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Playing The Odds

Anyone else taking bets, that the “Back The Blue” vinyl stickers typically found on the back of wannabee monster trucks, is just a chip placed on the table, in the gamble of, if they get pulled over, there is a better than statistical chance it might prevent a ticket?

With the bigger the sticker, the higher the odds? Even though none of the money inferenced as support goes towards actually supporting the police, but rather towards the “House” of the owner of the sticker making company?

Or are people such megalomaniacs, they have to ingratiate themselves to themselves by posturing where they stand in the quicksand of society by forcing you to read an empty message, as thin and weak as the plastic it is cut from?

Vain, empty, soulless drivers in self-driving vehicles, powered by empty clichés and regurgitated slogans.

Maybe that autonomous car could swing by the library and drop off the driver to learn that it could truly be autonomous and not be controlled by weak outside facade forces. Such that stickers will not sway their swagger.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Time Slices

In the Space-Time loaf

Are much tastier

Than bland reality

Though the flavor only lasts

A Planckian nanosecond

Savoring moments of

Miraculous awareness

Traveling through this

Dense divine dimension

Sitting at a not so solid

Table and chair

On a mantel above

A sea of molten magma

Rotating at 1000 mph

In an outer band of stars

Hurling through an abysmal void

Chasing uncatchable galaxies

At 1.3 million miles per hour

Going nowhere fast and how

Not knowing where we are at all

Nor when we have been…ever

(Where this “should” have stopped.)

And still………

We have the audacity and conceit

To focus what little attention

We can spare on the narcissistic

Exhibitions and goings on of one man

And his band of distraction desperados

“Ever wonder why we’re #ucked up as a species?”

– Bill Hicks

Searching, Justifying, Believing

Searching for a start of it all (The Big Bang)

Justifying a beginning (Any Bible)

Believing in either

Only seems to quantify

Perhaps the preciousness

Of existence itself


If there is no beginning

Then, there is no end

Concluding that

Life loses its value

Whence nothing could be

Further from the truth

The speck of consciousness

That one is, has, experiences

Is miraculous

In each / every moment

For previous and subsequent

Moments are infinitely fleeting

Here today !!!!!!!!!!

Gone tomorrow ????????

Schphwwwwwt, nowhere

Instead of now here

“There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

Bill Hicks

Finally finished Brian Greene’s audio book. “The Fabric Of The Cosmos” Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality.” (I think)

Or as Steve Martin said,

“If you’re studying geology, which is all facts, as soon as you get out of school, you forget it all, but philosophy, you remember just enough to screw you up for the rest of your life.”

Brian finally mentioned the possibility, that all that is, always has been. Even credits Richard Tolman, with that theory. However it was given short shrift, as if, like above, that life would be meaningless.

Whether there is a start or a finish, or none at all, life is what you make it, with the cards you dealt yourself, to your self.

Ooops, that is a layer of responsibility not too many would want to contemplate. That, according to Helen Wambach’s book, “Life Before Life”, through hypnotic research, that you…you may have picked..your parents.

Oh wait, like infinity, that is just a theory.

“Infinity is so big, that everything that has ever happened, on earth in the exact same order, down to………. that … pause has happened an infinite number of times, all through out the universe.

Everywhere in space, there is a you, making the same colossal f**king errors, that you’ve made your entire life.

So if anybody ever tells you, you can do better. Go, apparently not.”

That’s infinity.”

Joe Rogan

Me, as an observer, in the “loaf of infinity” of space-time am trying to recognize and appreciate what occurs in the “time slices”.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Spelling Ka Myou Nick Eights

So does abbreviations

In a reasonable context

A vehicle passed me twice

Shows you how fast I can go

Perhaps it was my motoring muse

Giving me a topic to write about

Anyway, it had a vanity plate

That read NOJESUS hmmm

There was no other signage

Or stickers on the vehicle

To put this in a context

Was the driver an atheist?

Or Christian misspeller?

A license plate frame

With words would help

Like “There is” or

“To be a better person”

Which is when you realize

The message is not

For the road reader

But rather the person

Who paid extra to

Communicate a mixed message

That ironically appeals to

Two different audiences


Being in the middle of the road

(Actually, I stay in my lane)

I do not know whether

I “should” “know” Jesus

Or ponder that there

May be No Jesus

Must keep driving

Maybe they’ll pass

Me again and I can

Flash lights and honk horns

Stop and have a conversation

Which may be just what

They wanted in the first place

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Deceptive Perspective

Between movies, the news and documentaries, when ever someone is killed in a sneak attack and gunned down, by drive bys, by hit men ordered by mob bosses, it is considered and described as a gangland style murder.

Between movies, the news and documentaries, when ever someone is killed in a sneak attack and gunned down, by fly bys, by generals ordered by Presidents, it is considered and described as a successful military operation.


Different mob, different mob bosses, different mob rules, to rule the mobs of people.

If an individual civilian of his own freewill listens to the voice in his head, tells him to kill someone. He is a murderer, if he does it more than once, he is a serial killer.

If a specific race, religion or gender is targeted, it is a hate crime, if it is against a spouse, it is a crime of passion. Clarifying murder, to dole out possible punishments.

If an individual “peace officer” of his own freewill listens to the voice in his head, tells him to kill someone. (Who may or nor be armed) He might get a few weeks off paid leave, because he has qualified immunity.

If an individual soldier of his own freewill listens to the voice of his commander, tells him to kill someone, he is doing his job by defending freedom and democracy and is considered a hero.

When are we going to have a meeting on this “Thou shalt not kill” memo / commandment /law ?

But in the game of life, and who owns the Monopoly board, it is in the chance deck of cards, we all get to draw from.

Whether or not you may legally murderer a bi-pedal oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling, red-blooded, skeleton supported, solar powered, carbon-based, large brained, earth inhabitant omnivores.

All depends on one’s deceptive perspective.

Murder is murder, yet,

“How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelette?”

– George Carlin

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Philosophical Update

To the inquiry of, “If a tree falls in a forest, with no ears to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The high probability answer is no.

The update being, “If a microscopic dot, in the most *void of voids, explodes, into the entirety of the infinite cosmos, does it make a sound?

The answer is no / know.

*(even a tiny pencil mark on a large piece of black paper, is surrounded by paper, having a frontside, backside, edge, thickness, flexibility, etc.)

All of the theoretical physicists or layperson on the street would know this. Deducted from all possible logic, that there were no ears to hear, or devices to measure and record.

So why then, is the improbable, illogical, unsubstantiated claim, that all that is, emeged from what is called “The Big Bang”?

Because, The Big Silence” doesn’t sound / sound, exciting or attention grabbing. It has no oomph. No noise to distract.

Besides “The Big Bang” is in constant competition with “In The Beginning”…..

No one is vying for anyone’s attention in the “Everything is as it is, merely changes shape, heat and light” category (not theory).

How it came about is immaterial. Hehe.

Those people, like myself are taking advantage of linear perceived, directional arrow, moments to appreciate the consciousness to observe the sound and light show of other beings being so distracted in a futile search for the justification of their existence. Like it “matters” anyway.

Uninspired by Brian Greene’s audio book “The Fabric Of The Cosmos” Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality.

Thinking as I keep listening to it, some acknowledgement will surface that a quasi-realization will occur, such as the big bang is at its very best, a poor theory.

Oddly enough though, everything else resonates very clearly as to the makeup of the cosmos, down to the tiniest sub-sub atomic particles like quarks, neutrinos, gravitons, Higgs ocean, (if I understood, correctly, makes up the empty space between the not so empty “space” etc., also considered fairly enough “the God particle”).

Cross referencing all the big names in mathematics, quantum and theoretical physicists, Newton, Einstein, Raphson, Maxwell, Bohr, as to how each provable step backs up previous steps with more accuracy and “proof”.

Maybe by “time” I get to the end of the book, the conclusion about the Fabric of the Cosmos is that it is a never ending roll, in an infinite loop.

Then I can rest easy, knowing the scientists know, what I know. LOL.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“Or, mystical, spiritual hearing aids”

– Angelo Devlin

I Saw A Cow

On the edge of a field
On a very very hot day
Nestling in amongst
What appeared to be
Moisture filled foliage
A cow covered itself
In shade and cool

Popped their head up
To look around like
It was playing
Hide and seek

Rather just wanting
To make sure it would
Be left alone so
It could relax and
Read a book in peace

And for just a moment
I thought I was that cow

Never On A Cadillac

Or Mercedes, Lexus and Jaguar, will you find a FJB, F**K Joe Biden, Let’s Go Brandon, a tRump 2024 or faded “Lock Her Up” bumper sticker.


Because, wealthy people who know how to make money, think for themselves and are above the fray of delusional, deceptive distractions, need not get into the minute of who is in office, as the only way their lives will improve.

Likewise, you will find similar larger hand painted FJB, F**K Joe Biden, Let’s Go Brandon signs, declaring the election was stolen on dilapidated houses with blue tarp roof patches, broken windows and torn siding amongst grass covered, wheel less, non-running rusty vehicles. Below the tattered flag, waving, day and unlit at night, silently shredding its symbolism, displayed by the “I’ll give up my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead hands”, “patriot”.

If 45, represents the wealthy, why are those signs not professionally painted and rising from the manicured lawns of the brick mansions, with three car garages. Flags properly displayed or taken down at night.


Because, wealthy people who know how to make money, think for themselves and are above the fray of delusional, deceptive distractions need not get into the minute of who is in office, as the only way their lives will improve.

“I loves the poorly educated, I do well with the poorly educated.”

– Donald Trump

“Of course he loves the poorly educated and of course he does well with the poorly educated.

How else do you explain, how a bragging narcissistic pathological billionaire, who is constantly telling you how much money he has, just throwing it in your face, ostentatious, I’m a billionaire, I’m worth billions. I have billions of dollars.”


And how else do you explain how a guy, a billionaire is able to get people who are suffering financially…

Of course he loves the poorly educated, a smart person wouldn’t do that.”

– David Cross

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


“Out on the road today,
I saw a DEADHEAD sticker on a Cadillac”


A little voice inside my head said,
“Don’t look back.
You can never look back”

– Don Henley

“Boys Of Summer”

The Duality Of A Moment

“As soon as you’re born, you’re dying..”

– Iron Maiden

Precious yet fleeting
Short but long
Stored in memories
Still lost in time

It comes in a flash
Leaves in a hurry
Held onto forever, goes
Missing without a trace

Whether the clock ticks
Or the calendar flips
What is perceived as time
Tracks single moments

One after another after…..
But never before a before
Like a car without reverse
Or sometimes headlights

Proceeds in one direction
Even though everything is
Happening all at once
“Time” still follows an arrow

No sense crying
Spilt milk won’t unspill
Your luck will not change
If a shattered mirror unshatters

There are no future memories
Only recollected experiences
Some as accurate or vague
As the holder wishes to remember

“There’s no time, we made it up. It’s a manmade invention, time. There are no numbers up in the sky. I’ve looked, they’re not there. We made this stuff up, when is it?

When the hell is it, when are we, I ask you, when are we? Sometimes we think we know where we are, but we don’t really know when we are. When the hell is it?


Give you an example, there’s a moment coming, it’s not here yet, it’s still on the way, it’s in the future, it hasn’t arrived, here it comes, here it is, oh, shit, it’s gone.

There’s no now, there’s no now, everything is the near future or the recent past. But there’s no present. Welcome to the present, whoosh, gone again. It’s just so imprecise.”

– George Carlin

Frightening Facts

So unbelievable, they are clung to like the next breath to both theologians and scientists alike.

Making up answer story theories where when none need to be. Entropic dissolution will not spontaneously occur if either or neither are bought sold and repackaged or owned.

In regards to creationism or the big bang. Unbelievable, improbable, illogical, unlikely, repetitive, regurgitated, recycled, referenced.

Both seem to be more provably baseless, by their own basis.


Genesis 1 1-2

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

If the entire void was void, where did the water come from, other than being a representative of consciousness. Hmmm?


Albert Einstein announced his discovery of the equation E = mc2 and, as a consequence, the two laws above were merged into the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy: the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.”

~~Albert Einstein

Even after that, science expects me to believe, that an infinite number of galaxies, black holes, super novas all emanated from a microscopic dot. Please. Do they have a bridge to sell too?

Both are merely prime examples of the “Grandma’s Ham”* parable. Where we blindly and sadly accept what has been indoctrinated…..because it has always been that way.

I am neither a theologian, or a scientist but rather a thinker, reader, listener, observer and a truck driver. Passing through a linear mind field to observe what is most likely happening.

All that is, merely is, just changes its shape as a matter of course through exchanges of energy transformations. Gatherings and repulsions due to the phenomenon of gravity.

“Let’s just think about this for a minute”

– Bill Hicks

Think of the freedom and power one would have accepting that. Free from chasing or looking for a non existent source. That the miracle itself remains in the awareness and awe, of being a being of consciousness, that emanates from the whole, to experience what the entirety of infinity has to offer.

* “Grandma’s Ham”

A husband and his wife were in their kitchen. The husband was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper while his wife was preparing a ham for dinner. (Such a sexist parable, you can put in your characters.)

The husband watched the wife cut off about one inch from either end of the ham. He asked why she cut the end off, proclaiming “that’s a waste of good ham!”

She said “that’s the way my mom prepared the ham.” The husband asked “why did your mom cut the ends off?” The wife didn’t know.

Later, the wife called her mom to find out why she cut the ends of the ham off. Her mom said “because that was the way my mom prepared ham.”

The wife’s grandma passed away several years earlier, but her Grandpa was still living.

She called her Grandpa and asked “Grandpa, why did Grandma cut the ends off of the ham?”

He was silent as he thought for a moment. Then he replied, “so the ham could fit in the baking pan.”

Our collective consciousness expands with the Pan of Consciousness. Still, we keep trimming our awareness to what fits in comfortably of the small pan that used to be.

Like believing the moon was made of cheese or heavier-than-air flight was possible, etc.

“I think we’re part of a greater wisdom than we’ll ever understand, a higher order, call it what you want. You know what I call it? The Big Electron.

The Big Electron. Woooohhhh, woooohhhh, woooohhhh. It doesn’t punish, it doesn’t reward, it doesn’t judge at all. It just is, and so are we, for a little while.”

– George Carlin

I do not mean to be a contrarian, it is just emanates from my name. Angelo Devlin. Likewise angel and devil, it is all I’ve known.

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