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Flag Discerning

September 28, 2017

Splatter shot, connected non sequiturs.


Flag discerning
45 Shit stirring
Reality blurring
Liberties burning


“I hate patriotism, I can’t stand it man, it makes me fucking sick! It’s a round world the last time I checked, okay? Y’know what I mean?

In fact, that’s how we can stop patriotism, I think. Instead of putting stars and stripes on our flags, we should put pictures of our parents #ucking!”

Bill Hicks

Rant in E-minor:
“A new flag (Patriotism)”


“Better the pride that resides
In the citizens of this world
Than the pride that divides
When a colorful rag is unfurled”

– Rush


It is not for debate, it is for distraction.


The healing debate would be determining the best method possible to rid individuals of their blind and oft dichotomous devotion to a symbol that to them, represents freedom, yet they don’t want it to.

BTW, these are the same people who want to have their cake and eat it too.


No one has died for a flag.


Save for what it mostly represents these days. Corporate imperialism, sabre rattling, bombastic bullying, blatant racism, religious intolerance, immigration scapegoating, Putin puppeteer placating. Deceptive distractions, criminal collusion.

Freedom seems to be one of those magical golden words, those diamond encrusted platinum words, that smell like roses, emanating heat and light, like the life force of the sun, giving rise to hope and wonder. Interpreted individually, elevated spiritually.

Sacred in its deep resonate tonal qualities that inspires one of the highest ideals possible, as the desire for peace and love.

Like the first breath of a newly born bipedal earthling artist (inhale) “freeeeee” all the nuances of this new world (exhale) “dom” settling in with their divinity fully intact, ready for the new adventure.

Freedom is the freedom to express, using whatever means necessary to bring life evolving change. If any one of our fellow space travelers is getting systematically hurt and killed based solely on their skin.

It would be in everyone’s best to take a knee, or perhaps two, as raised awareness might bring about necessary change.

So that when it comes around to anyone who has peachy pigment, baked bronzing, sanguine skin, eggshell epidermis, or jaundice jumpsuit, “state” power won’t come after your bag of bones.

Regardless the color of the container.

So that post natal abortion doctors driving around in a squad car, dont have to give the fully grown fetus the choice to live or die.

Simply because they were afraid, and they have carte blanch to do the states bidding as they see fit. With paid leaves, acquittal and exoneration.

I guess tazers are too unlethal.

“Torn flag”

– Pete Seegar

At midnight in a flaming angry town
I saw my country’s flag
lying torn upon the ground.
I ran in and dodged
among the crowd,
And scooped it up,
and scampered out to safety.

And then I took
this striped old piece of cloth
And tried my best
to wash the garbage off.
But I found it had been used
to wrapping lies.
It smelled and stank
and attracted all the flies.

While I was feverishly at my task,
I heard a husky voice that seemed to ask:
“Do you think you could change
me just a bit?
Betsy Ross did her best,
but she made a few mistakes.

My blue is good, the color of the sky.
The stars are good for ideals, oh, so high.
Seven stripes of red are strong
to meet all danger;
But those white stripes: they, they need some changing.

I need also some stripes
of deep, rich brown,
And some of tan and black,
then all around
A border of God’s gracious green
would look good there.
Maybe you should slant the stripes,
then I’d not be so square.”

I woke and said, “What a ridiculous story.
Don’t let anybody say I suggested tampering with Old Glory.”

But tonight it’s near midnight, and in another flaming town
Once again I hear my country’s flag lies torn upon the ground.


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