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October 10, 2017




Where small groups of allegedly grown men play a ground acquisition game in brightly colored, pretty faux armor. Not really protecting anything, least of which, their skull.

Paid, yet played like puppet pawns, dutifully distracting massive millions from focusing on family, greedy governments, corporate criminals, wretched warmongers and fake freedoms.

In a theatre of the oval, in exorbitantly high priced seats or remotely monitored on screens, subsidized by the products purchased. Beer, trucks, cars, auto insurance, televisions, beer, chips, sodas, “officially” licensed merchandise, bail bonds, dui attorneys, divorce attorneys, beer, pizza delivery, chicken wings, sports bars, local bars.

Regurgitated ad nauseum by obnoxious pontificaters as to what maybe, the outcome might have sort of have been, if only so and so, did such and such, and not done the other thing.

All the while sustaining debilitating concussions and allegedly having a higher than the average societal proclivity of violence towards women. So, ladies, keep supporting what will probably get you hurt.

Also, completely contriving the inspired intent of “taking a knee” to bring awareness of police brutality to a disproportionate percentage of the population making the general public aware and enlightened.

Instead, making the already distracted further distracted by turning it in to a mindless patriotic fervor, that football players, hate this country and the military.

Once again adding to the pitting them against themselves distraction so they can keep getting away with what they are getting away with.

On rare occasion am subjected to similar impassioned dull dialogue either at work or the gym, end up listening to detailed diatribes over silly statistics with assumed accuracy.

Meanwhile could make a reasonably safe bet that these “guys” know more about “their” players, than they do, as to what their children do, or who they hang out with.

Accepting Numerous Freedoms Lost because it is intended that way.

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