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Jobs Jobs & More Jobs

October 17, 2016

A politician’s favorite theme

Job creation,  a happy meme


Don’t get me wrong,  I like to work

No time for family though, feel like a jerk


As part of our evolution

We should find a solution.


Must needs to stop writing these unclear poems to make a point.

At least for this one.

The only thing we should be “working” towards is not working.

Think about it.

Fortunately, I like what I do, my vacation is my vocation and vice versa. I’ve been driving 35 years and most of that time,  have been getting paid for it.

The political speech I’d be applauding would the one,  where instead of jobs being created for the sake of jobs, would be a plan to do just the opposite.

Which,  ironically would create more jobs. At least we could be working towards not having any.

Not just spinning our wheels like hamsters in a soul dead cage of redundant consumption.

For one,  it sounds like the only thing a politician,  could really do, is set up a factory for building widgets.

Then, ship those widgets across town, to be unpackaged, disassembled into their smallest components.

Then either shipped back, from where they came, or onto another place where people “need” work, to be reassembled in the continuing process of “job” manufacturing.

We’re Consolidated International and we might be looking for you.

Are you one of those people who show up, punch in, pitch in, put out, clean up, punch out, head home, throw up, turn in, sack out and shut up?

That’s what we need: people we can keep in line. We may have a place for you.

Consolidated International.

People making things so people have things to do things to other people with.

And thinking up more things to do with the stuff we have.

George Carlin

“Consolidated International”

Everyone gets paid,  nothing gets done.

Consumption continues
Forests fade
Oceans overworked
Landfills lament
Rivers rise
Atmosphere atrophies

Evolution erodes
Emotions explode
Education corrodes
Environment implodes

I know what I do is redundant,  and if I were to look at what I do differently could assume, am just an unconscious gear in the machine of consumption.

Sure it would take a while,  and yes for those willing there would always be work.

If it involved some kind of driving,  sign me up.  Maybe just not as much. Three days a week would work.

Since eventually and essentially,  every one has to eat,  could create robots designed to do the back breaking field work required to put food in everyone’s mouth.

Using robots to free ourselves up to focus on being human and doing what is important to nurture families and evolve into a peaceful species.

To the point that the only place we would need to drive to is the multidimensional space port to explore other worlds and discover new senses.

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