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Darkness Diving

October 12, 2016


Stymied Stewing

Banal Brewing

Malignant Musing

Visceral Viewing

Cacophony Confusing

Voices Voluming

Reprehensible Resenting

Jungle Jiving

Palpable Prying

Acerbic Aligning

Friendly Firing

Rhetoric Rising

Detectable Detesting


There must be darkness
In order to see the light


Illuminating Inspiring

Forever Forgiving

Laughable Living

Sweetly Soothing

Beneficial Behooving

Equanimous Evolving

Peaceful Prioritizing

Gaia Guiding

Deity Desiring

People Praising

Soul Saving

Awesome Arriving

Benevolent Being

Eloquence Erupting

Family Faithing

Terrific Trusting

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