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What’s in a name?

February 28, 2016

Depends on where you are describing something from.

From a far distance, the bipedal mammals are considered Earthlings.

Closer,  North Americans.
Closer,  Californians
Closer, Los Angelians

NASA’s next big announcement, the renaming of this planet.

Consume; as the third rock from the sun.

Inhabitants: consumers.
Occupation: consume.
Death: consumption.

Earth fit better when it used the tones and letters of mother as the bipedal inhabitants were spawned from it in the first place.

Now,  said bipeds, have become unconscious eco terrorists hell bent on consuming themselves and their home.

Once again,  I’m guilty too.  This isn’t one finger pointing,  but rather the three pointing back, expressed in such a way, that I too might learn to stop buying anything beyond necessities.

I also have no desire to live in a tent and shit in the woods with the bears, bugs, snakes and wolves.

Somewhere in between, lies the balance.

We’ll need a name for it though, so that we have something to strive for.

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