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Lying Indirectly

“Mexico is paying for the wall.”


– 45

Through the uscanmex

Or however the

Conartist renamed the

Trade agreement

Formerly known as NAFTA

With a little #45 polish on it

Which means that the

American taxpayer / consumer

Would still be paying for the wall


How stooopid

Does he think

The public is…….



Never mind

With a little collusion

Some social

Media manipulation

Bogus bots

Telling and swaying

Voters, consumers & taxpayers

What to think

Through spacious

Fear based FB posts

Faux regurgitation

Of hyperbolized bogeymen

(Rapists and murderers)

(Drugs, gangs and criminals)


None which were here


“They” got here


Even though statistically it

Doesn’t bear out



Having campaign managers

And TV lawyers work for

Him for free

(Paul and Rudy)

(Technically not conflicted because

Technically, 45’s not paying them)

Imagine that

45’s not paying

Compensated by their

Side hustles

Distraction and deceit

As long as the

Bupkus baby billionaire

Gets to feed his

Fevered ego

Is this really any different

Than the slight of hand

Ruse of previous administrations

To keep the people

Fighting amongst themselves

With deadly and

Dizzying distractions

Designed to deceive

(The culprits are in Afghanistan

Let’s look in Iraq) GWB


It is unconstitutional to

Assassinate foreign leaders

(Unless you need a distraction

From an erratic economy) BHO

Dull and dumb down

Loving and compassionate

Bipedal earthling artists


Given their own

Collective devices

Would look out

For each other

‘Stead of accepting and

Being told a


Is under the bed

I mean

Beyond an invisible line

Documented as a dots and dashes

Drawn on a map


Governments and goons

Can keep laughing

All the way

To the bank



A Hostage Situation

“I feel good tonight, I really do.

I finally got something I always wanted and that’s important. It really is. 

I finally got some, uh…. hostages. 

Well, you see so many people with hostages nowadays and you say,

“Hey, I’d like some, too!”

So I’ve got three of ’em, they’re really nice people.

We’re getting along great, they’re tied in a sack, outside, at the top of the flagpole.

And I’m gonna blow ’em up at midnight, too. 

Unless, of course,

I get my…… three demands.

A hundred thousand in cash, 

A getaway car and

I want the letter M stricken from the English language. 

See, you have to make one crazy demand, that way, if you get caught, you can plead insanity.

Ha ha….. Getaway car. 
What other gags are there?”

– Steve Martin

“Comedy Is Not Pretty”


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Dr Wayne Dyer

When the official policy

Of the United States is

Not to negotiate

With terrorists

Is it any wonder

Nancy and Chuck

Refuse to give in to

The demands of 45

Albeit a little strange

That the

Despotic dictator

Hostage holder

Is bunkered down

In an oval office?


“Thee” “Oval Office”

Holding 800,000

Americans hostages

Restricting their freedom

And ability to provide

For their families

Having some work


I believe that was

Once known as slavery.

Single handedly doing this

Unless, of course,

He gets his….. three demands.

The optics of not appearing foolish

A return to his former life

And an ineffective, scaleable, cutable, that one could pass illicit packages through, wall, barrier or peaches.

See, 45 had to make one crazy demand, that way, when he gets caught, he can plead insanity.

Ha ha….. Not appearing foolish and a return to his former life.

What other gags are there?”

Might be kinda difficult to pull those off, whilst handcuffed wearing an orange jumpsuit, behind a concrete wall.

Wouldn’t it be great / ironic

If those 800,000 immediately

Found good gainful employment

Never to return

And when the partial shutdown ends

Nobody will take those jobs

To be put in that situation

Of being held hostage

By their own president

That they’d be “forced” to hire

Undocumented workers

Not sure if that is black irony

But it is definitely brown irony

I Am So Sick

“There was a respected powerful man
Being mean with a reckless hand”

– John Trudell

“Somebody’s Kid”

45’s racism is as transparent

As the slat wall he wants

To keep the epidermisly

Darker than him

Bipedal earthling artists

On the other side

I am so sick

Of this wall discussion

It is beneath us

Oh wait

That is the tunnel

Underneath it


I’ll get over it

Just have to

Work through it

Till we all realize

We are all on

The same spaceship

Is that so f’n difficult?

Our only border

Protecting all of us

Is that eggshell

Fragile atmosphere

That sees

What is happening

Patience wearing thin

Must need remember

“It’s just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love.

The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one.

Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”

– Bill Hicks


“The only way to argue with an East wind is to put on an overcoat”
– Unknown

Emotional arguments are based on fear

Intelligent arguments are based on logic

Rational arguments are based on science

Religious arguments are based on beliefs



Where this should have stopped.



Contrarian arguments are based on dichotomy

Friendly arguments are based on uncertainty

Political arguments are based on ideology

Ideological arguments are based on perceptions

Mathematical arguments are based on equations

Irrational arguments are based on delusion

Race arguments are based on ignorance

Biblical arguments are based on fiction

The best way to win an argument.

Besides not having one in the first place.


Both / all, are opinions and based on nothing but electrical impulses floating loose in sponge like gray matter, protected by a calcium cranium.

Miraculously transferred to lungs and larynx. Even more phenomenal is how the sounds are transmitted to a tiny drum, hammer, anvil and stirrup.

Adding to the mix is the ocular activity receiving infinite pixels in three dimensions, deciphering facial expressions and body language in varying degrees of illumination.

So yeah, quit arguing. That is how you win.

At All Cost

Build it already

Or at least say you are going to


(See recent post

Lie Back / Problem Solved)


5b A Wall

10b Steel Slats

200b A Dome


Whatever it takes

To get it off of the news airwaves

All I hear now

Every time it is mentioned

Are the lyrics

From the song “Separate Lives”

Sung by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin

As it crescendos orchestrally

In the middle of the song

“So you build that wall (Phil)

Build that wall (Marilyn)

Yes, you build that wall (Phil)

Build that wall (Marilyn)

And you make it stronger”

Which quickly supplanted

Pink Floyd’s lyric

“All we are is

Just another

Brick in the wall”

Much more mellow

And carries me away

To the rest of the song


Here’s where you know

This is just a dopey distraction

Against “crime and drugs”


Wouldn’t the “Steel Slats”

Amount to nothing more than

An international exchange window?

Transferring cocaine for cash. Huh?


Besides in a country

So allegedly strapped

In a trillion dollar deficit

Has a few billion

Floating around to

Waste on an ineffective wall

(Most crossings are at

Airports and visa over stays)

Can’t we send some

Friendly folks and

Entrepreneurs to

Guatemala and Honduras

To at least try and fix

What it is the refugees

Are escaping from?


Wouldn’t that be something

That Jesus fellow would do?

Without weapons by the way.

Seeing how, there must not be

Any oil there

Or we’d send troops immediately.

And we know

That is usually done

At All Cost


No more fodder

We are pulling

For you Nancy and Rashida


Keep your

Heads up

Eyes open

Ears perked

Mouths shut

Minds focused

And your

Noses to the grindstone

Lead with your

Heads and your hearts

Here’s the fodder to avoid.

“… most of us, speaking for myself, consider the wall immoral, ineffective, expensive, and the president said he promised it. He also promised Mexico would pay for it. So, even if they did, it’s immoral still …”
– Nancy Pelosi


A wall is an inanimate object, it is neither moral or immoral. It would be a colossal waste of money and yes infective.

Here’s a few pointers.

Separating families escaping a dire situation as a deterrent is immoral. Separating families is immoral, scapegoating immigrants is immoral.

Selling out your country is immoral. Making unkeepable, impossible, illogical promises is immoral. A wall is just a wall.

Likewise Representative Rashida Tlaib

No more fodder like this.

“And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama look, you won. Bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf****r,”

– Rashida Tlaib 

I appreciate the passion, the “shock” value of words, but it feeds the hate. The hate that you’ve worked towards eliminating.

You’ve created for yourself an opportunity to nationalize your progressive actions. Stay busy doing that, build upon inspiring more people to your thinking.

Besides the Donald has his “Dan Quayle” in Mike Pence. Who, methinks might be a lot more destructive from a different direction.

While impeachment might sound ominous, based on Nixon resigning before it occurred. It is neither a tar and feathering or immediate removal from office.

To impeach merely means charging a public official with a crime. If justice wasn’t so blind, and was a means to a peaceful end, we’d see nearly every president could be or have been charged as war criminals.

Regardless, as slow as the wheels of justice turn for (allegedly) wealthy white “pink” people, it will be 2020 before anything is done.

By that time, either one of you could be president.

45 is 45’s own worst enemy and appears to need absolutely no help in self-destruction.

Lie Back / Problem Solved

All the posturing and grandstanding is keeping nearly 1m people out of their indentured servitude (employment).

Furloughing the wrong federal workers, when around  535 + 1 would have done the trick. So the rest of the country could easily go about their meaningful lives.

So Nancy and Chuck here’s the plan. Take a page from the perjurious petulant presidential petty playbook.


Tell 45, you’ll set up a super special secret meeting that not only are you going to fund his “wall”. For the optics of him being the great negotiator, make it 10 billion. Besides, he’ll sign anything as it is apparent, he can’t read.

Let him know it will be a see through wall, arrange to meet him at a specific place at the border. Hire a few hundred Mexican mimes, “attempting” to hurdle and climb this extremely “clear” wall.

Video record all of this “Candid Camera ” / “Punk’d” style. Let him go on “Faux and Enemies”, brag how he not only got funding for the wall, he doubled it.

Approved the prototypes and it will be a very fast process and will be done in a few weeks to erect this big, huge, the best, greatest incredibly transparent barrier all along the 2300 miles. (Part of which was stolen in the first place.)

This of course will be an exit strategy and a dilemma, for it may suffice his base, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, semi aware, that the emperor has no clothes.

He will lose his tool of distraction. Which, when the “real” footage is played globally on CNN that there “really” is no “wall”.

45 can kick, scream and whine that the “dems” colluded with Mexico to deceive him, his base, Ann and Rush.

To which Nancy and Chuck can repetitiously regurgitate and repeat, there was no collusion, even though the “evidence” shows otherwise.