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Boots on the ground ?

February 1, 2016

Suspect phrase.

Unless you hear a politician or talking head media personality, actually volunteer themselves and their family to fight for what they say they believe so strongly in. Question their interest and intent.

If they are so busy yapping about, the “security of our country is in danger” that they would not only be willing to go, but actually be on the front lines to “fight” in the war.

“Stop talking and do.” 5FM

I’d accept a group as small as 100 to believe it, and not to be some sort of attachment to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines.

Besides, the media is essentially the 6th branch of the military anyway.

As for politicians, there wouldn’t be any war, if it was them putting themselves in harm’s way.

Send them all with body cameras and GPS tracking devices linked up so everyone could watch.  As they become the “boots” on the ground, they so emotionally advocate.

Otherwise,  it is just another person playing a part in the mindless corporments role in war profits.

Of which the “boot” on the ground is actually a human being,  something that is being used as a tool or sacrificial lamb while exploiting words like freedom and democracy.

( Corporments = the new word to best describe the corporations and governments,  so blatantly in bed together it needed it’s own word.)

(So we can all drop the illusion that they are separate.)

Same goes, for the person you work around who says “we” should “put boots on the ground”   Ask that person , if they’ll send their “boots”, with them in it.

Nah, never mind.  The only thing they’ll do is get defensive and after they are done digging their heels in to defend their position, they will use their boots to kick your ass.

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