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September 28, 2016

It’s hypocritical to decry the evils of socialism while manifesting it.

Don’t believe me, watch a parent enforce sharing and fairness …

“Johnny, I know that is your new toy,  (one of way too many) however,  Billy,  whom you just met, would like to play with it as well, for a time,  so to be fair….. Thank you Johnny.”

That is socialism on a small scale.

Unless of course you are the parent who happens to be the one who in a similar situation can say,  “Tommy, get away from Suzy,  that is “her” toy.  No, no, get away.

Not only does she not have to share it,  I have explained and trained her not to, she bought it.

She bought it from earning her own money, taking her loaded diapers to the garbage, picking up her spilt milk and toast-e-o’s, and putting her dishes in the dishwasher as soon as she was able to walk, it is hers.

Then you can say you are against socialism.

Oh shit, I just came up with a premise for a new reality show. Okay,  don’t anyone “steal” it, “its” my idea.

It could be called “Anti-Socialists”

Or,  “Give me that, it’s mine.”

Just kidding,  it’s now already out there. I’d watch it just for the entertainment.

The upside of (if you are thinking) that there is no ownership of anything.

The “toy” came from the architect that designed the oil rig, to the engineer, figuring out how to get the oil out of the ground, to the captain of the ship who brought it from site to shore.

Then to the person who brokered it, for the best price to the plastics manufacturer.

On to the truck driver who brought it inland to the factory to add color, change its shape, into something a kid would find amusing.

Purchasing cardboard that made its way from trees, in a similar fashion, to ship it out once again to a store.

The one that can only be gotten to, by a separate process of how that vehicle got made (besides the myriad of ways the distribution of said fuels, required to make that vehicle run in the first place.

With the order bring taken,  from a call center on the other side of the planet.

Sending the information back via an underwater cable through fibre optic into the internet, back to another truck driver ready to deliver it.

Guess what,  we’re all SOCIALISTS.

The larger scale would be the following.

I needed a mitre saw for a project.  Too long to rent one, yet not enough to buy one. Otherwise rental cost would out weigh to purchase cost.

Unfortunately I now have a mitre saw in my garage that will, on average get used twice a year for twenty years.

Would be more than happy to lend it out to a community pool of people in similar circumstances.

Imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you try. // Imagine all the people,  sharing all the world.    //  John Lennon

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