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October 12, 2017


“I hate everyone in the White House”

– Donald Trump


One could surmise that his “base” has shrunk so significantly, he is trying to latch on to the much larger Bill Hicks platform, with that grandiose quote.


“There is a new party being born.

The People Who Hate People Party

People who hate people, come together.


We’re kind of having trouble getting off the boards, but, you know.

Are you going to be there?


Then, I ain’t #uckin@ coming.

You are our strongest member.

#uc× You.

That’s what I’m talking about.
You A$$hole

#uc× Off!

Damn, we almost had a meeting going.

So hard to get my people together.”

From “Rant in E-minor”

– Bill Hicks


Yet, the brutal awareness that creeps in and bludgeons my psyche with a five alarm wake-up call, that despite pointing out his hypocrisy’s, narcissism and greed.

He is still a bipedal earthling artist, that converts oxygen, consumes nutrition,  expells waste, pumps blood, walks, talks and tweets.

Is also obviously in desperate need of a massively significant amount of love, compassion and attention.

Which, starting with Congress, could give him plenty of warm hugs, handshakes and thank you’s for a valiant effort.

Wishing him well, as the 25th ammendment is invoked and he spends the rest of his days, in a nice palatial prison dreaming of Trump Tower Moscow and the leader he could have been, had he liked himself a bit more.

It is, that we have collectively conjured up an illusionary system that has allowed that dastardly singularity of an archetype to manifest itself, as an alleged leader. One that keeps us stymied of our own power, separating and fragmenting awareness as an integral part of a loving unified whole.

Now that we know that, it is time to supplicate our innate desires of peace and harmony.


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