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The Slaves are “Free”

July 29, 2017

Free slaves

That is what parents usually have.

Although not entirely free, they have to be housed and fed.

One of the many reasons why I chose not to have biological reproductions of self, for I knew in all likelihood I would repeat the same myriad of unconscious and unconscionable mistakes they made.

My perceived poor parenting proof, is printed in pixels on this prolonged post

Besides, until the age of reason a child is:

A Slave

Slave to the parents ideas of religion, discipline, diet, interacting with people,  kindness, bigotry, racism, wealth, dress, honesty, sports, work, truths, lies, government, suspicions, politics,  punishments, siblings, driving, money,  drugs, alcohol, tempers, work, play, taxes, etc.

That is a lot to be responsible for, all under the gamble of risking the roll of the dice of pregnancy.

Without really having any innate sense of what will best serve all of humanity on this planet we call home.

Which, utilizing hardly any research or information gathering, it seems that most people will volunteer that “their” children were not planned. Much to their chagrin, upon the realization, neither were they.

How is that, when just by being fractionally aware of how babies are created, the myriad of problems manifested by overpopulation and the state of the world, it continues?

From an observational standpoint,  raising a kid is way more intense than eating an elephant. (One bite at a time. )

That all encompassing “bite” seems to include,

Where to take that bite from
When to take that bite
With whom if any to share the bite
How big of a bite
What to wash the bite down with
How long to chew it
Not being able to “spit” it out
Regardless the taste
How much to salt the next bite
One bite being chewy
Another bite being tough
Another being delectable
How you take the bite
Hopefully, reluctantly, willingly, forcibly,

No matter the size of the elephant,
Or how many elephants to eat
Whether it is your elephant or not
Until you are dead, will never finish.

Being aware that others eating their elephant may be taking dissimilar bites affecting how you prepare your bite.

“Cause everytime you have a kid, not only are you f@#king up the environment, you are devaluing humanity.

Humanity is no different than any other commodity.  Where the more you have,  the less it’s worth.”

–  Doug Stanhope

How is it that if children are so mind blowingly “special”, “fragile” and the nauseating “hope” for our future?

There aren’t less of them?  The less you have of something, the more “special” it is.

If you have children, I am sorry to tell you this: They are not special.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know a lot of y’all are like “What?! Well I…”

Well anyway, let’s be clear about this. I know YOU think they’re special.

I’m aware of that. I’m just trying to tell you they’re not.

– Bill Hicks


But let’s say it’s true, that every child is special. What about every adult?

Isn’t every adult special too? And if not, then at what age do you go from being “special” to being not-so-special?

And if every adult is special, that means we’re all special, and the whole idea loses all its meaning.

It’s all bulls***, people, and it’s bad for ya.

– George Carlin


“Save the children!…” What does that mean? They reach a certain age and they’re off your #ucking love-list?

You either love all people of all ages or you shut the #uck up.”.

– Bill Hicks

Of course, nobody knows this, but the instructions are in the umbilical cord and those just get tossed out.

“We have to have a beautiful world where children can come to, okay?

That would be KNOWING your world.”

– Bill Hicks

That is all I am trying to do, is know my world, enough to do the right thing while I am here.

Oddly enough, that is where “my” (for lack of a better description as “my” suggests ownership) grandchildren come into play.

They are a “HUGE” influence on me in watching their unbreakable spirit and energy.

Many times that is in the form of that simple one syllable all encompassing question.  WHY ???

Of which, I may not always have the answer, will never tire of that question.

Even after an infinite time of hearing that, will they ever hear me utter, “stop asking so many questions”.

My response will be ask more questions, in a different way, ask them backwards or sideways if you have to.

That will be their freedom from any kind of enslavement society will try and bear down on them.

Certainly any mindless mores perpetrated ad nauseum to the point of not thinking.

Not accepting their role as consumptive  pawns in the ongoing assembly line of consuming consumers.

Matrix style. Row after row layer upon layers stacked infinitely high submerged under liquid nutrients in womb like pods interconnected and wired like living batteries powering the Matrix machine.

Then slave to a mostly predetermined role of,  if it’s new and shiny,  makes a whirring sound and controls something to make your life less complicated buy it,  buy two, just in case one breaks.


Is it not time slavery ended?



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