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Criminal Justice System

February 29, 2016

Words are important and according to dictionaries “mean” something.  At least something that the social collective has “agreed” to.

Criminal.      Morally wrong

Justice.        Process to judge

System.        Group of parts that work together.

Criminal Justice System =

Morally wrong process to judge, by groups working together.

That is how the world we live in now, is set up. No?

Suspending disbelief for a moment,  let us take a ride down the intergalactic mind highway to a place where, not only is anything possible,  but everything is possible.

Sign post up ahead. You are entering the Utopia Zone.

I understand the system left behind may have originated with good intentions. However, from this perspective,  we can clearly see,  it is not working.  If prisons worked, there wouldn’t be any. Certainly there’d be less of them and society would stop building more.

One of the reasons,  and I could be wrong,  is that it seems to be, biblically based. You know, that whole god fearing bullshit.

Therefore, we are looking for an outcome, that will best serve humanity’s evolution.

How about a system of reasonable, loving and fair guidance?

And yes, systems have a way of dehumanizing,  lets try ?

I might need some help here. …. hmmmm.

(Shows you how deep we are ingrained in the current system)

Being enlightenment,  caring, knowing omniscient neuroscience.

BECKON (okay, was going for something else, but ended up using words to help form a useless acronym).

We are looking for morally inspired human beings. Are we not?

The punishment system is not working,  otherwise it’s only eye for an eye,  till the whole world is blind.

Somehow though, “It applies to everybody but me”.  5fm

Mostly,  other people’s kids, regardless of age, it is deemed as society’s collective responsibility being “necessary” to “correct” and or “punish” their behavior.

Side note,  “Correction Centers”. Nice euphemism,  these people aren’t incorrect, they’re misguided.  Whose to say whose “correct”?

Most of the prison population, are incarcerated for “drug” violations.

Unfortunately the source of that can apply to you or me. Just, because it is in place. With other laws set up primarily to “punish” individuals. Besides,  some of the punishments aren’t even set up to stop “wrong” behaviors,  but rather city coffers revenue enhancement.

Instead, there are buildings filled with people, called jails, courthouses and police stations which, collective purpose is to punish society’s “bad” individuals.

Let’s call it fot what it is, the “Punishment Industrial Complex”.

After all, since NIMBY is one of its origins,  it’s good for the economy. Not In My Back Yard.

(You know, the economy, manifesting itself in stratospheric layers just to keep individuals “busy” doing “something”, mostly because there are, so many here.)

“People don’t want anything near them, even if it is something they believe in. Something,  they think society needs, like prisons. Everybody wants more prisons, right,  everybody wants more prisons.. Build more prisons, ……But, not here.

But why not,  what’s wrong? What’s the problem? What’s wrong with having a prison in your neighborhood? 

Seems to me, it would make it a pretty crime free area.”        George Carlin

Prisons are generally built a ” reasonable ” distance from nearby cities.

Since they are illusory ” private ” companies,  (it is still, your taxed dollars at work) there is now a ” market ” for ” criminals “.

Kind of like a reality decrepit version of Sim city, whereas that they are located at such a distance, so that visiting family members need a place to stay, eat and fuel. Hotels go up, then gas stations,  restaurants, etc.

Next thing you know,  a city has emerged, right in the back yard that nobody knowingly would have put it there in the first place. Ta da, see, good for the economy.

Criminals like politicians (oops, Freudian slip) do not pass through a membrane from a different dimension. They are bipedal mammalian oxygen breathing earth beings like everyone else.

Indoctrinated early on in their development,  unfortunately by the very creatures that spawned them into this existence in the first place.

Usually,  (and i will admit, this is an improvement) Go sit in the corner, (which beats getting struck, (nice pun, huh?)) isolate yourself,  (from the “being” that allegedly loves you) focus on the negative (what you’ve done “wrong”) for such a time, until your disciplinarian arbitrarily decides for you to be “free” .

From there,  peer influences.  Playing “cops and robbers.”

Instead,  could be playing “creativity and responsibility” games.

Right up to adulthood,  where there is now a  “Mob” museum.

In Las Vegas, which is interesting,  however it seems to feed a viscous cycle of honoring behaviors, that if we were the “victim” of it, we’d want another outside source to “fix” it.

Whew, that was long, sorry. Best get back to my short attention span theater.

Inspired a long time ago by a comment, a Radio host Frank Sontag made along with my Carlinesque quest for questioning questionable things, (Wordings, ideas,  concepts,  notions, beliefs,  etc..)

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