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Guns and Butter

August 6, 2016

“I don’t have a gu…, I wanna get a g..,

I really shouldn’t have a gun.

I’m against gun control, I think guns should be out there,  but I know,  I’m a responsible drunk, and a drug user.

I should not, with a small man’s complex and big weakling and a lot of hate, and for talking shit in strange places.

I should not be carrying a weapon. It’s just responsibility, it’s personal responsibility,  other people should learn that.

Know who you are. I also am a violent alcoholic, and I know how I’m going to feel in the morning and there is not going to be a lot to live for, and I should not have a glock underneath the pillow before I can get a cup of coffee in me, cigarette,  think things through.”

Doug Stanhope “A reputation for violence”
“From across the street”

Guns and Butter

No wonder this slope is so slippery.

Bumper stickers and window decals.
Rhetoric and diarrhea dialogue.

I will not waiver. I will not yield.

My Gun….

Come and take it..

I’ll give up my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead hands..

Wanna bet?

I’d bet if “state” power rounded up your loved ones,  one for each gun they assume you have and started assassinating each one, while globally broadcasting it around the world, till you turned over all your guns. Lest “state” power save you for last so they can pry your gun from your cold dead hands.

Or you could sit around with your nra buddies,  watching your loved ones be slaughtered and bragging how you did not give up your guns.  Especially knowing their families were next.  Boy, that would show them.

Instead of being so macho, reciting or placarding those 14 words, not only would you turn over your own guns, you’d be volunteering how many guns you know your friends have.

That or be prepared to accept that you let your loved ones die, because it was more important not to give up your guns.

The tyrannical use of “state” power is keeping the masses fighting amongst themselves.  While it maintains power by sitting back and doing nothing, other than figuring out more simple ways of getting the public to kill itself. ….

Certainly,  since very few are doing anything to stop creating and producing more targets.

David Cross

Track  9
“Shut up, You F#*@ing Baby”

Basically,  Americans can be very stupid,  greedy and short sided. People actually vote in this country on one issue.

What, he wants to take my gun away,  I don’t gotta listen to anything else,  fuck it, he’s out. I don’t give a goddamn,  he (Bush) can do whatever he wants for 4 years,  just don’t take my gun away.”

What if, American’s were to discover that it’s enemy figured out how to broadcast a signal within all TV shows, that was keeping American’s willingly, woefully  and willfully ignorant of doing anything to stop gun violence?

So they are essentially “programmed” to keep killing each other without a “finger” being lifted by the “enemy” to be even discovered who they are.

Think anybody would quit watching TV to thwart and defeat the “enemy” ?

Or even realize that the “enemy” is sitting back, incurring little expense and losing no lives in the process of it’s own war on America?

with open mind
And heart full of love..

I tried to write this without using personal pronouns,  so as to make a point without offending anyone.

Rereading it that way,  loses all its “umph” and sterilizes it to such a watered-down version,  might as well not have written it in the first place.

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