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Big Bang Bullshit Theory

October 3, 2014

No story starts at the beginning. Why should we believe that the cosmos did.

There seems to be some underlying fantasy of seeking out some kind of mythical beginning. Of course like everything and anything else on this blog, I have no proof of anything. As I understand it, somehow, everything in this infinite universe came from a “big bang” which suggests that the trillions and trillions of planets and stars somehow came from a condensed version of all that, basically the equivalent of a baseball. Woo hoo, that seems possible.

Arrogance, arrogance, and to what end, so humans can put a face and a label on it. That way it can be one more thing they can arrogantly say they “know”. What is wrong with not knowing? How about it is just there, and always has been.

Okay back to the top, or dare I say beginning of this post. “No story starts at the beginning” Think about it, it can’t. Even if you have a “once upon a time,” as the intro… There is still a prior “story” that proceeds it. Has to be, after all just as a “story” ends, there are still characters and events and buildings and scenarios that carry on. Likewise, before the tale begins, there would always be previous scenarios that come into play just to get to that point where the story is introduced.

Anyway, it would be nice if humanity could collectively let this one go as something that no longer has to be proved or pinpointed as fact. Far too much time seems to be wasted on a such moot point.

Oops, just a few more points to make my point, What if everything had started from matter condensed into something the size of a baseball. What would be surrounding it? Space?? How could there be space outside of the ball if everything in the universe was in the confines of the “baseball”? Plus would it be “floating” in air?, in space? would it be sitting on something? If so, what? How heavy would it be if there was no way of measuring it?

I guess the opposite is thinking of the “end” of the universe. Is there a wall at the end of the universe and if so, how thick is it? Plus what would be on the other side of it? It is all very confusing, and becomes a circular argument that at least for this little post is time to quit. Certainly before God or religion gets added to the mix.

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  1. Jason permalink

    There are quite a few observations that suggest that all the stars and planets may indeed have once been condensed to the size of a baseball (probably even smaller).

    -Virtually every galaxy we observe is receding. Logically, if while time is moving forward the galaxies are receding, if time is moving backwards they must be contracting, which suggests that if we “rewind” time back enough, everything must have been in one spot

    -The cosmic microwave background is measurable, in the sense that at any given location on earth (or anywhere else) we can measure a radiation corresponding to a color temperature of 2.73K. This radiation can be thought of as a remaining “glow” from the big bang, and as time proceeds it will decrease even more

    The main gist is that the big bang theory isn’t flawless, however it’s the best model that we can come up with right now, and it will be continuously improved in the years (centuries?) to come.

    Regarding “No story starts at the beginning”:
    What you are saying is generally true. There was probably something before the big bang, however we don’t have the slightest clue what, and we will probably never be able to find out. The big bang marked the beginning of space and time as we know it, and since space and time is all we know, we have no way of even knowing an alternative.

    A similar train of thought can be applied to the space problem you named (“What would be surrounding it? Space?”). There is probably something surrounding the universe. However since space as we know it is only possible (and available) in the universe, what may surround the universe would be completely unknown to us and we will probably never know what it is, so it might as well not concern us for the time being (unless there will be a revolutionary discovery, which is highly unlikely).

    As I understand it, there is no end to space and time as we know it, so for us the universe is truly infinite (in size, not necessarily in time). However, just because it is infinite by our definition, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something “outside” the universe which we simply cannot understand.

    The Big Bang does not explain everything that there is anywhere, it simply tries to explain the origins of space and time as we know it (which is why we can speak of an age of the universe). That doesn’t imply that there isn’t more, it just implies that there is no way we can know anything about something “outside” of space and time, because all we know is space and time.

    An analogy: We have people in a cinema watching a movie, and right now, they are approximately a quarter into the movie. The people can approximately say how long they have been watching the movie, and they understand the plot that has occurred. Since by now they know some of the personalities of the characters (remember, there’s no rewinding in a cinema!) they can predict what will happen later on in the movie with varying amounts of certainty, but they can’t definitely predict the ending.

    Now imagine, that the big bang theory is the movie. We can approximately say when it began, what has happened since, and we can make a prediction as to what will happen in the near future. However we cannot say what the weather outside the cinema is like, whether weather even exists outside the cinema, or whether there even is an outside to the cinema. Similarly, we cannot accurately say whether the movie will ever end, or whether it will continue forever.


    • Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate your perspective. I am very new at blogging and am not sure where I am going with this. Much of this, I assume will fall under the Richard Bach “We teach best what we need to learn most ourselves.” Perspective.

      The observation of “mine” regarding the BBBT is clarified in your post. In that what you point out is, (my apologies, if I’m incorrect ) that the information you espouse is based on what you have read or heard. But in all actuality, and again I could be wrong. You, … do not know.

      It is nice to hang your hat on, and have fun with, however, since your “contention” is to lay claim of its validity. It is one more thing of our earthly collective consciousness of information that is used to divide and conquer the inhabitants to focus on “unknown trivialities”. Where as, if we as bi-pedal earth creatures focused on what we know “realities” we could make a better world than what we are experiencing now.

      I also appreciate your “movie ” metaphor, Yet consider the universe as a billiard table. Granted a poor three dimensional perspective. Unless it has been observed, “actually observed.” It would be impossible to undo the breaking of the 15 balls back to there original triangle.

      A few more things to consider, time is a “man” made thing, likewise space. We do not know if the sun is a few miles away, or thousands of miles. Miles, also being man made measurements.

      Your post is greatly appreciated and helps serve me in expanding my knowledge and creativity. Thank you.


  2. I love the way you think. I was going to write another mundane post since insomnia came calling once again but for the life of me, I can’t stop reading your posts. You remind me a bit of Vonnegut. You have made me want to locate my copy of “Breakfast of Champions” and read it again – now.

    I love finding someone whose words make me think and imagine. Thank you.


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