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Flags of Distraction

August 10, 2016

Eliminate them all.

Confederate / Losing ?  Side (both “sides” lost) enslaved ? Imprison,  not just one race but all races at all cost.

Personal Perspective Reciprocity Reason

What if it was me?

That’s the reciprocity enlightenment question.

Considering that, if enslaving yourself as an acceptable practice for others to do to you. Then by all means embrace it.

However,  if it is not, then one must become self aware enough to know that a Confederate flag,  represents several things. Two being, fear and oppression of a group of bipedal earthlings.

Your co-passengers you signed up with for this planetary ride through the cosmos.

After the June 17, 2015, massacre, South Carolina lawmakers did what many people thought was impossible to achieve and removed the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia.


Removing the flag is just political pageantry,  placating the powerless propagandists pushing people past peaceful perspectives.

The enslavement is that the masses allow themselves to get distracted by symbolism, away from the real issue of guns, racism and violence.

They instead focus on whether or not a symbol in the background is the “real” issue. It’s so predictable,  it is frightening.

“// Flags,  I consider them to be symbols and I leave symbols to the symbol minded”

George Carlin

Consider it another Pavlovian planned script for the Orwellian 2 minutes hate.

Purposefully presented by the Maxx Headroom type popular talking heads.

Where an unfortunately high percentage of the public “falls” for the us against them distraction, using emotionally based symbolism.

Stars and stripes


Corporate Imperialism

Sovereign country invading

Land of the illusionary free

Home of the easily lead.

“Better the pride that resides in the citizen of the world,  than the pride that resides, when a colorful rag is unfurled.”

Neil peart Rush “Territories”

Consider anything other than a 3D spherical flag representing the planet and its inhabitants, all others create divisiveness.

It’s an accident of birth.  You think?

“I hate patriotism, I can’t stand it man, it makes me fucking sick! It’s a round world the last time I checked, okay? Y’know what I mean? In fact, that’s how we can stop patriotism, I think.

Instead of putting stars and stripes on our flags we should put pictures of our parents fucking!

Gather people around that flag and see your dad hunched over your mom’s butt, see if any boot ‘n rally mentality can circle around that little fuckin’ image.

 “God… damn! I’m out of here. Fuck it.” 

Bill Hicks (Rant in E-minor: A new flag)

Or perhaps, the flag just represents the ego.

Let it go or take it down.

Alter it out of existence, by realizing what it “stands” for.

Replace the stars with icons for guns, tanks, missiles,  cigarettes,  televisions,  cheeseburgers,  fries,  malls, banks, prisons,  drones,  videotaping, factories,  refineries,  landfills, football, basketball, baseball, jails, bars, bombs, coffins, flags, traffic,  poisons.

Not sure why my proclivity to expunge the negative first, but that’s the way it goes.

Balance it out with icons for books,  guitars,  rainbows,  flowers,  parks,  trees,  schools,  stereos,  cameras, bicycles, mountains, lakes, sunsets, stars, smiles, laughter, binoculars, telescopes, dogs, cats, bananas, cakes, shooting stars, sunrises, hearts.

I suspect at some point, flags served a purpose.   Kind of like the horse and buggy.  We’ve evolved past that now, we can collectively realize we are all in this together.

Floating through the infinite on this blue,  green ball we call home.

Let’s start behaving like it.

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