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November 8, 2017


Strength in humility

Is stronger than the

Strength in power




Power corrupts

Absolute power

Corrupts absolutely




Humility humbles

Absolute humility

Humbles absolutely


Despite the racist rhetoric that turns bipedal earthling oxygen consuming carbon monoxide exhaling blood pumping heart and mind filled thinking reasoning artists into the latest bogeyman to be the changing target of the governments Orwellian two minutes hate.

Whence will we find the strength to not threaten to attack a proud people? Ones that would rather die then eat.

Propping up an extremely flawed regime,  but it is their regime on their land, as a foreign goofball plays with words ridiculing them further.

Sanctions smanctions, 70 years of failed coercion, let’s try sanctioning over some sandwiches. If I had an enemy or enemies and they offered me a carrot,  be pretty tough to keep them as enemies.


“Rich man’s war

the poor,
starving for food
starving for land,
starving for peace
starving for real.


Rich man’s war

Attacking human
Attacking being
Attacking earth
Attacking tomorrow

Rich man’s war

Thinking of always war
Thinking of always war


Surviving paid for in dreams
Feeling like a world alone
Serving God with the Devil to pay
Feeling like something in no place

What goes on in Hell anyway?

Thing is, it has to do with heart
We have to understand what hearts
Are for before we can get back
To heaven or paradise
Or the power of our mind”


From John Trudel’s “Rich man’s war”


“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” 

– Janis Joplin


How much further will 45 push it?  Till Mar A Lago is in the cross hairs. Or Chump towers is in their sights?

There were no winners in the Korean War save each side convincing themselves they won. That’s why there is the DMZ.  A win will occur when peace breaks out.

Realizing we are all on the same team in the same dugout with no one to compete with.


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