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Stanford Prison Experiment

March 24, 2016

The gist of it is, students took on the “role” of “Prison guards” and “prisoners” as a psychological experiment.  It had to be cut short,  because the “Prison guards” students took on that “role” too well, and started abusing the “prisoners”.

Check out info on Wikipedia.

With that,  I propose a larger experiment that should cause no harm.

Global Forgiveness Experiment.

Play with me here,  what if, we ideologically chose to forgive anyone any where for what ever has happened in the past.

From that standpoint, people don’t usually attack unless they’re hurting. With that forgiveness notion, we could at least try to figure out why they are hurting and why they feel they have to attack.

Or simply try to help heal the pain, so they no longer feel like striking out from a position of pain.

Could drop all the indignant righteousness,  and look upon the other with compassion, instead of condemnation.  Which hurts ourselves as much as it does them.

The positive ramifications could be endless, from each our own immediate circle of those whom we love and that love us.

To the global reach of what one country does to another country, because it is striking out for “hurts” it has experienced.

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