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Unbridled Hypocrisy

April 13, 2017


I think it would be great to ban the use of all chemical weapons.   All chemical weapons.

If we want “them” to stop using chemical weapons,  “we” need to stop too.

Science 101

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, ordered by their atomic number (number of protons), electron configurations, and recurring chemical properties.

All weapons are made of chemicals.

Ferrous Oxide


The chemical combined with other chemicals heated to make camera lenses to display the murderous  capabilities of the deathening feared phallus fireworks for mindless economic consumption.

 “I don’t mind about the war, that’s one of the things I _like_ to watch, if it’s a war going on, ’cause then I know if our side’s winning, if our side’s losing…”

Roger Waters “The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard”

Intro to “What God Wants, part I” from “Amused to Death”


There are no “sides” to a sphere.


The poignant last half of Roger Waters

“Amused to Death”

We watched the tragedy unfold
We did as we were told
We bought and sold
It was the greatest show on earth

But then it was over
We oohed and aahed
We drove our racing cars
We ate our last few jars of caviar
And somewhere out there in the stars

A keen-eyed look-out
Spied a flickering light
Our last hurrah

And when they found our shadows

Groups ’round the TV sets
They ran down every lead
They repeated every test

They checked out all the data in their lists
And then the alien anthropologists
Admitted they were still perplexed

But on eliminating every other reason
For our sad demise
They logged the only explanation left

This species has amused itself to death
No tears to cry
No feelings left

This species has amused itself to death

Amused itself to death

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