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Small Talk

January 10, 2017

Made smaller, by small minds.

No wonder I keep my mouth shut, when I open it, people put their foot in their mouths.

Tried to open up to socialize, with what was only a step above cliche conversation, (gee, it’s cold outside, or how about them Dodgers?) ( like I give a rat’s ass about the Dodgers)

Noticed a coworker shaved his beard, made the benign, yet timely comment.

“Oh, did you shave that off because there were so many beards at the Golden Globes?”

The answer, should have been, oh I just thought it was time to shave it off.

BUT NOOOOOOoooooo.  I got to hear.

“I wouldn’t watch that Democratic propaganda if my life depended on it.”


“I didn’t watch it much myself, I just got the peripheral reference that everybody had beards this year.  Phew, nevermind.

Wait, (dummy me), (me still flabbergasted from his reply), if you didn’t watch it, how would you get that it’s Democratic propaganda?

“Well, I watch the FAUX news and they went on and on about what Meryl Streep had to blah blah blah blah blah blah.

“”Basically, they have taught me how to think, since I seem not to be able to do that on my own.””  My words, not his.

I give FAUX News a chance every now and then, just so I can keep a breast (just kidding, I listen to it on the radio) of what’s going on in the world of fascism, in case I ever need to confront their followers with kindness and compassion.

Hmmm, looks like it’s going to be cold out there, can’t wait for spring.

Guess it’s going to have to be that.

I don’t suppose anybody is going to want to discuss the disintegration and entropy of humanity, because nobody is willing to think for themselves and not be afraid of an opinion, that may be a tad different.

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