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October 10, 2017


Breaking you down.

By building you up.

A long emergency, extended by perpetual regurgitation of information “breaking”.

Which is not really that “new”, just repackaged with a slicker shinier coating, adding to what you may have already seen or heard from different sources.

Already at the point of exhaustion, with this alleged administration, it’s purported guilt and desperate distractions.

Conspiracy theories upon conspiracies, distracting the distracted, making for implausibly impossible narratives.

Trying to keep your eye on the ball that is whizzing by so fast and furious it looks like several, you would need several eyes moving at light speed to track anything.

Which regardless how accurate or anticipatory the optimistic outcome is, as a “final” now, I can be at peace solution.

The so far and up until now perspective is mired in a gooey and gelatinous muck, that the mind rescue thoughts are teetering on the edge of getting trapped as well.

As for fizzle, the smoking gun will have been disassembled, cleaned, tested, checked for fingerprints, (yes, in that order), examined, photographed, shown, documented, retold, claimed it was the wrong one.

A person will believe what they want to believe, carrying on as if it is true, knowing that they were right all along. Regardless of what “actually” happened, so that they “feel” right and feel ok.


Collusion, confusion, distortion

Facts dismissed like an abortion

Putting rationality into contortion

Opinion based solely on a notion

Depending what you watch absorption

Knowing the the truth is in disproportion

Hoping if wrong, will be given absolution


# 45 could hold a press conference tomorrow and fully confess to collusion with a foreign country to rig the election because he is narcissistic and greedy and only sought to serve himself and his family.  Depending how one grasps the situation they will be suspicious or vindicated. Vindicated, but suspicious, suspicious but vindicated.

“People see what they wish to see. And in most cases, what they are told that they see.”

― Erin Morgenstern


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