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All “Decked” Out

August 6, 2017


The socioeconomic house of cards we are living in is built solidly on the concrete foundation of maybe. Laid out in the formless forms of apathy. Secured to the rebar of what if? Poured into the rocky foundation of hope.
Of course it is not as if, we are not playing with a full deck, but rather that most cards seem to be jokers, disguised as kings. With a lot of crazy eights mixed in with wild two’s.

Just when you think the deck is stacked against you, a few walls shatter and fall. Letting light in to expose the frailty of the kings. Regardless their crown and sword, they are the same size and bend as easily.

The diamond one, worn out and as  crooked as his club counterpart in digging a hole with spades. That has the whole structure teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Structurally supporting no more or less, than say a five or nine. Black or red, neither is more suited for the task at hand,  yet it is the ones with heart seem to be able to carry a heavier load..




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