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Dentist conversations.

October 26, 2015

Are my best,  because,  while my ability to speak is encumbered by fingers and tools, I can think of witty or intelligent things to say.

Neither of which,  is usually the case.   At least I don’t have to participate in the minutiae of how’s your day going?  (my appointments are usually at 8:00, therefore it just started ). Or gosh, looks like winter is coming.  Keeping yourself busy?  How’s your weekend?

Quick, let me give you a one word answer before you obscure my ability to speak nonsense and do you really care anyway? You’ll have at least ten more people to ask those questions.

How about,  let’s talk about language and how miraculous it is. Such as that, if a thought flashes through your head, that you have the ability to transfer that impulse to your mouth and tongue.  Utilizing your throat and lungs to verbalize words for my ears to hear,  then have that pass through nothingness,  get transferred to my head to be interpreted quite reasonably into dialogue, that might mean something close enough to have a conversation in the first place.

All within nanoseconds,  and quite sure a lot more evolutionary, then, are you still doing the same job as last time, I made it difficult for you to speak?  Or, the wost one.  How did your team do?  That will be a  different topic for another time.

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