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Dark Clouds Looming

August 18, 2017

Storms brewing

Golf balls hailing

Society’s failing

From a beginning

Relative sequencing

Drum beating

Certificate needing

Birth repeating

Obama needling

Sheep bleating

Childlike behaving

Temper tantruming

Election posturing

Calculated bullying

Candidates scurrying

Saturday night spoofing

Brexit not understanding

Small vocabulary using

Dialogue confusing

Women abusing

Threaten suing

Provable facts refuting

Playback recording

Stern interviewing

Daughter fawning

Other females pawing

Private parts messing

Voluntarily confessing

Objectify by rating

Wife disassociating

Where’s she staying

Unelected then divorcing

All very alarming

Subterfuge perfecting

Truth neglecting

Taxes be revealing

For e-mail’s deleting

Returns still concealing

Constant conniving

Public jiving

Not really golfing

Ivanka purse outsourcing

Eric meet taking

Health care repealing

Day one promising

Naught replacing

Kathy Griffin imploding

Bloody head holding

Young son scapegoating

Border wall building

Must be kidding

Neighbors paying

Optics saying

Face saving

El Presidente not playing

Public should be shaming

Immigration banning

Religion deriding

Refugees chiding

Country dividing

Russians meeting

Children adopting

Instead Hillary plotting

Jared security remaking

Forms latest rewriting

T’s crossed i’s dotting

Faux not reporting

Reality ignoring

News not boring

Media blasting

Both ways having

Briefings bombasting

Fake blaming

Constantly perjuring

Collusion ignoring

Behavior deploring

Attorney recusing

Oval Office dealing

Comey reputation staking

Dinner w/wife missing

Alone Flynn leaving

Good note taking

Investigation making

Director firing

Later testifying

Reveals loose wiring

Many heads rolling

Not loyal following

Currency exchanging

Monetary soiling

Banks laundering

Leaders lying

Attention vying

Criminals trying

Ruskiies implying

Elections deciding

Lawyers defending

Rules bending

Military meandering

Transgender tweeting

Thumbs speeding

Rhetoric regurgitating

Not at all winning

Rather constantly losing

Handcuffs cinching

Distraction buying

Decency vilifying

Sabre rattling

Nuclear threatening

Prick waving

Guam frightening

Position weakening

World out freaking

Corruptions thriving

Distractions ne’er ending

Haters hating

Racists baiting

Confederate waving

Flag scathing

Ignorance showing

Alt wrong legitimizing

Wizard thanking

Decency receding

Worlds colliding

Camera’s surveilling

No one’s complaining

Or behavior changing

Base bottom feeding

Popularity diminishing

Impeachment proceeding

Good / Evil blurring


Paradigm shifting

Heaviness lifting

Vengeance waning

Bigotry unlearning

Everyone forgiving

Peaceful yearning

Hands helping

Religion ending

Fence mending

Borders ending

Experiences having

Travel planning

Bridges spanning

Brightness burning

Differences embracing

Moments appreciating

Frisbee chasing

Book reading

Music making

Swords forging

Plows shares ending

Happiness creating

Divinity claiming

Future designing

Vehicles flying

Like magic carpet riding

Truth invigorating

Consciousness rising

Moment savoring

Food flavoring

Necessities sharing

Everyone feeding

Build homeless housing

Clean water drinking

Beaches cleaning

Land reforesting

Oil reducing

Solar powering

Wind harnessing

Energy reusing

Perpetual recycling

People accepting

Reduce populating

Body mind educating

Intuition experiencing

Karma graduating

Equality presiding

Wormhole finding

Move speed of lightning

Dimensions adding

Senses increasing

Oneness maintaining

Life sustaining

Love everlasting

Could kept going

Yet it is ending


I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s cloud’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

I’ve ‘ve looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all

I’ve looked at life from both sides now 
From up and down, and still somehow 
It’s life’s illusions I recall 
I really don’t know life at all

– Joni  Mitchell

– Both sides now



Maybe we are experiencing of the darkness, so we can appreciate the light.

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