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October 16, 2016

Is an outlier liar

An out and out liar

Telling an outright lie

Or would that be

An out wrong lie

Merely being an outlier

Makes one good at

What they aspire

Or didn’t even desire

Shouldn’t need a sleuth

To uncover the truth

Altering what the fact is

Given enough practice

Can get you in a slump

Just ask Donald Trump

You’ve hung yourself

With your own rope

Was that worth

An arrogant grope

Did you not think

Of what we’d learn

For what you broadcast

On Howard Stern

The campaign has

Gone turvy topsy

For a minute, thought

You were Bill Cosby

Been one too many

Sexual allegations

In how you handle

Female relations

If you want to be

Just one of the guys

First you must

Need to apologize

How do you expect

To be a leader

While actually being

A bottom feeder

No one expects,

Politics to be truthful

But you have said

More than a mouthful

An outlier, an hour

Takes 10,000 times

This is my practice

In trying to make rhymes

From → humor, Paradox, random

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