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Obstruction Of Just Us

By way of collusion

Through the media

Blocking us from

Knowing our true selves

The one that understands

The system is broken

Unhinged from an

Enlightened reality

We could experience

If invisible obstruction

was not pressed

Against our psyche

24/7 and 365

From birth to death

Accepting that the

The Rule of law

Is for us and does

Not apply to them

Having tamped down

The spirit of revolution

In the conformity complex

Of the good guys

Versus the bad guys

With the puppeteers

Pulling the strings

Their hands up our backs

Turning our head

Towards every distraction

Knowing any collective

Pause would ignite

The smoldering tinderbox

Into a divine awareness

That we are all one

Obliterating all obstruction

To appreciate our true

Nature of being human

With so much to offer to

Our neighbor as ourselves




Who Is, Or was

Morally fit?

“I don’t think he’s mentally unfit. I’ve read stuff about dementia and what-not. I don’t buy that. … That’s not what I mean. I actually believe he’s morally unfit to be president.”

– James Comey

45 chances, thus far in 220 + years

Started by “land holding slave owners

Who wanted to be free”- George Carlin

Morality has yet to come in to play

Best go by degrees and / or quantity

Too much blathering worship of

The false meme and notion that

The most powerful man / office

In the world is sadly attributed to

Sacrificing your own personal power

Licked up as soft serve ice cream

Off a waffle cone in Death Valley

Dripping like blood on unwashable

Hands attached to Pontius Pilate

If it was ever true, the current

Occupant of the oval office in the

White, supremacist, house of cards

Has sullied and vandalized it

To the point it needs to be

Demolished and reconfigured

Perhaps lead by a small group of

Women, men and LGBT’s

Brown, olive, red, pink and yellow

Instead of a corruptible individual

To serve every bipedal earthling

Oxygen breathing, monoxide exhaling

Red blooded, skeleton supported

Solar powered, carbon-based,

Large brained, earth inhabitant, omnivore

Artists that has been spawned

From the living planetary Gaia

Consciousness that has no borders

As it is entirely interconnected

Replacing greed, violence and power

Hatred, indifference and cruelty

With sharing, peace and empathy

Love, compassion and kindness

Then for once and for all we will

Understand the meaning of leadership


“The only person who can solve our problems is God, and She isn’t running this year “



The following is mostly just surface memory stuff. I could be wrong.

45 While the jury is still out, rather has not even convened, the distractions are crashing in at a feverish break neck pace trying to outrun the indictments, subpoenas, collusion, treason and money laundering. Again I could be wrong.

44 Ordered the assassination of a foreign leader which, huhum, in my infinitely small legal / constitutional knowledge, is illegal. And, not very moral.

Which in this parched for blood societal saloon, was praised by critics and naysayers.

43 Used hyperbolic scare tactics to attack Iraq when the alleged perpetrators were in Afghanistan.

Thereby killing thousands of United State soldiers and sovereign citizens in an unjust war. Like father, like son.

42 Besides launching cruise missiles on Baghdad, ordering the ATF raid on Waco and cheated on his wife.

41 Attacked Kuwait,  because he wanted their oil worse than they did. Leaving all sorts of earthling’s bodies dead in the wake.

40 Iran-Contra traded weapons for hostages, so that people who like to kill people could have tools to kill more people.

39 Didn’t think Jimmy did anything so, Google’d it to find “Carter was the least violent of American presidents but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions,”

– Noam Chomsky. 

38 Wasn’t sure if he was there long enough to cause trouble. Other than, “He supported the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, which was near genocidal. I mean, it makes Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait look like a tea party.”


37 Kept American soldiers in Vietnam getting killed so he could posture himself to remain president.

36 Whipped out his junk to show what he was going to keep doing to the people of Vietnam.

35 Cheated on his wife and authorized the Bay if Pigs invasion, escalating troops in Vietnam.

16 “Lincoln’s war, without initial Congressional consent, was responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 Southern, non combatant civilians.

This was just a cursory capsule of capital crimes inspired by Comey’s quote.

Wondering in print why anyone would cast that vote or pay taxes,

Perhaps it should just be renamed the Execution branch.

That way, we would at least know that we are getting what we pay for.


Devlin dishing out dissonance.

Charles Manson ordered his followers to kill 7 people. He died penniless in prison.

Presidents order their followers to kill tens of thousands of people. Many of their followers get killed or wounded.

They get a presidential pension, security detail, lavish speaking fees, and their names plastered on expensive libraries.

Leading one to believe that if we elected a hippie drug connoisseur to the White House, there’d be a lot less global deaths.


The Police  “Murder By Numbers”

(Only semi-intentional irony, no really,) “The Police” were a punk rock band in the 80’s that wrote a song called “Murder By Numbers”


Because it’s murder by numbers,1,2,3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

Now you can join
The ranks of the illustrious
In history’s great
Dark hall of fame.

All our greatest killers
Were industrious
At least the ones
That we all know by name.

But you can reach the top
Of your profession

If you become
The leader of the land,
For murder is the sport
Of the elected,

And you don’t need to lift
A finger of your hand

Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E, ……….


The Brief Contemplation


“I think about suicide every #ucking day of my life and I think, the only thing that is stopping me, is the lack of a perfect idea.”

“Goodbye Clark Adams”
“From Across The Street”

– Doug Stanhope


The contemplation

Of extinguishing myself

Is short lived

When immediately

The following lyrics

Consciously or



Subtly or loudly

Enter my



“Why then, is god still protecting me
Even when I don’t deserve it
Though I am blessed
With an inner strength

Some they would call it a penance
Why am I meant to face this alone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to god won’t keep me alive

Inside my head, feel the fear start to rise…”

“Sign Of The Cross”
“X Factor”

– Iron Maiden


Then it goes away.


Up The Irons, for I am grateful.


Better Not Call

Saul (Michael Cohen) Badman

Donald’s Fixer


Ambiguity kinda rhymes with Hannity




I don’t think, if you slip an attorney two  fivers, it constitutes attorney client privilege. Nor does it justify Saul Badman having a file on you, even though you have never been billed for quid pro quo.

Like daily forcing down plausible deniability of collusion and a narrative for a Trump agenda for the mere sucking up to power and money.

Why would a multimillionaire need to have an attorney he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay?

At least in all the hubbub, figured out why Faux, can blanketly criticize the media while pretending they’re not. ‘Tis because their content is infotainment provided by info-tainers, not journalists.

How long before Laura and Shawn join Bill’s podcast? That Donald can tweet responses when he is released from his thumb cuffs, during media time.

My uncle was a fixer, if you had a broken pipe or a plugged up toilet he could fixer. Plus he to got paid to take care of leaks and getting rid of shit, no one else should see.


“I don’t mind about the war, it’s one of the things I like to watch, if it is a war going on. ‘Cause then I know then if our side is winning, if our side is losing.”

Roger Waters

“What God Wants, part 1”    From “Amused To Death”

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

If Oceania chooses to go to war with East Asia over their use of chemical weapons with all the moral authority of the Lord Of The Flies.

Justified, because they are using chemical weapons against their own people. (Or is it Eurasia?)

Oceania sees fit to obliterate those chemical producing plants as a righteous and *moral thing to do.

Should then, it only be fair and to be expected that either East Asia or Eurasia might go to war with Oceania because they discovered it has forge factories to make guns that are used against the people of Oceania?

Just looking for a little consistency.

Or, or, has the military industrial complexes in each country, stockpiled so many weapons, it would be unjustified to make more, unless a few hundred or so were expended, covered with blood and buried in the sand?

In the perpetual pursuit to placate the proles, that they might be kept unsatisfactorily busy, so they are able to feed their families. Pay taxes and keep the vicious circle of violence going.

* “People are touchy about that sort of thing. And let me ask you this while I have you good, clean Americans here.

This is a moral question, not rhetorical.

I’m looking for the answer. What is the moral difference between cutting off one guy’s head or two or three or five or ten and dropping a big bomb on a hospital and killing a whole bunch of sick kids?

Has anybody in authority given you an explanations of the difference?”

– George Carlin


Dead is dead, right? Either by liquid, lead or laser guided missiles?

This unfortunate post came about because a coworker with whom I share a work truck with, volunteered to inform me he left the radio on the Faux channel.

As he was giddy to hear about Trump’s tweet about the bombing in Syria.

(It’s not a football game, *other*ucker. Human beings lives are at stake of which I assume you are one of them. #ucknut.)

Projecting that I’d want to hear, about 40% of my taxes are wasted destroying property and people, elsewhere on the planet.

When in reality, would much rather have it to spend that myself on grandchildren’s dance recitals, competitions and wrestling matches.

“Hey, the war made us feel better about ourselves” “Really?” Who are these people with such low self-esteem, …they need a war to feel better about themselves?

I saw them on the news waving their flags. Can I recommend that instead of a war to feel better about yourselves, perhaps……sit-ups, maybe a fruit-cup, six to eight glasses of water a day.

I’m not telling you how to live, I’m just recommending a perhaps better way to feel better about yourself. And we can avoid the conflagration, ha, ha, ha… Merely a suggestion. Take a tip?”

– Bill Hicks


Knock Knock

Knock knock,

Who’s there?


Red who?

Red Herring

Who sent you?


Come on in.

I’m sure glads you takes my money and keeps fighting for my seconds amendment rights.

Even though, it puts me further away from being free, as I’ve shackled myself to an outdated, antiquated, prick waving concept that is impossibly justified and won’t work.

Seeing as how, I only have a pistol, a revolver, a rifle and a shotgun. Well, ok, three of each, yet it just occurred to me that I could only, really use one at a time.


The government has bazookas, flame throwers, machine guns, tanks, anti personal mines, armed drones, cruise and stinger missiles and a whole host of alphabetical bombs.


No problem, I am here to spook you a little more, by merely suggesting via rumor and innuendo that the “liberals” may, may try and take away the guns you do have. So buy some more, just in case.

In order to help the economy via ammunition, gun and safe sales. Even though, the only person suggesting  confiscating weapons is the “Donald”.

Donald Trump has indicated his support for confiscating firearms from certain dangerous people even if it violates their legal rights, in comments guaranteed to enrage a large section of his support.

In remarks almost unthinkable for a modern Republican president, he told senators at the White House to discuss general school safety:

“Take the firearms first and then go to court.

“I like taking the guns early, like in the crazy man’s case… take the guns first, go through due process second.”

– Donald Trump

The Independent UK
USA Today


Umm, then it wouldn’t be “due process” duh!

“Imagine if Barack Obama had said that? Just ignore due process and start confiscating guns? Obama would have been denounced as a dictator. We would have denounced him first, trust me. Congress would be talking impeachment.”

– Tucker Carlson

Good thing Tucker has a front row seat to his back channel communications with his Big Brother.

As one might guess, there is no room for weapons at our house. It is filled with love, laughter and truth.

Considering also that the occupants have a little:

anger and detachment,
anxiety and fear,
brain Injury and depression
and a toddler with curiosity


Knowing that statistically, the likelihood is, that they will get used against an intruder pales in comparison, that the guns will most likely be used fatally, via accidents, passion or suicide.

So, if there were weapons in the house, it might lead everyone to sleep with

Bullet proof vests
Body armor
Kevlar helmets
And one eye open

Besides that, no one conducts themselves in a manner that draws that kind of energy under our roof.


Based on the Fahrenheit 451 culture we are living in, I am more worried about the Government paid fire department breaking down the door to confiscate my books.


Continued on “More Knocks”


More Knocks

Continued from “Knock Knock”


Knock knock,

Who’s there?


Truth who?

Truth about

Truth about what?

Truth about guns and irrational fears


It’s that whole macho asshole pseudo John Wayne type slogan. “I’ll give up my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead hands.” Bullshit.

That slogan gives the impression that some gun owners always have a gun in their hand. Just waiting for a tap on the shoulder, or a knock on the door so they can blast away whoever might even look at their gun with a suspicious eye.

Oroboriously feeding an irrational paranoia via words that will simply never come to fruition.

All “authority” has to do is sit back and watch the show of the people killing each other without lifting a finger because of the proliferation of guns.

The tyrannical power of the government is not through weaponry it is through mental manipulation, put away you guns and think.

“Is there anything more American, than standing firm and resolute in the face of rational thought?

No, no, I don’t think so, I don’t think so at all. That is American exceptionalism we do that better than any country.

And as you might guess, I’m an American, who is pro gun control, I am pro safety measures, certainly.

I am not one of those “I wanna take all your guns away people”. You know why? 

Because, those people don’t exist. Nobody’s f****** saying that. Nobody is saying, I want to take all your guns away.  nobody is f****** saying that.

That is a specious red herring  b******* argument that the NRA is happy to prop up. That is absolutely not the case at all.

I am pro safety measures, like, I think you should be able to have a thumbprint ID, you know, that your thumbprint unlocks and locks your gun.

As a safety measure, right, yeah, that makes sense, right.

But the NRA won’t allow it. They won’t even allow it, to come to a vote. You know, cause that’s a slippery slope. That is a slippery slope, makes sense, but then you’re on a slippery slope, my friend.

But, we should, that just makes so much sense. A little thumbprint ID. You know,  the same kind of security measure that we use to lock and unlock OUR F****** CELL PHONES, MAYBE WE COULD APPLY TO AN INSTRUMENT OF DEATH.

Right, how does that impinge on your second amendment rights? It doesn’t,  so shut the f*** up. Right!

– David Cross

The allegedly responsible gun owners brew that philosophy like they are standing around a witches cauldron.

Adding more incompetent ingredients till they scare the shit out of themselves as to what may happen.

When, if reason and logic outweighed ignorance and fear, much more productive paths could be forged or followed, stopping the senseless violence.


“Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire

You need a weapon
Like a hole in the head

Put out the fire
Put out the fire baby
Put out the fire

And let your sons and daughters
sleep sound in their beds

You know a gun never killed nobody
You can ask anyone
People get shot by people
People with guns

Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire

You need a gun
Like a hole in the head

Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire

Just tell me that
Old fashioned
Gun law

Is dead

Shoot shoot…”


– Queen

“Put out the fire”


A Pertinent Question

If it is true that people kill people

Not guns that kill people


Shouldn’t we outlaw people?