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Death Tracker

May 9, 2016

Recently, the state, I mostly drive in, (1 of 50, not the condition of my mindset), has opted to utilize those temporary electronic message signs, normally used for road construction projects, to tally the number of highway deaths.

I guess, since there aren’t enough necessary road projects going on,  the state feels compelled to “text” something to the motoring public.

One of the alternative flashing message is 53 deaths on the roads so far this year.

Seems too simplistic a message to me,  at least for the way my mind works.  One could assume,  it means humans, however,  I’ve seen more dead deer, then people.  Is that what it is tracking?  Nor does it mention how. Or if they are looking to increase or decrease the amount.

Same goes for rabbits, skunks, mice, birds, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of bugs, bees, flies, butterflies,  mosquitoes,  on my windshield alone.

The other alternating messages is either,  don’t text and drive.  Or drive sober and stay alive.

Isn’t it way too ironic to display a distracting text, telling you not to text and drive?

Which in and of itself could manifest at least two possible outcomes.

A driver could put down their phone and stop texting and drive more consciously.


Be distracted from their texting,  to read the bright flashing state text,  and wreck because of that.

Is the state now responsible for distracting the drivers?

I guess I’m “reading” too much into it.

The funniest “state” “post” is, (after all the “warnings” ) is Dial 511 for road conditions.

Here would be proof those signs are useless.   If the text read, “Drive haphazardly and with reckless abandon”.

Drivers would not follow those instructions either.

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One Comment
  1. You didn’t know? ALL highway deaths are caused by big rigs and it is always that driver’s fault. You must have seen the commercials on TV that advertise how much money you can get from the companies that own those big trucks. Surely, you have seen one or two.

    The 11th commandment should have read, “no four-wheeler should ever pull out in front of a large car, slam on brakes and expect anything good to come of it”. I know. A little wordy but it is the truth. I am a former dispatcher, (please don’t look at me like that), a former owner and current wife of a former owner – operator. I have been to OOIDA headquarters. I’m all that, huh?
    I was an awesome dispatcher because I road with my husband enough to understand how tough that job is. God bless you for being the back bone of our country. People just don’t understand where we would be without drivers. You guys rock and those signs are very distracting.

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