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Servant is your Master

October 5, 2016

You can’t abolish slavery,  when slaves come in the form of a child ..

Pick up your stuff.

Clean your room.

Don’t talk back

Only speak when spoken to.

Do as I say,  not as I do.

I’ll whip you, if you don’t behave

No, a thousand times no.

Instilling mindless superstitions

# 13 is unlucky
(which is great, if you’re born on 13th)

Santa Claus is watching

Pass off control to an overseer  (babysitter )

That is my child ..

Those children are mine.

My, mine = possessor.

You own them.

Therefore you can do whatever you want to with them.  Hit them and hug them, if you’d like.

Yell at them,  then profess your “love” for them.  Lie to them while teaching them to tell the “truth”.

Wrapped around your finger

Yet,  the servant is the master,  at least for a while, making the master feed, water, change diapers, take here,  there. Settle disputes etc.

Till the whole cycle starts over, cause no one has paused long enough to reflect on what the actual miracle is of being in an alien world.

Instead of exploring the world of inner and outer space, and all that entails, has been reduced to a commodity of consumption and fear.

Excerpt from John Trudell’s
“Rich man’s war”

With machines for ancestors 
new unborn generations
chemical umbilical chords are only wiring
in your electrical progress
human lives
burnt offerings to the god greed
with lies for ancestors

There is no truth in some futures
rulers of minds
feeding next generation’s souls
to the control machine.
Sacrifice ritual for the proper technology
with isolation for ancestors

There is only the present
bought by the credit material uses 
forging chains
binding you to destruction 
compliments of your deities
the industrial priest.

Make you keep a job you may not want,  simply because the “right” thing to do is provide.

Enslaving yourself first, then passing on same behavior on to your offspring.

That or just collect a lot of stuff, to feed the illusion that you feel okay about yourself because of the latest gizmo, or new couch.

More John Trudell’s 

“Rich Man’s War”

In real world we are human being
in shadow of real world we are
being human.

Neon mask for neon flash.
Distant thunder distant cloud
passions reign
drenched in possession
what we take is hard to do
what we do is hard to take
some ones are crazy or maybe we take turns
dreaming about some kind of life we say
“it could have been different”.
But it wasn’t because we weren’t
no matter what, it turns out the same
a lot of things we said weren’t true
industrial stories in an electric instant
neon mask neon flash neon flash.

Thing is nihilistic desires
civilized gone insane
didn’t imagine it turning like this
some things start good and go bad
some things get bad and stay bad.
Are we caught in between living a lie or
not living at all?
Eliminated choices lost in dreams we let go
memories we never got to have
something else to think about…
Waking up in industrial society
surrounded by angry days
going through motions
of not being.
Wanting the best but not expecting it.
Surviving paid for in dreams
feeling like a world alone
serving god with the devil to pay.
Feeling like something in no place
what goes on in hell anyway?

Thing is, it has to do with heart.
we have to understand what hearts are for
before we can get back to heaven or paradise
or the power in OUR MIND.

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