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Doggone It

October 22, 2016


There’s a lost dog with an odd name.

Seems almost everyone has lost this dog.

The dog’s first name is Sensiv.

Some people never had this dog.

Some people lost this dog so long ago, they forgot they had it.

Some people just lost it during the Clinton Trump presidential debates.

Please help.

The dog’s full name is Sensiv Hue Mor

If you have this dog, please use your Sensiv Hue Mor to help others find their Sensiv Hue Mor.

If you get close,  it likes treats.

It’s favorite treat, you can entice it to get it closer is with a “funny bone”.

Another way to spot It, is by its peculiar walk, mostly because the tail is wagging the dog.

Might be seen packing a small tent as it is transporting a flea circus.

I cherish that dog, I hope I never lose my Sensiv Hue Mor.

Might need to keep it on a leash for a while, till it learns not to stray too far.

The above was inspired by the reaction I got to a loose lipped comment I made about how funny it would be,  if Alec Baldwin was elected to play the president, so we could be assured of laughing for the next four years.

Could make a reality show out of it, and call it the Dance Band on the Titanic.

Anyway, in general I am not aware of anybody else’s politics.

For one I don’t care
two, it doesn’t matter and
three I don’t care and it doesn’t matter.

My tendency is to take people as they are based on previous dialogue and known behaviors.

If I get into the minutiae of what they believe,  I have a default mechanism that would get into the details to dissect it to the point, that they wouldn’t even believe what they think they do. Then they don’t like me, because they’ve shattered the illusion of what they desperately cling to.

Which will usually rear its ugly head anyway with a few beers and a couple of shots. Sobriety is a good way to keep those demons at bay.

Here is where I was flabbergasted about  regarding Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump. Vaguely verbatim.

The other person said they had to turn off Saturday Night Live because (dead serious) they were only goofing on Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton, therefore it was not a fair and balanced.

Holy myopic s*** Batman did I just hear that? If comedy was fair and balanced it wouldn’t be comedy.

How could one get,  possibly upset over a skit, rehearsed for 5 days where no one was harmed.  On a stage, hundreds of miles away in a studio with a live audience.

It is so much more fun to sit and watch the dog and pony show when you have your Sensiv Hue Mor!!

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