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The Alle-gators

November 20, 2017

The Alle-gators

Outside the swamp

Are braver then the

Alligators in the swamp

Trying to keep at least

One out of the chambers

As Moore and more

Troubles arise, posturing

It all wrong by denying.

Could easily give a full

Tearful confession today

Be in office tomorrow

Simply because there

Is an (R) after the box

Which apparently stands

For reptilian, the base point

In human evolution which

Has yet to catch up to their

Mammalian counterparts

Maintaining the predatory

Cold blooded survivalist

Nature that is in near

Extinction like the dinosaurs

Still playing, follow the leader

Of crass corrupt crocodile

Doubling down distraction

Dire deception daring non-divas

To back out of corroborated claims

C’mon ‘bama, evolve from the muck

If not in vote, then thought and deed



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