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My Drug-less Drugs

October 25, 2017


Rather my druggie drug-less drugs

The ones that heighten my awareness and elevate my consciousness are the wit, wittiness and witticisms of self professed drug takers, the likes of which I seriously doubt any substance could replace.

George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Bill Hicks
Joe Rogan
Doug Stanhope
Patton Oswalt


The downside of all this “drug” consumption is that I can not stop questioning everything .

Sorted out in chaotic fashion as various blog posts, deciphering nonsense with a universal skeleton key, expanding awareness, understanding consciousness and questioning questioning.

Vague enlightenment via audio osmosis, whilst still maintaining my CDL



“The Wizards Have Landed”


“The wizards have landed

With plans for a perfect world

A new beginning

For all you boys and girls


They bring with them

The wisdom of the ages

Directly from the lips

Of the sages


You may think you’ve heard

This information before

Prepare to open up

A brand new door”


– Bill Hicks




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