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Infinite range goals

December 30, 2015

As if reincarnation is a given.

Evolve into a being of light that can transverse space and other dimensions.

To think, that one “day” after many lifetimes, having outgrown even the need to eat as a direct result of knowing how to convert all solar and atmospheric energy into direct nourishment.

Travel to both regions of inner and outer space and observe the birth of a star.  Having a panoramic unencumbered spherical view.  Witness it,  in all its glory, sights, sounds, smells and other senses we don’t even know exist.

Being immersed in all that beauty, to feel such intense joy that one would weep rivers of liquid diamond tears, having the distinct scent of uncut living breathing roses.

Observe all that can be, from that given point and realize that the notion of a soul mate is your interconnectedness with all that is.

Even longer infinite range goal.

Observe and or experience what occurs when a soul is created.  Now that would be interesting.

What are your plans……..?

To go shopping?

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