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Still Fascinated

April 23, 2017

Call it miraclhnology.

Had to move / extend a “landline” for a fax and credit card machine. Although it’s no longer audible  ( the signals beeps and chirps of “machines” “talking” to each other). Remember phone modems?

It is still fascinating that, all that information is running through six itsy bitsy tiny coated copper wires.

Not only that, as that is almost a dead technology,  the same is being accomplished without any wires.

Makes me think that the external visible physical technology, mirrors our evolution and has been merely tools to reach the realization that no “hardware” is required.

Soon, if we want to “Reach out and touch someone”, the middle “corporations” can be cut out.  I’m all for that.

With “thought” that “channel” will be open to “speak” to whom you wish.

Actually me thinks that always exists, just need to get back to it and use it again.

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