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Linguistic Deception

October 5, 2017


If It Is ?


An act of pure evil

Or act of terrorism

It depends on who is acting

or who is terrorising

If it is one against us

It is pure evil

If it them against us

It is an axis of evil

If it us against them

It is democracy

If it us against one

It is heroic

If is us against us

It is the right to bear arms

If it them against them

It is for religion

If it is themselves against them

It is civil unrest

If it ourselves against us

It is blue lives murder

If it is anyone for other’s resources

It is corporate imperialism

If it is never proven or declared

It is convenient justification

If it country against country

It is war

If it is countries against countries

It is world war

If it is dictator against “leader”

It is silly, dangerous and entertaining

If it continues

it is an eye for an eye

And the whole world is blind


It is isn’t it?


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