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Driving Dichotomy

May 4, 2017

“Not to put truck drivers down. But I did hear an ad for a ‘semi-truck driver’ once.”

George Carlin

With 30 years of driving

Under hands and feet

Eyeballs and earlobes

On either side of

2 million miles

The mile markers

Are my minions

The reflectors

Light my way

Pulling two and three trailers

Over mountain passes

Chaining unchaining

In rain and snow

Over black ice

Through city traffic

Driving into

Subterranean garages

Blindside backing up

Against traffic

Under camera

Recorded surveillance

Watching me

Watch what

I watch, whilst

Getting paid to

Listening to

Talk radio

Audio books

And a deep

Eclectic library

Of music and comedy

Makes me feel like

King of the Road

Yet with

The slightest quirky

Benign quip

On capabilities

Leaves me

Neutered negated

And royally nullified

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