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Secure our borders ?

January 20, 2016
From what?

No fence is high enough to bar workers desperate enough to feed their families.

From “Cheap” by Ellen Ruppel Shell 

Who the fuck are these people kidding, because you know, as soon as things go to shit here, they will be the first ones wanting to leave. Oops all of a sudden,  now they can’t get out of their own borders.

It is ridiculous,  there are no real borders.

However,  it is a useful distraction to the mindless masses who don’t want to face the real issue of too many people on the planet that have to and or desire to labor to feed and house their families.

Of course, another way to stop immigration,  regardless of what country it is, would be to fine the ceo’s, (either monetarily)  (or put the ceo’s out to work in the fields to understand what is expected at those wages and conditions) and shareholders of the companies that hire undocumented workers.  Same goes for the homeowners who pick up migrant workers to do work uninsured and untaxed for their projects on the cheap too.

Kind of like what Carlos Mencia says in his bit “Americans”  Guatemala and El Salvador do not have an immigration problem, (WHY)  because there is no work down there.

There would not be an immigration problem here if ;

People paid for what they say they want.

Paying more for food would be a good start on many levels.

A thought experiment .

Just think if you were paying  $12.00 for a head of lettuce or $ 9.00 for a loaf of bread, you would be a part of the solution by providing high paying jobs for farm workers. Probably  $30 an hour plus benefits.  I’m no economist, but that seems like it would work.  Certainly we’d find out who would still be willing to do that kind of back breaking work at those wages.

Solutions nobody wants to hear. 5fm

Complaining about immigration and wanting cheap stuff and food, is not so distant a cousin to complaining about the price of food with your mouth full.

Plus, there would be lots of unintended benefits besides. People would probably eat less,  or at least healthier.  Being so expensive, people might just create less people to feed,  eliminate the need for genetically modified foods.  Less people,  less traffic,  less crime,  less pollution,  you get the idea.

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