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Pascal’s Wager

February 16, 2016

Writing this stuff

Hedging my bet

Pascal’s wager

If heaven is real

Or god exists

That if I die, without writing down all the stuff that flows through my head,  I’ll have to come back and do it all again anyway.

I have no more proof that God exists, than I do if reincarnation is possible.

So, while both seem probable,  yet, unprovable,  I’ll just keep my fingers moving and go with the flow.

Divine inspiration, wouldn’t seem fair to claim that,  just based on some of the darker thoughts eminataing from my brain directed phalanges. Ok, and occasionally my heart directed phalanges.

More like Obnoxious Inspiration?  Or,

Endogenous thoughts surfacing into digitized pixels, with no meaning or reason whatsoever,  as random as taking a bunch of words,  each on little pieces of paper,  throwing them into a fan,  collecting them, and…….well, now you see how this post transpired.

If I only knew where this socially unfit stream of unconsciousness came from, I think I’d be happy to shut it down and live more peacefully,  like others.  Unfortunately, it keeps filling my brain and I have to put it somewhere,  otherwise my head hurts.

Like an endless flow of regurgitated verbal diarrhea. I’ll get done with a thought,  reread what appears,  then wonder “how did that shit, get written,  wasn’t even planning on that.”

Divine inspiration would probably tell me to go back and rewrite it, or delete it completely.  See, something about a poetic quip of Pascal’s wager turned into something about obnoxious inspiration.

It must be because when Morpheous offered me a choice between the blue pill or the red pill, I took them both.

C’mon, hit publish,  you can always delete it later…….., it’s not as if God doesn’t already know what you wrote. ……..

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