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Pepto Oral

April 13, 2017

“Pardon me, I have nothing to say! “

George Carlin

I’m working on a new product development for verbal diarrhea.

Not sure how to administer it, as the people who need to take it, aren’t likely to.

It’s not even so much that it’s toxic sludge that breathlessly burgeons nonsensical non sequiturs into the atmosphere.

It is the insecurity of being able to appreciate silence.

Maybe it only bothers me, as it is now competing with the voices in my head.

New Pepto Oral

Controls verbal diarrhea

It coats the voice box to the point of being able to ponder long enough it’s value to the betterment of society, or at least enlightenment in general,  as opposed to rumors, hearsay, aches, pains, bewildering non sequiturs, negativity, etc.

I’m sure I’ll be a Trillionaire if I can ever get it produced, and figure out how to administer it.

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