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Fun Factory Worker

August 28, 2016

No parts to take off a shelf

Get to do this by myself


A decent sized cubicle

A Freightliner vehicle


Buckle up and close the door

Rarely, deal with a supervisor


Can tell you how good it feels

To be rolling on 26 wheels


Would do this for free, I have stated

Fortunately I’m well compensated


Another money thing one should know

In getting paid to listen to the stereo


Given that,  one can assume

I get to set the volume


Keep eyes on the road, take a good look

Wow, just finished another audio book


Do this straight,  don’t need any drug

Except the one in my coffee mug.


Is there a purpose,  what is the result

Driving 135,000 miles a year on asphalt


Where would I be,

In this reality


if I chose another field

and not be looking at the world through a windshield.

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