working on for cryogenic hibernation to
Safely get astronauts and passengers there
This person was not aware of that or
How long it would take to get there
That is fair as I have no clue what plans
The multinational corporation that
Pays me to sit on butt and listen to
The radio, audio books or silence
Has in store, other than to point me
In a direction, do my job and return safely
Pressing my luck I asked
Well, how long do you think it will take
To make the one way trip to get there
Establishing a survivable camp
Setting up a base for colonization?
(A):…….”bout two years
Two….two…..2 #&%$ing years
(I kept that part to myself)
Hmmmmm interesting at that pace
How will they get there?
(A): Well, they’ll just “go” there
Allrighty then… acknowledging it is
A one way trip as there would be
No spaceship waiting with fuel
To bring them back in case they
Forgot a toothbrush or deodorant
The human condition
Is riddled with delusional escapism
Leaving no room at all
To attain actual blissful happiness
Where this should have stopped……
Mars…. the quasi-rational equivalent
Of buying a dream filled lottery ticket
To keep at bay the hum drum daily
Routine of eating pooping working
Sleeping bathing consuming while
Trying to keep up with the Joneses
When all that energy and money
Could be spent putting this house
(Planet) in order and healthy balance
To where we are not raping the land
Overfishing the oceans & slaughtering
Most of the quadrupeds for food
Keeping the “cute” ones for pets
I knew I should have stopped as
That last concept of taking care
Of our whole Gaia consciousness
Is ……….out if this world
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

Actually Factual

What is actually factual?
Drum roll please………..
A :  Nothing
If, as we are told
Or led to believe or
Read in a book somewhere
That everything is
Made up of atoms
With protons and neutrons
Encircling a nucleus
That those atoms are
The building blocks
Of matter or air
(Visible and invisible)
Not to mention that those
Are made up of subatomic
Particles, quarks and neutrinos
Yet come together consistently
In definite recognizable patterns
Noticeable in observations or
When knocking on wood
Warmed and illuminated by
Nuclear explosions billions
Of times millions of miles away
Light illuminating our perceptions
Hint (the “wood” isn’t really there)
Likewise understanding how a
Camera lens works the image is
Inverted working like your eyes
Making everything you see……
Upside down………sleep tight
In dreamland where your
Opinions are always right
Your beliefs are concrete
Facts are known to you
Because, well, just because
Knowing all that without proof
Of UFO’s or an afterlife
How you got here or
Where you are going
One must contemplate
Why are so many people
Willing to hang their hat on
A political ideology or a
Religious indoctrination
If in its base form is still
Just whizzing around at
Improbable impossible speeds
Alternating back and forth
Between waves and particles
Depending on when it is
Coincidentally observed
When broken down to the
Basis making it up is when
You realize it is all “made-up”
“And That’s the Truth”


– Lily Tomlin

The Power

You give away might be
The power you may
Never wrest back
Notions that are
Outside yourself
Like being separate
From the whole
In ways unimaginable
Mainly race religion
Politics and wealth
Tools of distraction
Used to construct
Divided rooms with
Distorted mirrors
Wandering around
Searching for truth
Peace love compassion
When you are the
Foundation for all
You are trampling over
For it is not what you
See with your eyes or
Hear with your ears
It is what you know
With and in your heart
Where your power is

The Economy Of Evolution

Is #ucking expensive
Near end of June
The neighborhood
Seems quieter
This year
Then in years past
Have we evolved
Past the adolescent
Need to see burning
Colored gun powder
Packed tightly to
Also go BOOM
Are we going to grow
An additional thumb
(Evolution, you know)
Or in all likelihood
Fireworks are just
More expensive and
Harder to get…yes
Which is what I discovered
While delivering three pallets
To a temporary firework stand
Making a conversational inquiry
Like the rest of the
Wallet gouging economy
It too is taken to task
When selling the
The animal frightening
Sky polluting
Ear deafening
REM disrupting
Not made in ‘merikkka
(Wasted Money Daily)
To be used in the
Alleged celebration
Of independence which
Is kinda hard to do when
The US owes its creditors
$$ 25,000,000,000,000.00
Doesn’t sound too independent to me
More like shackled to diamond
Encrusted platinum handcuffs
Bound with a palladium chain
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin


There is no outside

Outside of our selves

Just a cosmic reflection

In the mirror ball

That hangs in

The ballroom

Of our minds

When we catch

A glimpse of the

Gloominess of

Rain falling

It represents

The tears inside

Wanting to flow

Yet as the sphere spins

It may be as sunny

And warm as all get out

Still not catch

The right little square

That shows us

Where we are at

As it moves too fast

To follow our light

Distorted where it lands

While never stopping

Long enough to shine

Brightly inside

Or outside

A Not So Cerebral Celebration

Coming up soon
Beginning of July
Marking 245 years
Most things do not
Live that long
With good reason
They have lived
Their intended
Purpose at the time
Society is going to keep
Its dead and decaying
Corpse on life support
If it kills the whole family
The staff in constant
Exhausted code blue
Like Darth Vader or the
Tin man the heart is gone
Just running as a machine
Underneath an empty shell
Of what could have been
Had not power corrupted
Blindly marking its birthday
With tiny explosives bought
From a country some fear
While throwing away money
Into its burgeoning economy
To distract itself for three days
Ignoring the cold corpse
Plugged in and propped up
For a weekend at Bernie’s
Ought society not
Grieve its passing
Then move on
To ignite a new revolution
Birth a more enlightened
Planetary Constitution
Since awareness has
Proved us not separate from
Our siblings on a sphere
What a strange way to vent
About the distaste for
Fireworks and their folley
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

On Your Honor

If society continues to honor
People who kill people
It will only continually get
More people to continuously
Kill even more and more people
Oddly enough the secondary
Definition of honor is privilege
So in that context it is placed
More exactly what it means
If society continues to (privilege)
People who kill people etcetera
There is the contextual kicker
Now isn’t it, especially for who
Society is blanket “honoring”
According to the “Rule of law” and
Biblical BS “Thou shalt not kill”
It is “Illegal” to kill someone
Unless (of course) the “state” decides
Or deeply indoctrinated religious beliefs
Who it is…… legal to kill…..not only on
“Their” say-so but rather their command
It is a depressing dichotomy to digest
How did we get to this point?
As George Carlin might have said…
We made the whole fucking thing up
As it seems to be un-progressively
Recurring theme Infiltrating our
Collective psyche of “honoring”
………..people… who kill people
In both ear and eye pollution
Subtle and subconscious mantras
Collapsed into cute clich├ęs
Thank a vet
Honor the military
Blue lives matter
Honor law enforcement
No one is suggesting that those persons
Should not be respected as individuals
It is when they are uniformed up and
Being paid by the taxpayers who will
Do nearly anything to save a fetus, yet
Will patiently wait 17 plus years or so
To use same said out of the womb
Bipedal earthling artists as target practice
For being a human being on the planet
With an energy source (oil, lanthanum)
Under their feet that corporations want
On the cheap therefore hire the military
To secure its easy access by clearing the
Area of resident civilians who have every
Right to resist their land being occupied
Under the guise of freedom and democracy
Likewise the bravado justification if that
Out of the womb grown fetus decides to
Enter a property uninvited to remove
Other property it might just find itself
With fatal entrance and exit wounds
“We do not serve or protect you
We are very blatantly a private military
Carrying out only the will of your
Capitalist ruling class
Fuck you and fuck poor people”
Author “Unknown”
It is the only industry,  yes industry
Where those in its employ are given
Qualified Immunity to legally kill people
That would be like in health care if
The doctor knew a patient was going
To die soon could expedite the process
Utilizing the qualified immunity defense
On a lighter note, delivery drivers could
Use the same justification for speeding
Saying someone somewhere needed a
Package immediately therefore excessive
Speed would be a necessary action
Question who or what it is you honor
Does it impede or enhance
Our divine evolution if not
Honor what does
Honor thyself