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“Not” Hanging On The Wall

In my random and meager
Internet searches for biblical
References and passages
Not for truth rather for information
Perhaps inspiration…..maybe
Just definitely not the truth
Has landed me squarely
In the algorithmic clutches of
Corporations seeking profit
Through the “FREE” format
Of “social” media a.k.a the
Rumor mill and whine club
That grabs ones attention through
Pet pics and stupid human tricks
What comes up for “sale” is a
Detailed time-line representation
(Laminated “extra” for the up-sell)
Of allegedly everything that has
Ever occured since Adam and Steve
God’s original name was Steve
Before they played hospital as
Surgeon and patient to “create” Eve
You know….so they could …………
“Control” her…….Bwaha haha hehe
Then God said, “Let us* make mankind in our image, in our likeness”
Genesis 1:26
* “Us” – meaning Adam and Steve
(Ooops, that’s how all this shit started)
Had to be all of the rest of the other
Beasts of the field birds in the air
Fish and whales of the oceans
Vegetation on the ground magically
Received their stamens and pistils
So they could reproduce after their kind
In one fell swoop or days 5 and 6
That’s a lot of surgeries in 2 days
Lest that part was left out of the story
Like leaving out where Caine’s wife
Came from so as not to be his sister
I am not going to buy this poster
Because its pitching point is that it
Covers existence from then to now
As only 6,000 years which would mean
That ship building selfish drunkard
Lived 1/10th of “known” eternity
By comparison if you lived to 80 it
Would be 1/75th of “known” eternity
That calculation seems a tad off
Probably when switching from a
10 month to a 12 month calendar
If I suspended disbelief anymore
I’d have to hang myself
Silly me I thought the fundamentalists
Believed it was 12,000 years old probably
……because I perceive “truths”
Through comedians
“Did y’all know..this is fascinating.
This is ab..solutely fascinating.
Fundamentalist Christians believe the world is 12,000 years old. Is that..let’s just think about that. Idn’t that great? And I ask them, how do you think that? Why do you think the world’s 12,000 years old? And they go,
“Well, we added up all the people born from Adam and Eve, added up their ages- roughly 12,000 years.”
Well, how scientific. I can’t ******’ argue with that kind of research.
You think the world’s 12,000 years old. “That’s right.” Ok, can I ask you a question? “Sure.” It’s a one word question. “Fine.”
If the world’s 12,000 years old and the Bible covers it, why didn’t someone bring up ******’ dinosaurs? You’d think someone would have brought that up …somewhere in the g****** book.
..And Jesus and the disciples walked down the path towards Nazareth but, oh, the path was blocked by a giant brontosaurus with a splinter in his paw. And the disciples did run a-screamin’, “What a big ******’ lizard, Lord!” “I’m sure gonna mention this in my book”, ..said Luke. “Well, I’m sure gonna mention it in my book”, ..said Matthew. “I’m not sure what I saw”, …said Thomas. Timothy nudged him. “It was a big ******’ lizard, Thomas!”
But Jesus was unafraid. And he took the splinter from the brontosaurus’ paw and the brontosaurus became his friend. And Jesus sent him to Scotland where he lived in a loch oh, so many years attracting fat American families with their fat ******’ dollars to look for the Loch Ness Monster. And oh, the Scots did praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.
12,000 years old… I asked this guy- Come on, man. Dinosaur fossils. What’s the deal? He goes, “God put those here to test our faith.” I think God put you here to test my faith, dude. I think I’ve figured this out. That’s what this guy said. Does it bother anyone here- the idea that God might be ******’ with our heads?
Anyone have trouble sleepin’ restfully with that thought in their head? God’s runnin’ around, buryin’ fossils. “Oh, ho, ho! We’ll see who believes in me now! Oh, ho, ho. I’m a prankster God! I am killing me, oh, ho, ho!”
You die, you go to Saint Peter- “Did you believe in dinosaurs?” “Well, yeah. There was fossils everywhere!” BOOM! AAAHHH! “What are you, an idiot? God was ******’ with you! Giant flyin’ lizards! You moron! That’s one of God’s easiest jokes!” “It seemed so plausible! AAAGHHH!” Bound for the lake of fire.
While I appreciate your quaint traditions, superstitions, y’know. I, on the other hand, am an evolved being who deals solely with the source of light which exists in all of us in our own minds. No middleman required. “
– Bill Hicks


In this


There is only






Not this


Or the



Or the next



All of them

Which go by

In a flash

Only because

We perceive


Instead of


As it is hard to



Against the


Of information



Like the


Through the neck

Of the


That knows not


Only gravity and






Against what


In the


Of convention

For example this




Itself as

The title of



Had to be transcribed

Letter by letter

Moment to


Though the reader


Its essence as

If it just



They find a


To process the

Sequence of

Seeing / reading

Interpreting and


Regardless what


It is or if the


Can be viewed


“Just an observation,

Maybe I need

Different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


Thanks for taking the


To read this

Cryptic Catchphrases

Ooops, this allllmost got lost

In the topical blog sauce cue


Cryptic Catchphrases


Popping up everywhere

“Your City” “Strong”

Believe in “Your City”

“Your City” blah, blah blah etc…


“Respectfully I say

What the #uck does that mean?”


– George Carlin


Not to be completely insensitive

Since they popped up after

Stay at home orders were issued

At first I kinda got it, sorta, maybe


Then you read it again elsewhere

In a different but similar city

Over and over again and again


“Your City” “Strong”

Believe in “Your City”


My first inclination is to question stuff

Unlike the sign that reads


This lane Right Turn Only


A clear directive followed by

A black arrow pointing right

Boom, point made and taken

No ambivalence of meaning


Each and every time it is read

For everyone who reads it

Even if the only thing they see

Is a black arrow pointing right


However “Believe in “Your City”

Is vague without direction

Passed by often enough

One can only desperately

Try to decipher its meaning


If you don’t believe in it

What is going to happen


(If you clap your hands or do not

Tinkerbell will still be okay *)


A city is an entity made up

Of people occupying buildings

In a set parameter for tax purposes

Distant or adjacent to other cities


Am I the only one questioning this


Here’s another one I saw


“Pray for our country”


“Respectfully I say

What the #uck does that mean?”


– George Carlin


# 1 Pray to who or what

# 2 Pray for how long

# 3 If someone else reads the sign but their prayer in some way contradicts my prayer do they cancel each other out?


How about “Pray For Our Globe”



That might be something

Buddha, Allah or Jesus might suggest


Here’s another sign


Have faith in god……….


? Which one ????????


………to do ?????? What?


Seriously what?


Just faith

As a verb, a noun, an adjective


What other catchphrase represent

Such empty words from empty vessels


Besides at some point

These signs will come down

As they are now

For a variety of reasons


To which I wonder

Did their directives work?

Or not


Unfinished sentiments

Carried out to no end


Save someone profiting

……Off of sign making


I just knew if I kept writing

I would figure it out…Ta-dah


Wasting money on resources

Ink, plastic, trees and t-shirts


“Just an observation,

Maybe I need

Different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin



“The Tinkerbell effect is an American English expression describing things that are thought to exist only because people believe in them. The effect is named after Tinker Bell, the fairy in the play Peter Pan, who is revived from near death by the belief of the audience.”


– Wikipedia

Tea Leaves

Words are like

Tea leaves

How they get



Is based on

What the


Reads into them


Ever changing in

Content and context

Emotions mood

Volume and tone


Read or heard

Source or sources

Authority or rebellion

Once or repeated


Whether be the “sitter”

Or be the “consultant”

Interpretations are

Left wide open to all


“Just an observation,

Maybe I need

Different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


Or perhaps

….Hearing aides

A Perspective



When you see things

In a different light


Recently “had” to

Pick up a package

At the facility of

One of those

Behemoth carriers

Of small packages


First it was amazing

To watch the “sort”

Down a conveyor belt

Out of a large trailer

Into the many waiting

Hands of the sorters

Into the many many

Burgeoning route trucks


Beyond its initial

Appearance of being

What it was it looked

Like a scene out of

A Las Vegas movie

In the back room

Counting the money


Upon later reflection

It was more like a scene

In a drug distribution

Operation of moving

Profitable product in

Again a closed room


If either were true

Society’a “authority”

Would be called in

To cease both “crimes”


One to keep the “drug”

(Buying stuff to feel good)

Out of the “addicted’s”

Hand and head “vice”


The other to arrest

The gross profiteers

Profiting off of a

Scourge to community’s

Health and well being


If in one hour they moved

A thousand packages

Averaging $15 a package

That is $15.K an hour

Just going to the middleman

Distributor corporation


The “problem” is unfortunately

Not the problem it is how this

Society operates as a whole

Beyond commoditized necessities

Buying stuff from people who

Make stuff so they to have

Money to buy more stuff too


Meanwhile not all the people

Have rooves over their heads

Or adequate food in their bellies *


I would not be a very good

Observationalist if I did not

Recognize that I too

Contributed to this

Planetary crime

Being there to pick-up

A package as well


Only to find out

It didn’t work and

Didn’t need it

In the first place

Only to turn up missing

Unable to return it


Side note:


This was occurring at

One company in a small

City in a sparsely

Populated state

To which when I first

Arrived at 4:00 o’clock

In the morning mistook

Me as an applicant

Looking for a job


Whisked me immediately

To a room to fill out

An application like they

Would have hired me

On the spot to start now


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


When you’re stepping over a homeless guy on the sidewalk…


Does it ever occur to you to think


“Wow – maybe our system doesn’t work?!”


– Bill Hicks

Archetypal Existence

Life seems to be the

Manifesting maintaining

Marketing and manipulation

Of various archetypes


Created when a need arises

Structuring to control behavior

Modifying to adapt to currents

Sold as beneficial for purchase


One can be relatively sure that

Millions of years ago when

Life forms were forming

Out of the primordial ooze


There were no Kings or Queens

Doctors lawyers or politicians

Bank robbers or drug addicts

Slaves or slave owners (CEO’S)


Just slimy single cell amoebas

Searching for food and light

Splitting reproducing evolving

Mutating to survive elements


In balance with nature always .

What lives dies decays reforms

Regroups regenerates relives

Towards a higher intelligence


Why just because it can why not

Slithering crawling breathing air

Converting dioxide into monoxide

Trading with trees mutual benefit


Growing opposable thumbs standing

Inventing tools and weapons to eat

Still finding balance honoring sacrifice

Knowing all part of the chain of life


Archetyping tribes for survival

Growth family similar sapiens

Painting stories on caves or

Carcass coverings to convey


Info to subsequent generations

Stir imaginations learn remember

Understand share adapt repeat

Hunt gather eat grunt together


Where evolution probably took

A grinding halt was when tribes

Encountered “different” sapiens

When were first mistook as food


Once past that embarrassing faux pas

The alpha male primitive took hold

As an originating archetype over

What seemed to be “foreign” beings


Till each burgeoning surviving group

All had to move around for food

Then finding the best locations with

Abundant resources to claim as “theirs”


Probably first with walls that what

It didn’t keep out kept in oooops

Then with flags then with pieces

Of paper than all three together


Establishing territorial archetypes

That all of a sudden shared land

Was no longer to be shared rather

Divided differently by “different” tribes


When logic of their bullshit ran aground

Invisible archetype deities were formed

Of all powerful invisible men who could

Create judge assist manipulate and kill


Which still continue today all because

Clever groups with imaginations over

Gullible simpletons transcribed info

Onto papyrus re-read modify and adapt


As the basis of social legal precedence

To establish authority archetypes that

Decides its own rule making ability to

Control the behavior of said simpletons


Distracted instead of searching within

For common Gaia bond that spawned

Each individual from the same nurturing

Source that knows no separation or hate


Which is not an archetype at all merely

The reality of what can be viewed from

A distance warmed and illuminated by

A burning sphere nurturing all of life


Of which the cessation of actually living

Is compartmentalized into archetypes

Structured regiments of learning eating

Working sleeping consuming dying


Followed by the subset archetypes of

Race religion gender / genderless roles

Gun owners / non gun owners pitted

Against each from their safe archetypes


Think of all of the archetype

Regimented structures you

Fall in to or line up with

Just because they are present


Parent, worker, epidermis hue beliefs

Geographical birth language customs

Religion by region money by nation

Colorful rag waved songs you sing


Pride you take land ancestors took

Brands you buy sports you watch

Teams you claim metaphorically own

Beliefs indoctrinated into


All because you’ve nestled into

Comfortable “safe” to you archetypes

Mental structures of thought

Reactions taught life consumed


What is the alternative

Teaching what is known

To those who know better

Adhering to unnatural archetypes


While it is no easy task

To break free of or dismantle

Established archetypes you can

At least question and understand


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


Sometimes I wish

I did not recognize

That I am but a cog

In a very very large

Gargantuan never

Ending or beginning

Infinitely existing

Spiritual wheel that

While replaceable

Will just find myself

Elsewhere in different

Gears performing an

Allegedly necessary

Integral part of the

Whole functioning


On two accounts it

Would be so easy to

Either latch on to a

Grandiose notion of

All that I do is good

See things clearly in

Scope that my way

Is righteous and right

And am separate

From the collective

Or on the other hand

Strive for that illusion

By verbalizing thoughts

Projected towards

Other beings as less

Than being equally

Important cogs in

Said spiritual wheel


With the unlikely help

From different sources

Is how I’ve recognized

That cog perspective


My family plus

George Carlin

Bill Hicks

Doug Stanhope

Iron Maiden



Pink Floyd

Jack Canfield

Ayn Rand

Shirley McLain

Helen Wambach

Carolyn Myss

Art Bell

Bruce Williams

Howard Stern

Robin Quivers

Fred Norris

The Matrix

Star Wars

Groundhog Day


I could extend the list

But one can get the idea

From the core influences


Either through

Wisdom nuggets

Classic bits

Clever lyrics

Poignant paragraphs

Auditory Au (gold)

Casual repetition

Of known truths

Moving images

Laid out plainly and

Bare to decipher

For myself without



Force or

Invisible forces

Group gatherings

Weakly meetings etc.


I guess that makes me



Thanks for being here

In the wheel with me

The Words Of God

All words are the words of God

Each and every never any

First or last one of them

I being the one closest to God

Not me personally rather just I

Being the shortest with capacities

Beyond rational definitions as

Such there are eight billion

Interpretations and perceptions

With no dictionary large enough

To render a useful description

For each word is a derivative

Of all the words already existing

As the never ending never beginning

Words of God occur eternally

Merely change in range of

Context content and interpretation

Language dialect pronunciation

Intention inflection audible reception

Spelling definition misunderstanding

Clarification through repetition

Utilizing more words to refine

Or confuse narrow or widen


“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


John 1:1


Good and evil

Right and wrong

Left and right

Up and down

Heal and kill

Inspire and degrade

Love and hate

Tolerate and despise

Heaven and hell

Cause and effect

Peace and war


All words of God


Do you use the ones

Written on your heart or

Programmed in your brain?

The Would Be Nice Part

Of an overused well worn cliche

Is its constant repetition renders it

Meaningless therefore useless to say


Captain Joe seems to be ending

His public statements with some

Version of God bless our troops


As some sort of unstoppable vebal tic

Manifested by the mindless yammering

That freedom is protected by mercenaries


Doing corporations biddings to secure

Resources instead of liberating lives

From the grinding wheel of consumption


For the Trillion dollars the government

Wastes of your hard earned tax dollars

Towards the military industrial complex


Are you aware of any specific skirmish

War or conflict the troops are engaged in

Allegedly protecting your alleged freedom


Time’s up…….no.. just a vague notion that

The invisible troop putting themselves in

Harms way for corporate profit resources


Gets “special” seatings on airlines plus

Other random discounts for belonging to

A group whose basic job is to kill people


Not to maintain some living liberation

Aquired at the point of a gun rather the

Freedom to buy stuff via cheap labor


Which if it didn’t exist wouldn’t need anyway

So the cliché continues like a hole in the wall

Behind the doorknob so you know it is there


Instead of demanding that fellow humans

Are not only not harmed but fed and sheltered

Sharing a basic dignity that everyone wants


“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”


– Smedley D. Butler,


War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier


My unhopeful guess is that Joe’s tic is a

Slow and steady drumbeat march to an

Inevitable preparation for troops usage


So when an alleged “need” arises

Society will be psychologically “ready”

Having been given their weakly reminder


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


It is easy to see

What you don’t

Want to see or

What you want

To see if you just

Close your eyes


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin