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Self ? Reliance

April 7, 2016

A catch 22 for sure.

Relying on oneself,  all the while having the personality and disposition that alienates all other living breathing bipedal mammalian earthlings is not exactly a good place to turn to.

Living proof,  not only should abortion be legal,  but practically mandatory.  Especially to the ones, with a reasonable education, and still only a vague notion of where babies come from.

To go further down the spiral as to what the fuck to do with them, once they got here. Save the idea, that an alternative option would have been to acquire monkeys that with a little prompting could have ended up with similar results.

Yet,  seizing the cognitive peripheral awareness of the “Helen Wambach” hypnosis study, that I “picked” my parents.

Backed up by a deeper concept presented by “Carolyn Myss” that somehow suggests, that whilst in the “spirit” realm, that you and all the souls you have significant relationships with, also made arrangements prior to their current incarnations that affect your evolution as well as theirs.

Talk about time not existing, that would do it.

Overall,  my role was probably to be just malleable enough to be liked and stubborn enough to be disliked.

Having the wits and opportunity to write about it in a public forum,  however be the only one who can make any sense of it.

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