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April 14, 2016

Declaration of independence

Sounds so powerful.


Beginning with the warm resonate Dee sound, like deep, determined, depth, then with a short pause before jumping in with those aggressive Kay sounds,  crunch, crash, kill, completing it out with the settling sound like relaxation or completion.


Starting off, with an I,  may be a soft I,  still you get I am, I can, I will,  to depend,  I  can depend on I,  then dence, as in confidence,  reassurance.

Without going through the whole rigmarole on the break down of the meaning,  to get to its base level is not much more than a say-so of an illusion.

Can’t sell fireworks, excessive amouts of beer and “American” flags” Made in Malaysia” regardless of how much it could be hyped to sell the celebration of a say-so of an illusion.

Wonder what would have happened if the forefathers (or rather land holding,  slave owning,  indigenous culture destroying,  caucasian predecessors ) would have tried to work non – violently towards a resolution.

After all, if you do not want to pay a tax on tea. DON’T BUY ANY FUCKING TEA. Make your own, and all the other “stuff” that keeps getting bought that is taxed.  See, still dependant on consumption.

Declaring independence,  while still being dependant is like a teenager stating how he / she is their own person and can do whatever they want,  but still needs money for gas to put in the car they are borrowing.

Instead of declaring indepedence, could have tried to masterfully manifest loving interdependence.

I suppose it is a “right of passage”, but really,  where has it gotten us as an intelligent species?

Consider the soapbox one needed to stand on to declare independence.

With that, an awareness comes over you as independence is an illusion.  Because of the overwhelming realization that hits you.

That nature made the tree, that was cut down by a logger,  sent off to a mill to be cut into squared pieces.

Purchased by a carpenter,  who had to get nails from someone else to put it together.

Sent off to the “Soapbox store”, where the clerk is employed to be there in place for a person to buy the soapbox.

All so someone can declare their independence,  while being so dependant on so many other factors,  it is incalculable.

The above was “strangely” inspired after listening to “Founding Faith” by Steven Waldman

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