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The “D” word

February 19, 2016

The worst word in the world.

Worse than the ” F  ” word.  Fear

The ” C ” word  Control

Or the “N” word  Nincompoop

I know I have never wanted to be called a Nincompoop. It’s mean spirited. However,  it has never “hurt” me.

Here it is. … Brace yourself,  breath slowly.  Sit down,  have a glass of water, call your loved ones.

It is going to be all capitalized.


There, I typed it out.  I feel so relieved,  so liberated.

Actually,  the rest of this post will regard itself with one of society’s worst social “Distractions”.  The other “n” word.

With over 400,000, words in the English language,  in a country where most of the population is past the age of 10, one word should not garner that much attention. When there are a lot more pressing problems that need to be solved.

Like Louis CK has said, “regardless of its context, not saying it, forces you to say it in your head.”

So what’s the point?  Isolating just one word in society’s vocabulary only exacerbates the problem.

The following is an excerpt from the liner notes of a Lenny Bruce compilation cd. Written by Grover Sales.  PC acceptable words replaced by me.

In 1962, Lenny Bruce used thenwurd to make a point along with a slew of other supposed derogatory racial slangs that if President Kennedy got on television and said: “I’m considering appointing two or three of the top thenwurds in the country into my cabinet”

If it was nothing but thenwurd, thenwurd,  thenwurd – in six months “thenwurd” wouldn’t mean any more than “goodnight,  “God bless you” or “I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth so help me God” – when that beautiful day comes, you’ll never see another thenwurd kid come home from school crying because some ofay motherfucker called him a thenwurd.”

A year later  (Dick) Gregory  (comedian/social critic) published his book Thenwurd dedicated to “Dear Momma-Wherever you are,  if you hear the word thenwurd again, remember they are advertising my book”

I guess if that asshole never shot and killed John Lennon he could have rewritten and recorded “Woman is the thenwurd of the world.” Which had nothing to do with race, but rather rhe psychological enslavement of half the population. Perhaps using a “shock” word to get people’s attention to change behavior and thinking.

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain: rewritten using thenwurd Jim.

It will be the goofiest etymology of a word you’ve ever seen or heard.

And once thenwurd’s definition becomes derogatory we will be calling it the t word, or rather thuttywurd.

At least then, it will stay the t word (Thuttywurd)

Might just get our collective sense of humor back . Perhaps what was suggested of a JFK dialogue, could stil be accomplished by Barack Obama. Allowing society to quit being so easily distracted by nonsense.

Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words cannot hurt me.

I Swear by it.

Words cannot hurt. I’ve yet to find any sequence of letters, put together in word form, or even placed together randomly that have ever,  ever caused myself or anyone any harm.

Wait,  here are kind words that can hurt. (From an earlier post).
Please order some tanks, missles and flamethrowers.

And use said devices on those sovereign beings over there, yeah,  the ones who have no beef with us, the ones whose only “reason” for getting attacked in the first place is their geographical location of being over that abundant black liquid stuff.

That’s probably why there is occasionally the use of the distracting thenwurd,  to keep society’s focus off of that.

Thanks for reading the compilation of the previous words, my intent was not to offend, but rather enlighten. I’m not looking to be right, but rather to be understood. Look how many times you read thenwurd, kinda lost its meaning, no?

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