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For The Longest Time

I had a gasoline can

Granted it was plastic

However it did what

It was supposed to do

Store gas and when

It was full and needed

You could pour gas from it

Easily to the empty tank

Even open an air inlet

So it would flow quicker

Alas, can no longer find

Therfore purchased a new one

One that you would think

Would do the same thing

Store fuel waiting to be poured

But nooooo that’s not the case

This one requires, you hop on

One leg, while wiggling your ear

Picking your nose and saying

The alphabet…….backwards

Just to engage the “safety”

Mechanism holding a nozzle

Firmly spring loaded


Is this really where our

Devolution is taking us

With the warning label

Quarter the size of the can

To point out in large font

That gas and fire don’t “mix”

Well no shit. I just wanted to

Run the lawnmower without

Hauling it to a gas station first


What’s next, register the can

After an 8 hour safety class

With specific instructions on

How, where and when to pour

Will that be followed by having

To hire a special subcontractor

With permits and licenses to

Pour your gas for you, surrounded

By a fire suppression squad

With blankets hoses and ladders


Unperson : Via A T-Shirt Or Hat

Logos, Teams, Slogans,

Regardless of who you may be

By ink branding the cloth

You are wearing

Or cap you are sporting

If nobody knows “you”

You have reduced yourself

To a meme


Someone else

Who likes

Your mobile billboard

Will undoubtedly

Strike up a conversation

Usually ’bout

A game, a season, a play

A team player, a couch, etc,

Ad nauseum

Blah, blah blah blah blah

But, eventually

As you both move on

Neither knows anything

Of who you are

Save the surrounding

Aspects of that one

Tiny miniscule little detail

And think about it

That is not who you are

Just a frame

Holding a facade

Like a city you’ve visited

Or where you live

A concert attended

A beer drank

A “Brand” you like

Not only not

Getting paid to promote

Yet it actually

“Costs” you to

Hmmm? Or

Using the

1st ammendment

To “macho”-ly promote

The second

With a weak cliché

Something ’bout

Cold dead fingers

Giving things up

Not even

Being carried


Or a

Patriotic / nationalistic


“Proving” devotion

To an ideology

Adorning a shirt

Dripping with the

Red of blood

The white of racism

And the blue of sadness

Made cheaper in

Another country


Dare I say

Needs no




Wonder if the above

Would fit on a t-shirt

That might

Instigate a

Real conversation?


Years ago, visited the White House

It did not seem very big then

Returned recently and

It seems much smaller now


Where this was “supposed” to stop

Like a set on a movie studio lot
A large prop of make believe


OK it stopped, part two is

Representative Democracy

Part 3 is

Sort Of Random Tangent

Representative Democracy

Part 2 of Diminutive

So much for representative democracy

If you have never been there*, it is now

“Guarded” by the not so “Secret Service”

Toting what appears to be A K 4 D 7’s

Right before you go through a double

Airport type screening of your person

At least you get to keep your shoes on

The Capitol wasn’t nearly as bad, however

The just us, oh I meant the “Justice” dept.

Had a dozen or more secret service

Cloistering the steps on just one side

Toting their penis of choice proving

Who’s in control of “peaceful assembly”

And who’s not, oh yeah “The People”

The halls of power

Are being “protected”

By the “smalls” of power

“Less bullets, more brains.
The strong don’t need guns.
Guns are the tools of the weak.

This is true
If you disagree with me,
it’s okay, you’re wrong.”
– Henry Rollins

* The White House

Following is part 3

Sort Of Random Tangent

Sort Of Random Tangent

Part 3 of Diminutive


True leadership

Would be making sure

Every belly was full

That every planetary

Resident has clean

Drinking water

Roofs over their heads

Access to health care

Think we can’t afford it

I’m no mathematician but

Pretty sure if we transferred

All the resources feeding

The military industrial complex

We could probably just do

What that one book suggests

Something about beating

Those swords into plowshares

Not accepting the

Manufactured Consent

Notion of leadership

That the more you can

Wield your power

In the face of decency

The more you can

Build a wall / pass legislation

To keep people out

Rebuild the doomsday machine

Though it is

Completely unnecessary

Save the comic book or

Austin Powers movie scene

Bit where Dr. Evil

Ransoms annihilation

For a “million” dollars aspect

Of dominion over all

Just because you can

And sheep

Need a flock master


“Evolution is slow,  small pox is fast”

– George Carlin


“How, then, do terrorists manage to dominate the headlines and change the political situation throughout the world?

By provoking their enemies to overreact. In essence, terrorism is a show. Terrorists stage a terrifying spectacle of violence that captures our imagination and makes us feel as if we are sliding back into medieval chaos.

Consequently states often feel obliged to react to the theatre of terrorism with a show of security, orchestrating immense displays of force, such as the persecution of entire populations or the invasion of foreign countries.

In most cases, this overreaction to terrorism poses a far greater threat to our security than the terrorists themselves.

Terrorists are like a fly that tries to destroy a china shop. The fly is so weak that it cannot budge even a single teacup. So it finds a bull, gets inside its ear and starts buzzing. The bull goes wild with fear and anger, and destroys the china shop.”

“The Homo Deus”
“A Brief History Of Tomorrow”

– Yuval Noah Harari

The News Cycles

In the short attention span theatre

While we are looking in the direction

Of where the finger is pointing

We miss who is pointing or why

Hmm, shiny new object shiny

Pretty loud bright oooh aaaah

Awwwe I’ve lost my ability to

Think to reason and to just be

Everybody’s concern is my concern

My concern is I don’t understand

Editorials proclamations op eds

Headlines breaking news scoops

Circling around in whip and puree

That the humanity has spun out

Regardless, mushy paste remains

The gears whir, the sharp blades cut

Confusion is mixed with distraction

And still we watch with hands in the air

Surrendering our self to the machine

A cog in the wheel of consumption

Corruption pollution destruction etc

All because of a few talking heads

Instilled in us an us vs them attitude

That is not innate within our being

What once was information presented

Yesterday flag draped coffins arrived

From the land of South East Asia while

Protesters were shot at Kent State

And “That’s the way it was” on x day.

Today death is hardly news without

A scapegoat to blame or side fingered

Days of info reduced to a sound bite

Not even a talking point to discuss

Just a nugget cute & compartmentalized

Tuckered away, prepped for 2 minutes hate

Now unless information presented fits

The narrow scope of deceptive percepts

It blandly dissolves into fake news again

Which “should” teach us to trust our heart

Look inside to determine what is “real”

Then behave or react accordingly to evolve

Make our brief time here worthwhile so

When we come back we will not have

Nearly as much work to do to fix anything

We Have The Technology

In seconds of pressing a relatively 98 degree finger on a durable micro thin piece of glass over à corresponding “button”, then having funds transferred from your account to the airlines.

You can instantly receive a qr code appear on your phone. Which will allow you to travel anywhere, as far as I know.

All you have to do is drive to the airport, drop off your bags, que yourself in a tedious line, like sheep to a slaughter.

Walk through a contraption that puts you in a position of faux torture, after being made more vulnerable by removing your shoes.

To let you know who’s in control, that you are subject and subjugated to their whims. Oh wait it is to make sure it is safe for everyone to fly. That’s it.

Neither decency or concern for your being or anxiety. Subject only to their subjective interpretation of their rules.

“Airport security is a stupid idea, it’s a waste of money, and it’s only there for one reason, to make white people feel safe.

That’s all. The illusion, the feeling and illusion of safety cause the authorities know they can’t make an airplane completely safe; too many people have access.”

– George Carlin

To then board a plane to your destination.

After all that, what we don’t have, is the wherewithal to realize it would be much more efficient to board an airplane by seating the passengers towards the back of the aircraft first.

Probably due to the arrogance either by the passenger or the staff, that if your seat assignment is a lower number, somehow you get to go on first.

Making it a race between assholes and elbows to find your seat on the plane bumping against everybody, had they followed you would not have happened.

Even “first” class who could have been comfortably sitting in a seat till it was “their” turn to board. The airplane is going to land or crash regardless who got on first.

As I write this I suspect it is a ploy to kill time while the luggage gets to the plane.

Unfortunately the masses of the flying public myself included are willing to continue to accept this practice. Just because “that’s the way it is “.

Happy Flying