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Will we thank him later?

August 24, 2017


While Hillary or Bernie may have woken us up gradually like a crescendoing alarm, which is the way I would prefer.

Maybe the Donald, is ringing the 5 alarm bell to get us to realize, we are not haters or homophobic or xenophobes as some would like to lead us to believe.

Writing this near the time of the 8/2017 eclipse will note, regardless of epidermis or orientation, or religion, or non-religion, shadows were cast, while light shined on everyone in the path. No one was left out.

Now all fingers are pointing to the financial corruption and disparities between human living conditions and insatiable greed. Trying to create perceptions that we are not all one.

Herein lies the opportunity to expand our awareness. Strip away the societal rules, regulations and borders. We are all on this cosmic space life raft together.

Killing and or hating the survivors decreases the likelihood any one will survive.

As we bring our own help to rowing the planetary life raft, to safety first then on to enlightenment.

Have noticed that the Facebook Trump trolls have slowed, if not stopped ranting how wonderful and right on, the big D is. Same goes for hearing it at work, tails are tucked away nice and quiet. Reticent in their rhetoric, finally.

Considering the Martin Niemoller notion of “but then, they came for me”, realization is occurring. Time to reconsider this ignorant rhetoric of hate.

Gots lots of fires to put out, in a short amount of time before the whole ball goes up in flames.

On a positive note, maybe we will thank him, and all this insane behavior will have been more, than all for naught.

When everyone is getting fed, with roofs over their heads, clean drinking water, freedom from, violence, religious persecution, racism, orientation, borders.

Establishing a dignity that transcends governments and corporations keeping us separate, when it is simply not true.

Oops,  wrong meeting.  Will someone please turn off that alarm.  I am in need of another 5 millennia snooze.



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  1. I suppose sometimes things can get so bad that people wake up and set a new direction. It seems to happen when the alternative is unconscionable. The trouble is, that for many it’s too late. Perhaps Trump will incite a systemic shift toward kinder and more compassionate values by being morally reprehensible. I’m not sure. It’s something to hope for.

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  2. Thank you. Hopefully you are correct. I have noticed, the vocal in either print or dialogue have quieted down considerably. Perhaps thinking that even though they know their horse won, and cashed in mentally. It doesn’t feel right. Like some self serving entity pushed it over the finish line.

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