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Speaking of Christmas

October 23, 2017

Follow up to “Mirrored Diagnosis”

Who cares what greeting is doled out as a short quip of verbal diarrhea filled with all the insincerity of “Have a nice day” or “Take care” clichés?

Yet, the head muckity muck is going to heavy handedly suggest that “this” year “you” are going to be able to say “Merry Christmas”

At no point, that I’m aware of, did any entity restrict the use of those two words. Yet for all its illusionary meaning, means nothing more than “good luck”, given its overuse from thanksgiving to new years eve.

It may just be more considerate not to assume what you think someone else believes. Besides, it’s all the same belief, categorized under a different heading.

At this point merry Christmas seems to be about as pious as celebrating black Friday.

Like it is an actual event, helping the corporations celebrate their bottom line. Instead, watching your digitized pixels transfer from your account to theirs.

You know, Black Friday. Black, the near color of the dried blood spilt out of the dead trampled consumer like a cold stepping stone to “I’ve got to have it, so I can “give” it as a “gift” mindless mantra.

Now I know, some people like to give simple gifts in “spirit” of the “season”. However, Christmas has merely become  a tool for the economy, and I’m guessing kind of always has been, if you think about it. It is just more obvious as there are more people now. Crass consuming on Christ’s behalf.

For which I am sadly and happily grateful that it keeps me behind the wheel looking at the world through a windshield. Thinking of stuff to write on this blog.

Happy it puts a nice roof over my family, sad I do not have more time to spend under that roof with them.

There are a lot of people who worship at the church of the mall and pray the credit card companies will up their limit. As opposed to looking within and discovering their true essence and being.

“It just seems to me, that only a really low IQ population could have taken this beautiful continent, this magnificent American landscape that we inherited.

Well actually we stole it from the Mexicans and the Indians, but hey, it was nice when we stole it. Looked pretty good, it was pristine. Paradise.

Have you seen it lately? Have you taken a good look at it lately? It’s fucking embarrasing. Only a nation of unenlightened half-wits could have taken this beautiful place and turned it into what it is today – a shopping mall.

A big fucking shopping mall. You know that, that’s all you’ve got here, folks. Mile after mile after mile of malls after malls. Many, many malls. Major malls and mini malls.

They put the mini malls in between the major malls, and in between the mini malls, they put the mini marts. And in between the mini marts, you got the car lots, gas stations, muffler shops, laundry mats, cheap motels, fast food joints, strip clubs and dirty bookstores.

America the beautiful. One big transcontinental commercial cesspool. And how do the people feel about all this? How do people feel about living in a coast to coast shopping mall? Well they think it’s JUST FUCKING DANDY!”

– George Carlin


Instead of “wishing” anybody anything, “time” might be better spent becoming in tune with and vibrating at that high frequency of those revered ascended spiritual enlightened master archetypes.

When that becomes our worthwhile desired goal that it is possible to achieve that degree of purity, peace and cosmic conscious awareness.

“Wishing” someone Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanika or Happy Kwanzaa while being an indentured servant to the banks, corporations and governments will seem so passé.


As long as I am unintentionally piling on Santa Claus


Ever hear this about Christmas?

It was good, but I’m glad it’s over

WTF ?  If something is good, really good and you enjoy it,  you usually do not want it to end.

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