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Political Football

April 7, 2016

Convenient Culpability

Twisted tie in

Must be some deep seated unconscious need to elevate ones self importance by merely psychological attachments.

Either in your “team” or your “candidate”

Ever notice that if the above team or candidate is either winning or leading in the polls, you get to exclaim “we’re winning ”  if not, you get to say the “team name here” did horrible on Sunday,  or “candidate name here” did horrible at the debate.

Come on,  step up and if you can accept being apart of something “winning” or a “championship” surely you can accept “failure” or for lack of a better term “losership”.

I do it all the time, it makes you work harder to improve your being instead of shirking responsibility by using words and language to abdicate responsibility.

Which is why I have neither a “team” nor a “candidate”. My “sport” is improving my mind and my “politics” is being my own leader.

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