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Conspiracy Mirrorist

January 25, 2016

Comes easy,  being a VIW (Veteran of Internal War)

My external suspicions reflect internal flaws to be enlightened.

Eg.,   JFK, 9 11, Waco, Oklahoma, Boston. Etc…

Since we’ll never know the truth of what happened,  I try and utilize the information to ask myself,  “have I done anything like this? “

Regarding, having clandestine meetings, using subterfuge to plot to bring harm to someone, or even going so far as using a lot of deception to change other people’s thinking.

At least this kind of thinking can better utilize my energies into fixing myself instead of wasting it on something that will never have a provable conclusion anyway.

Societal reflections,  highlight how we are doing it to ourselves.

No overt, outside of ourselves, fascist dictator is doing anything to enslave anyone.  We are, and it mirrors our mostly collective following,  like sheep to the tele-screen. Big screen (TV), medium screen (Tablet or Laptop),  small screen (“smart” phone),  tiny screen..(watch phone)

Lest of course a person utilizes,  the same information to better themselves and become self aware of the external and reflect on its internal purpose. There might not actually be one, and that is okay too.

At least the effort to evolve into a more peaceful mindset serves oneself.

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