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Noah, the story of;

January 5, 2016

Key part being,  the “story”.

Why would anyone accept that from an allegedly loving and creator god ?

Besides it is poorly thought out and entirely too simple in the first place.

Why…….? Alot of animals are carnivores which means they eat…… other animals. (Excellent observation by Joe Rogan)

No one is pointing fingers,  I to have used the bullshit story to make a joke as well. Talking about my ancestry, I could only go back so far, because all the rest of the records were lost in “the flood”.

Other than that, it is a theatrical prop to convey a story,  however, it was never an actuality,  but a dialogue and literary device to keep people fearful, distracted and controlled.

That and water always finds its own lowest level, and although I have no proof, my best understanding is that the water that is around now, is the same amount that was here once the planet came into being, by natural forces. Not by some invisible goofball waving an invisible magic wand, that is all knowing all powerful yet needed to “rest” on the “seventh” day.  Hmmm.

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One Comment
  1. Of course, some of the animals were carnivores. That’s why we don’t have unicorns!


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