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June 28, 2016

There are no more wild horses

Just mindless discourses


None left to be wrangled

Feeling acutely strangled


Sad to have the capacity

To create this depravity


Not only the equine

Humanity in a confine


Pathetic to have realized

Everything is commodotized


Life has been condensed

To that which can be fenced


From animals queued for slaughter

To how we drink our water


Although to be fair

Not yet paying for air


At least not to be breathed

But cooled to be relieved


I expect it will likely trend

The purchase of oxygen


I am just as guilty

Perpetuating this reality


No chance to get frantic

It’s all too systematic


Vague separation,  church and state

Better off to completely eliminate


Passing through what is so vile and rank

To know the redemption of Shawshank


Living this life,  more or less insane

Collectively be Andy Dufresne in the rain.


Difficult to be romantic

When everything is plastic


Nothing else to be done

For I am only one


To surpass of what we are capable

And not be the stable of the stable


Good ideas, there are a zillion

How do you enlighten 7 Billion


Pay the price,  not count the cost

For all the souls that are now lost


Closing the doors,  I  do give a darn

Be the horse that escapes the barn



From → dark, humor, Paradox, random

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