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March 4, 2017

At best,  everything we know is based on nothing.

At worst,  everything we know is based on a lie.


“We made the whole *ucking thing up.”
“My, aren’t we versatile.”

George Carlin

(In the context of the death penalty, and the sanctity of life.)

However, that seems to apply to every thing else.


“We made the whole *ucking thing up.”

Numbers, figures, time, clocks, calendars, “deadlines” money, value, weight, scales, profit, greed, scores, savings, debt, plenty, amounts, scarcity, totals, measurements, heights, depths, degrees, statistics, odds, lotteries, percentages, graphs, age, calculators, leverage, hedging, increases, decreases, decimals, fractions, infinity,   calculations, power.

Letters, words, languages, definitions, translations, paper, books, god, lesser gods, omnipotent gods, manipulation,  deception, religion,  beliefs, control, truths, love, anger, hate, hierarchy, labels, importance, logic, reason, fairness, freedom, proof, concealment, laws, enforcement, justice, injustice, cruelty, torture, tools, weapons, prisons, power.

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is.”

John F. Kennedy

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